Award of Merit September 2014

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The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

Acheng Dong (China), Pan Ruo Yun Ni, film shortbest shorts film festival
Alegría Albán Quirola (Ecuador), In Transit, short film
Alex Alessi (USA), Seek Shelter, film short
Annie Winn (USA), Letters Home, women filmmakers
Arul Suriakannu (India), Farewell To Fire, film short
Ball State University (USA), Set in Stone, film short, leading actor (Caleb Donahoe), art direction, cinematography, direction
Ben Lybrand (USA). Bro Brothers, webisode/internet programming
Benedict Coen (United Kingdom), Johnny Chance, disability issues
Bob Diven (USA), The Fantasy, film short
Bobby Ashley (USA), Repercussions, webisode/internet programming
Brad Mercer (USA), Sushi Anyone?, film short
Brandon Duracher (USA), Book Club, film short
Bryce Cunningham (USA), The Rolling Road, special purpose productions/live events
Caitlin Stedman (USA), Home, women filmmakers
Nadav Shlomo Giladi (Israel), Katsar Be Kessef, film short
Charlie Reeves (USA), Peacekeepers, pilot program/series
Cheyanne Kane (USA), Dispossessed, women filmmakers
Chris Cullen (USA), Love and Hate Relations: The Altercation, film short
Chris Rowe (USA), Inner Horizon, film short
Christian Thueringer (Austria), monolog, film short
Chuong Vo (Australia), The Way Home, film short
Claudia Pinheiro (Brazil), CLARA, film short
Cory Aycock (USA), Before the Planchette, film short, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Craig Weflen (USA), Out of Deepwood, documentary short
Daniel Graetz (Australia), The Truth About Money In Music, documentary short and Violent Soho ‘Saramona Said’, music video
Danovich Han (USA), Scrubbers, film short
David Brown (USA), A Cross To Burn, liberation/social justice/protest
David Wen (USA), Behind Closed Doors, film short
David Molino (USA), Waking up Dead, film short
Davis Browne (USA), Reliance, filmmaker 17 and younger
Debra Hopkins, Anabelle Munro and Blue Boots Entertainment  (USA), Finding Alice, experimental, script/writer  (Debra Hopkins)
Devon Kuziw, Darcy Touhey and Maarten Bayliss (Canada), Craven, film short
Devynne Lauchner (USA), Derailed, women filmmakers
Diane Newman (USA), Truckin’, film short
Dick Fisher (USA), Happy Birthday Scruff, special purpose film
Dorothea Rosenberger (Germany), Open minded, film short
Dynamic Communications Company (Taiwan), Sailors in the Wheatfield, documentary short
Edward Balli (Canada), Dollhouse, film short
Edward Rankus (USA), Thorns vs. Roses, experimental
Ellen Willis (USA), Pretty Penny, film short , women filmmakers
Elpida Panourgia (Greece), tIme, animation
Emanuele Michetti (USA), A Chance By Chance, experimental
Emil Mkrttchian (Sweden), Bergmans Grandchild, film short
Ersi Zhao (USA), Samsara, music video
Frederic Chane-son (France), Your Every Day and Night, music video
Gabriela Werneck (USA), Written in Blood, women filmmakers
Giacomo Martelli (Samoa), Coral, film short
Giovani Canan, John Gaucho and Henrique Teixeira (Brazil), Anteato, documentary short
Gina Szajnuk (USA), The Szajnuk (Zanik) Family Whole Genome Sequencing Mission, documentary short, special purpose film, women filmmaker
Grace Chuang (USA), In Your Shoes, Asian American
Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries(USA), Caught Inside, Christian
Hanna Mironenko-Usikova (Azerbaijan), The Last One, film short
Harrison P. Crown and William G. Utley (USA), An Honorable Man, film short
Homer Azari (USA), Lay with Me, film short
Ivan Lopatin (Russia), Two For the Bride, experimental andThe Three Musketeers, television/pilot program/series
Jace Oppie (USA), Blood Oath, film short
Jack Dennis (USA), Leo, film short
Jackie English (Canada), Remember This?, women filmmakers
James Kopp (USA), Geeks -vs- Zombies, pilot program/series
Janna King (USA), Mourning Glory, film short
JC Pratt (USA), All of the People, music video
Jeffrey Frost (USA), An Addiction, filmmaker 17 and younger
Jody Jaress (USA), Traces of Memory, women filmmakers
John Schimke (USA), Plan Perfect, film short
John Sommer (USA), The Emperor’s New Clothes / Another Sommer-Time Adventure, educational/instruction/how-to, children/family programming
Jonathan Petermann (USA), Duality, experimental
Joshua Costea (Canada), The Dating Journal, filmmaker 17 and younger
Joshua Ovalle (USA), Two and a Quarter Minutes, filmmaker 17 and younger and Minimum Max, tube length videos
Joshua Seftel (USA), The Home Team, documentary short
Kaleb George (USA), Oatmeal, children/family programming , Christian
Keith Meyn (USA), Dark Mind, short film
Ken Smith (USA), 112 Years at the Ranch, documentary short
Kim Anno (USA), Water City, Berkeley, experimental
Kirill Kripak (United Arab Emirates), TAPED, tube length video
Kristel Kovner (USA), Where We Start From, women filmmakers
Kristin Ruff-Frederickson (Canada), OCULE, women filmmakers
Kyle Olson (USA), Letters to Ashleigh, liberation/social justice/protest
Lana Titova (USA), I’ll see what I can do, women filmmakers
Laura V. Meoli (USA), Give a Little, film short
Lia De Luca (Switzerland), Dieter’s World, disability issues, lighting ,original song , script/writer, sound editing/sound mixing
Lily Lizotte (USA), Miles Away, filmmaker 17 and younger
Lisa Weseman (USA), SOLO, film short
Luca Pizzoleo (USA), The Fallen, filmmaker 17 and younger
Luciana Lagana (USA), Dr. Luciana Show – Aging and Falling, educational/instructional/training
Malini Goel (USA), Should Tomorrow Be, disability issues
Marco di Gerlando (Italy), in the coat’s pocket, children/family programming
Marie Enthoven (Belgium), Taxistop, women filmmaker
Matthew Smolen (Australia), Chris & Josh (Season 2), webisode/internet programming
Maureen Quinn (USA), Road Trip Across America, documentary short
Max Novick (USA), Primal, filmmaker 17 and younger
Mehran Torgoley (USA), Committed, film short
Michael Brouillet (USA), Grief, film short
Michael Eckels (Russia), Exit, documentary short
Michelle Motoyoshi (USA), Practical Uses for a Time Machine, women filmmakers, original score, original song
Mike Vannelli (USA), Sunday Story, film short
Millena Gay (USA), Clarissa’s Gift, film short
Milo Shandel (Canada), Hipster Brunch, tube length videos
Mitchell Klebanoff (USA), Drown The Alarm, music video
MOmentum Productions (USA), FUG Sweater, film short
Monely Soltani (USA), Desert Lullabies, women filmmakers
Mudit Murarka (India), Muffin, filmmaker 17 and younger
Nate Townsend (USA), Under the Grove, film short
Neeraj Jain (USA), It’s Holi, film short
Nikolay Bogomilov (Bulgaria), The little man Michail, film short
Nurul Ibrahim (Indonesia), Iman, Islamic
Off Off Hollywood Productions (USA), FreakMe, television – pilot program
Peter Bundic, Joshua Costea, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Ben Harrison, Kaiden Downie and Arjun Gawri (Canada), Lord of the Guys, filmmakers 17 and younger
Paul DeNigris (USA), Buddy System, film short and Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition, music video
Pete Dorogoff (USA), Taking it for Granted, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Peter Magnusson andRagga Thordarson (USA), Poster Boy, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Peter Rautek (Austria), Border Trafficking, film short
Philippa Wong (Hong Kong), The Boy Under The Piano, Asian American
Qing Mei (China), White Summer, film short
Ricardo Martin Coloma (Spain), Big Bag, animation
Robert Van Knowe (USA), The Drift, experimental
Robin Rigault (Canada), Sabotage, film short
Romina Schwedler (USA), How A Man Gets Ready, commercial/infomercial, concept , editing, humor/humorist , women filmmakers
Ronald Eltanal (USA), Nostalgic, film short
Rose of Dolls & Oliver Mend (Spain), Gifted Corporation (Webisode), webisode/internet programming
Ryan Weaver (USA), One Month Later, movie trailer
Sam Gunn (USA), That Guy, filmmaker 17 and younger
Sandeep Sukumaran (United Arab Emirates), 5 minutes, film short
Sanjay Patel (Canada), If You Love Your Children, short film
Shaun Escayg (USA), Noka Keeper of Worlds, animation
Steven Markowitz (USA), Hands of Flame, Jewish
Talia Sherman (USA), Buttercups, women filmmakers
Thomas Pace (USA), Rain, Rain, film short
TJ Walker and Rick Walters II (USA), Phoenix Run Pilot, webisode/internet programming
Tom Varisco (USA), You Are Here, experimental
Tracey Anarella (USA), Jesse and the Fountain of Youth, documentary short
Travis Vermilye (USA), Smoke, experimental, health/medicine/science
Van Loan Productions (USA), Close to the Line, documentary short
Victoria Zika(USA), Little Treasure, women filmmakers
Yanjun Zhou (China), Flow, documentary short
Youcef Mahmoudi (France), KOSMODROME, film short
Youxin Yang (USA), PEACE-1. Baby, get rid of that dark obsession, please!, music video
Zachariah Brosz (USA), Scandalous Sock, tube length videos