Award of Merit March 2015

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Alessandro Della Villa (Italy)
, Redemption, Film Short
Andrea Vecchiato (United Kingdom), JURASSIC, Film Short
Brigitte Buny/DuGally (USA), One Minute To Leave, Asian American
Caroline Collins (USA), Lightheaded, Film Short
Dana Brawer (USA), The Red Card, Women Filmmakers
Danny Herb (USA), Two Guys One Truck, Webisode
David M. Raynor (Australia), Hello Tom Sullivan, Film Short
Didier Theodore (Canada), REMOVE, Film Short, Dramatic Impact
Fabio Salvati and Armando Basso (Italy), The Last Glow, Film Short
Greg Batla (USA), Missions Today, Christian
Gwydhar Gebien (USA), Stairways, Women Filmmakers
Heather Harlow (USA), The Punishing Business, Women Filmmakers
Helder Pedro (USA), Danny & Julia; Contemplation of Being, Film Short
Hillerbrand+Magsamen (USA), Higher Ground, Experimental
Jeremy Pack (USA), These Boots are Made for Walken, Film Short
Jerin Julia (USA), Harper’s Video Diary, Webisode / Internet Programming
Jill Pauletich-Ragan (USA), The Window, Film Short
Jimmy Sammarco (USA), The Laura Miller Story, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Hoyon Jung and Joshua Fulton (USA), Reformation (USA), Reformation, Film Short
Julian Lucas & Nicholas Cox (Australia), Granny Smith, Film Short
Kreuz Chan (USA), The Witch, Film Short
Michael Babbitt (USA), The Endless Whispers Cycle, Film Short
Michael Cross (USA), The Deaths of Jaime Smith, Film Short
Michael Rossi (USA), Always Remember, Actor: Leading (Alain Washnevsky as Thomas)
Miles Goodall and Linda Notelovitz (South Africa), Kool South, Film Feature, Cinematography
Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Iceland), Tvíliðaleikur / Playing with balls, Women Filmmakers
Nina Seavey (USA), Parables of War, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers with Bill Pullman
Nina Varano (USA), The Condor, Experimental
Olly Williams (United Kingdom), The Fly, Film Short, Humor / Humorist, Direction
Peter Haig (USA), Hollow Victory, Special Purpose Productions (Student)
Renza Fechser (USA), Relic, Film Short, Animation
Russell Geltman (USA), Mae Day, Film Short
Santa Monica College (USA), Hurt, Film Short
Sarah Barbault and Emilie Barbault (France), Un jour de lucidité, Women Filmmakers
Susanne Lenz-Gleißner (Germany), Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm, Documentary Short
Zeynep Kocak (Turkey), TICK TOCK, Animation,Women Filmmakers

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Aaron Daniel Jacob (USA), Drip, Film Short, Riley, Film Short
Aaron Schwartzbart (USA), MOTORGOSPEL Peace March; An Alternative Response to Ferguson, Christian
Adam Sloves (USA), My Kid’s Dog, Film Short
Alaa “Zak” Noweihed and Gabriel Simon (USA), Silenced, Film Short
Alex Kruz and Alex Leu (USA), No Name Sam, Movie Trailer
Alfred Thomas Catalfo (USA), SIGNING, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Children / Family Programming, Disability Issues
Allamaprabhu Pattanashetty (USA), Power Man, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Angela Page (USA), UNPLUGGING AUNT VERA, Film Short
AnnaMaria DEMARA (Canada), Check, Please!, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Marinelli (USA), Acoustic Space, Film Short
Aron Gauder (Hungary), Coyote and the Rock, Animation
Ashley Louis (USA), Blunderbus, Television – Pilot Program
Austin Fickman (USA), Take a Stand, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Austin Wilson (USA), 47 Minutes, Film Short
Beka Sikharulidze (Georgia), Grandpa’s Debtor, Film Short
Ben Zufelt (USA), Timeless, Film Short
BigKat Manning (USA), Leopard Spots, Film Short (Student)
Bob Pondillo (USA), Hapy New Year, Mr. Kates!, Film Short
Bonnie Davies (Australia), Famous Sharron – Her Australian Story, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers
Brendan Connor (USA), The 24 Hour Mega Erotic XXXtravaganza, Film Short
Brian Boenau and Bryan Loy (USA), Playthings, Film Short
Brigitte Buny/DuGally (USA), Witness Protection Wedding, Film Short
Cameron Fisher, Roadkill Media Productions (USA), Turtle: A Super 8 Short Film, Web Tube Length Video
Carla Patullo (USA), Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet, Remixes / Mashups
Carlos Carrasco (USA), Lossed, Film Short
Carter McCall (USA), Purpose in the Pulpit, LGBT, African American
Christian Patchell (USA), The Brothers Brimm, Animation (Student)
Clark Kokich (USA), The Gift, Film Short
Cody Signore (USA), Congested Conjurist, Music Video
Damien Christian D’Amico (USA), Carrot, Film Short
Daniel Dornbierer (Canada), Flashlights of Memory, Experimental
Darran Kuah (Singapore), My Four Legged Friend, Animation
Dave Orsborn (USA), The Elephant Man And The Cure, Film Short
David Cunningham (USA), Hug Me!, Creativity / Originality
Dee Garceau (USA), Remember Fort Pillow, Educational / Industrial / Training
Dennis Zaidi (Canada), The Adventures of Meow Meow, Web Tube Length Video
Des Matelske (USA), ILIR CANOLLI: An Inside Look, Documentary Short

Erie Chapman (USA), Amies Nues, Film Short
Ethan Meszaros (Canada), Operation: Central, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Evan Draper (USA), AVARICE, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Evan Henderson (Canada), The Fire, Music Video
Farid Damasio (USA), Almost not Ready, Film Short (Student)
Felipe Gon (USA), Sam’s Box, Film Short
Florencia Davidzon (USA), Navidad, Women Filmmakers, Latin / Hispanic, Film Short (Student)
Françoise Roumanet (France), Locked Outside, Documentary Short
Garine Tcholakian (Canada), Subway Stories, Movie Trailer, Documentary Short, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers, The Web Series, Webisode
Gene Desrochers (USA), The Kleptomaniac, Film Short, Cinematography, Actor: Leading (Gene Desrochers as Rest)
Grace Plimpton-Sims (USA), Gentlemen, Documentary Short
Guang Cheng Shie (Taiwan), The Caramel Corn Riot, Experimental
Hojin Kim (Korea), Burglar, Film Short
Ian Voglesong (USA), Winter’s Hold, Film Short
Isaiah Hoban Halvorsen (USA), The Same Old Thing, Film Short
Jack Fessenden (USA), The Adults, Film Short
Jakob Hardy (Australia), TIPPING POINT, Film Short
James Tumminia (USA), My Christmas Wish, Film Short, (James Tumminia / Director) Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, (Troy Romeo and James Tumminia / Writers) Set Design (Wendelyn Slipakoff)
Jason Welden (USA), QUIVER, Film Short, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Jeffrey Williams (USA), Jeffrey S. Williams’ – For Dinner, African American
Jeremy Storey (United Kingdom), Adrifting, Film Short
Jimmy Sammarco (USA), LLS Scenic Shore 150, Nonprofit/Fundraising, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Special Purpose Productions
Jin Kyu Ahn (USA), FLIPPING, Experimental
Joel Moffett (USA), Technical Difficulties of Intimacy, LGBT
John Taschner (USA), GEN RX, Special Purpose Productions (Student)
Jonathan Brough (United Kingdom), Perseverance Beyond Doubt, Documentary Short, Health / Medicine / Science
Jonathan & Wendilyn Emrys (USA), The Man In The Red Suit, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Joseph Skorman & Sharif Nakhleh (USA), Loose Cannons, Webisode / Internet Programming
Josh Hale (Australia), [Insert Words Here], Film Short
Joshua J. Krull (Germany), The Heavy Load, Actor: Leading (Marvin Wallace Jones as Jimmy Spencer)
Josiah Stendel (USA), Every Man’s Pryce, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Joy Mahaffey (USA), Choices, Women Filmmakers
Joyce Bentle, Katie Sammons, Danielle Belgiovane and Kent Meloy (USA), Mistranslated, LGBT
Juan Carlos Colin (Mexico), Dreams in Naha, Film Short, Documentary Short
Julie Michaels (USA), Last Writes, Film Short
Kevin Spencer (USA), Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic, Disability Issues
Khairul Azri Md Noor (Malaysia), I Believe In Magic, Film Short
Kim Yun Kyoung (Korea), insectchild, Animation
Kristie Austin (USA), Weekend Off, Women Filmmakers

Lance Barnett (USA), Professor Isle’s Laboratory, Television – Pilot Program
Laura Richardson, Elisabeth Blake and Marnie Olson (USA), Namaste Bitches, Webisode / Internet Programming
Lauren Kasmer (USA), Firebird, Experimental
Lauren Lynch-Novakovic (USA), Prisons for Profit, Documentary Short
Lauren Pruitt (USA), Highsmith, Film Short
Lee Ki Young (Korea), The Duel of Leo, Animation
Lexi Brandt (USA), The Red Sweater, Jewish
Mateo Vengoechea (USA), Art Vessel, Documentary Short
Matt Miles, Chantal Schauch, and Mike Schauch (Canada), COLOURS OF EDZIZA, Documentary Short
Matthew Michaud (USA), Sex, Fuzz & Rock’N’Roll, Television – Pilot Program
Megan Messmer (USA), Gretch & Tim, Webisode
Meredith Jackson (USA), Pushing Buttons, Film Short
Michael Addison (USA), Destiny Arises, Music Video
Michael Rossi (USA), Always Remember, Actress: Leading (Ariana Molkara as Suzie)
Michelle Marquez (USA), The Emotional Dimensions of the James River, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Mike Vannelli (USA), Sand of Fate, Film Short
Mostafa Keshvari (Canada), I Ran, Film Short
Myungsuk Kim (USA), Mookkoori, Film Short
Neema Sadeghi (USA), Below The Surface, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Neil Brandt (South Africa), THE FIGHTER, Film Short
Nick Flügge (United Kingdom), The Hook, Film Short
Oh Seo Ro, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries of Animation (Korea), Afternoon Class, Animation (Student)
Pam Brandon, Claudia Lapin and Dave Jenkins (USA), MARYGRACE, Women Filmmakers, Disability Issues
Park Heoung Gun, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries of Animation (Korea), West wind, Animation (Student)
Paul M. Kelly (USA), Last Words, Original Score (Composed by Ken Kurland), Film Short
Perdell Richardson (USA), Daniel and The Lion’s Den, Children / Family Programming
Per-Josef Idivuoma (Sweden), Ellos Sápmi, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Rachel Tatham (United Kingdom), Time of My Life, Film Short
Rahul Nath (Singapore), FAME, Film Short
Ray Ellis (USA), Namibia: The Last Desert Eden Trailer, Movie Trailer, What about Maddie?, Documentary Short
Reno Venturi (USA), Pleading Sanity, The Web Series, Webisode / Internet Programming
Robert Kerr (USA), At the End of the Line, Music Video
Roger Sorkin (USA), The Burden, Documentary Short
Rogers Ofime (Canada), One of Several, Web Tube Length Video
Salome Tkebuchava (USA), The Theater, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
SangHo Lee (Canada), Little Bird, Animation
Santa Monica College (USA), Bird, Film Short
Saralyn Armer (USA), Pant Suits, Film Short
Sara McCloskey (USA), Still Buzzing, Documentary Short, College / University / Government, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Scott Belyea (Canada), Outside The Lines, Film Short
Seth Chandler (USA), GELATOlogy, Documentary Short
Shangyuan Liao (USA), Choice, Film Short
Shannon Michael Terry  (USA), All Seasons Become One, Film Short
Slanty Eyed Mama (USA), Rangoon, Asian American
Stanley Sievers (USA), GEAR, Film Short
Stella Lin (Taiwan), Rumor Buster— Fire Vacuum?!, Educational / Instructional / Training
Stephanie Espinetti (United Kingdom), The Trouble Downstairs, Women Filmmakers
Stephen David Brooks (USA), Binky, Film Short
Tarun Jain (India), Aakhir (At Last), Film Short
Ted Terrenoire (USA), The Days Are Getting Longer, Documentary Short
Tina Pfeiffer (USA), A World of Pleasure, Women Filmmakers, Prized Begonias, Film Short
Travis W. Wood and Nicholas Zebrun (USA), Noir City, Film Short
Trish Glowacki (USA), Warning: Take Only As Directed, Public Service Programming / PSA
Vaibhav Kothari (India), Not Anymore, Disability Issues
Vernon Davidson (USA), Performance Review, Film Short
Victoria Gordon (USA), Behind the Times, Television – Pilot Program
Vincent Sabella (USA), Anonymous, Film Short
Wayne Wilson (USA), Land of Kings, Television – Pilot Program
Wesley Miller and Nick Ravich (USA), New York Close Up (ART21), Web / Internet Programming
Will Sanchez (USA), Save the Putnam Nature Trail, Special Purpose Productions
Zuzka Kurtz (USA), Blade #1, Film Short

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