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Paul Hendy – The Choice

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New Talent

Paul Hendy (United Kingdom), The Choice, Film Short – Paul Hendy’s astute direction brings depth to “The Choice,” a haunting psychological drama about a famous TV personality whose life unravels when confronted by a mysterious visitor. Rita Simons (EastEnders, The Krays) delivers a powerful performance, while BAFTA-nominee Alex Macqueen’s portrayal of pure evil adds chilling depth. The film keeps audiences guessing until the end, making it a compelling and relevant story that explores themes of favoritism, identity, and the consequences of our choices. BAFTA-winner Whitnall’s compelling script, coupled with Hendy’s nuanced direction, creates a captivating narrative that lingers long after the credits roll.

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Marko Bosanac – New Idea

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New Talent

Marko Bosanac (Serbia), New Idea, Animation – A whimsical animated short that dives into the inner workings of creativity. Pensilio, Loopito, and Lensio, embodying creativity, research, and production, embark on a quest for a new idea. Their journey is fraught with obstacles mirroring the creative process – from distractions to self-doubt. The twist comes as the adventure unfolds within a teenage girl’s mind, adding layers to the narrative. With utterly charming characters, brilliant animation and universal themes, “New Idea” is a delightful exploration of creativity’s complexities, leaving audiences inspired and uplifted.

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Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentJaclyn Lehrer (USA), Johnny Johnny, Film Short – A darkly comedic short follows a homeless comedian seeking revenge on those he deems unfunny. It delves into friendship and resilience in a society overlooking those in need. Lehrer’s deft direction blends humor with shocking twists, challenging stereotypes. Engaging performances by Sencere Tucker and Alexandria Sanders add depth to this quirky tale.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentRob Schiller (USA),Waiting Around For You To Die, Film Short – Emmy-winner Schiller’s compassionate direction delivers a poignant short as a daughter and mother confront deep-seated fears and their complicated relationship in the face of her father’s impending death. Shot from a unique perspective, it offers an unflinching portrayal of a family grappling with loss. Cheryl Bricker delivers a gut-wrenching performance.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentAntonio Hrynchuk (Canada), Paramedics: Emergency Response, Television Series – A gripping look into the intense world of paramedics in Saskatoon. This fast-paced series captures the adrenaline-fueled moments as teams respond to 911 calls, showcasing the dedication and bravery of these first responders. With raw footage and firsthand accounts, viewers are immersed in the high-stakes world of emergency medical services.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentBrian Foyster (USA),The Last Take, Film Short LGBTQ+ –  In the twilight of his Hollywood career, a legend confronts his hidden love, revealing untold stories of stars in a repressive era. With raw emotion, the narrative unveils the heartache of those who dared to love against society’s constraints. Stellar performances with poignant authenticity. Robert John Burke, Richard Fancy, Austin Basis, and Brian Foyster.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentStephen Reis (USA), The Pitch Is Wac, Webisode – A witty adult animated comedy about games and gamers. Director Reis (“The Simpsons”) crafts a fast-paced animation with compelling characters that cleverly satirizes the gaming industry’s greed and excess. Game designer Elika faces a high-pressure pitch at Wactivision, testing her creativity against AI. A wildly entertaining ride through the love-hate relationship with technology.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentChristina Hulen (USA), Everything’s Fine, Film Short – A young teacher suffering from trauma induced memory loss finds herself spiraling dangerously out of control as the impending anniversary of the event nears, threatening to destroy her carefully crafted veneer of normalcy, her relationships and her life. Achingly authentic performances by Charlotte Rothwell, McKenna Slone, Michelle Clunie, Chopper Bernet.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentTanya Chuturkova and Kim Wang (USA), Through the Modern Looking Glass, Web Series – A poignant and moving exploration of real depression and misleading social media facades. Young adults, seemingly happy online, struggle with personal battles of sadness, addiction, loss and abuse. A talented ensemble cast delivers memorable performances as they shed light on the true hidden struggles behind seemingly perfect online lives.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentKarlos Simon (Spain), The 4 Kings, The Sanctuary in Halmahera Sea, Doc Short – Explore Raja Ampat’s stunning world, where vibrant reefs teem with life. It showcases diverse exotic marine species with entertaining information and the surrounding pristine landscapes highlighting the need for sustainable tourism and conservation. With breathtaking cinematography, viewers are transported to an underwater paradise.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentDavid Weder (Switzerland), Snacks for Smiles, Doc Short – An uplifting documentary set in Laos, about a project combating malnutrition in children and pregnant women. With compelling interviews and gorgeous cinematography, it showcases the tireless dedication of a small group of people who created a sustainable food source, nourishing communities with compassion and innovation for the future.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentJeff A Poole (USA), Planet X, Film Short – An amusing script propels this short where an alien discusses climate change. Through a lively debate, the alien challenges a close-minded farmer’s biases, highlighting the human ignorance that is hindering action. This thought-provoking narrative exposes the urgent need for change. Jeff Poole (Furthest Witness) and Ryan Dobbs star.

Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Oscar Winners to Hot New TalentJonah Lange (USA), Fury IV, Nature / Environment / Wildlife – A short showcasing the raw power and beauty of Mother Nature, focusing on storms in the U.S. plain. Through stunning time-lapse footage, the film reveals the awe-inspiring spectacle when nature’s forces converge. With exceptional editing and a potent soundtrack, this series delivers a gripping portrayal of nature’s might and majesty.

Award of excellence words

Andrew Jowett and Brett Langolf (USA), Seed to Shelf – A Green Chili Advertisement, Commercial / Infomercial
Andrew Jowett, Brett Langolf and Heidi Solomon (USA), Lugar de marketing de agradecimiento de cosecha, Commercial / Infomercial, Latin / Hispanic, Script / Writer
Andy Carruthers (New Zealand), Tararua S-K, Documentary Short
Brett Langolf, Andrew Jowett, Heidi Solomon and Gabriela Borja – contentEXP Group, Katie Bucey – ofi (USA), Harvesting Thanks Marketing Spot, Commercial / Infomercial
Brian Foyster (USA), The Last Take, Costume Design (Lisa Padovani)
Bruce I. Lazarus and Robert Martens (USA), Robot Parade, Animation, Original Score
Carlo De Agostini (Italy), wallypower58, Commercial / Infomercial
Celia Arias and Manuel Mollá (USA), Nervio, Experimental

Best Shorts Film Festival

Chase K. Ramsey (USA), Vicarious, Christian, Film Short
Constance Brenneman (USA), BUILT DIFFERENT, Disability Issues
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Bambolina and the Doodles, Script / Writer
Ho Young Lee (Korea), Two Time, Asian (Student)
Hudson Hillin (USA), Newman’s Block, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short (Student), Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery (Student)
Hung-Lung Hsu (Taiwan), Taiwan’s ‘Wild Bird’ Power Station, Documentary Short, Editing, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Public Service Programming / PSA
Hung-Lung Hsu (Taiwan), Ping’e Centennial: 141km Cable Undergrounding and Beautification Project along Ping’e Highway, Documentary Short, Editing, Public Service Programming / PSA
Imelda O’Reilly (Ireland/USA), Suspicious Minds, Film Short

Best Shorts Film Festival

Iva Kevra (Ireland), Love of Magdalena, Original Score (George Ivanovich)
Jaclyn Lehrer (USA), Johnny Johnny, Actor: Leading (Sencere Tucker as Johnny Johnny), Actress: Supporting (Alexandria Sanders as Mona)
Jeff A. Poole (USA), Planet X, Script / Writer
Jonathan Sawyer (USA), I Am This Dark World’s Light, Christian, Direction, Documentary Short, Original Score
Jose Miguel Soriano and Ricardo Macian (Spain), ÑUÑUYACHIY: BREASTFEEDING WITH AFFECTION AND CARE, Documentary Short
Julie Robinson (USA), Snuggledown, Actor: Leading (Paul Hodgson as Jim), Direction, Film Short
Karlos Simon (Spain), The 4 Kings, the Sanctuary in Halmahera Sea, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Melissa Vitello (USA), The Coven, Women Filmmakers, Mockumentary

Best Shorts Film Festival

Nikita Belomestnykh (USA), Stone Soup, Film Short
Patrick Guthrie (USA), RugbyTown Season 2, Reality Programming, Web Series
Paul Hendy (United Kingdom), The Choice, Actor: Leading (Alex Macqueen as The Man), Direction
Rob Schiller (USA), Waiting Around For You To Die, Actress: Leading (Cheryl Bricker as Sandra)
Robert T. Turfe (USA), I Love This Country, Direction, Film Short, Islamic, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Lily Hui (Canada), Forever Young – A Mindwriter Story, Women Filmmakers, Asian Filmmaker
SiJia Zheng and Jiaxi Wu (China), Monument, Animation
Tanya Chuturkova and Kim Wang (USA), Through the Modern Looking Glass, African American Filmmaker, Ensemble Cast

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