Award of Recognition March 2018

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Award of RecognitionAdam Dietrich and Elliott Gilbert, II (USA), Knowing, Film Short
AJ Tedseco (USA), Color of the Chameleon, Animation
Alexey Molotkov (Switzerland), Signs, Christian
Anandmurthy (India), SINAM ( Anger ), Experimental
Arthur James Solomon (USA), Shady Bishes – The Series, Web Series
Ash Varma (Canada), A Disappearance, Actor: Leading (Steve Kasan as Rav Chopra), Film Short
Ashleigh Nichols (USA), The Porch, Film Short
Ayaka Furukawa (USA), Freedom, LGBT (Student)
Bader Alshuaib (USA), Barriers, Film Short (Student)
Baruq Gibran Seth (Mexico), Job, Music Video
Baxter Chelsom (USA), Lost, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
BC Bogey (Germany), VOICE IN THE ATTIC – Biz, Music Video
Brett G. Kim (USA), The Story of Life, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Buchi Ogbonnaya (USA), 4:13, Film Short
Buffy Milner, Simmie Sangian and Morgan Aiken (USA), Type, Actress: Leading (Buffy Milner as Jamie), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Cameron Barrett (USA), Every 15 Minutes – Calistoga 2017, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Women Filmmakers
Catherine Mosier-Mills (USA), The Secret Life of Art, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Christopher Theokas (USA), The EXpert, Web Series, Actress: Leading (Jennifer Bareilles as Lauren), Original Score (The EXpert composed by Ebony Tay), Webisode
Cody Marks, Jef Scot and James Standridge, Salmon River Films (USA), Dear Life,, Documentary Short
Coreetta Buchan (USA), Trials of Volkore Part 3, Actor: Leading (Charlie Powell as Military Veteran “Isaiah”)
D.J. Rivera (USA), Vessel, Film Short
Dan Butovskiy (USA), Five Percent of Life, Film Short (Student)
Dick Jordan (USA), Cuba, Libre?, Documentary Short
Dominique Nieves (USA), A Nice Guy, Women Filmmakers

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Don Arbor (USA), Everyone Comes from Somewhere, Music Video
Donna Greenberg, Edmund Fairfax and David Rawlings (Canada), Living on the Outside, Music Video
Donny O’Malley (USA), Recruiting Office, Film Short
Elijah Watson (USA), Growing Pains, Film Short
Ella McKeon (USA), The Mom Plan, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emily Capehart (USA), The Stranger in the Crowd, Women Filmmakers
Fareed Kairon, EICAR: The International Film and Television School of Paris (France), Spectrum, Film Short
G. Robert Daily, Brain Brady and Daniyar Seisenov, Filmental (USA), Caregiver Wanted, Film Short, Actor: Leading (G. Robert Daily as Carl Hicks), Actor: Supporting (Stephen Olson as George Larson)
Hyun Jun Kim and Ha Young Kim (Korea), Not, Basic?, Web Series
Jack Nordstrom (USA), OLD BLOO, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jakob Kennedy (Australia), Proud of a Brumby, Documentary Short
Jax Malcolm, KAP Productions (USA), Conservation Invasion, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jay Paris (USA), Lenox Street, Documentary Short
Jennifer Manner (USA), Zebrafish; Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease, Documentary Short
Jeremy Welch (USA), The Wheat Walker, Film Short
Jessica L. Catalano (USA), Fantasy Prone, Women Filmmakers
Jiashan Sami Mo (USA), Mailbox, Asian (Student)
Jing Shen (China), Xiaodong’s Bike, Asian
Joan Hathaway (USA), Barry: The Making of an American Icon, Film Short (Student)
Kalle Pascal and Kingsley Pascal (USA), Hunky-Dory Soda Pop!, Film Short, Original Song (Her Name is Lauren composed by Greg Smith, produced by Philip Labes)
Kerry  Clemens (USA), After Maria, Documentary Short
Kristin Zimney (USA), Diego, Documentary Short  (Student)
Lauren Pruitt (USA), DAVE, Film Short
Ludi Askins (USA), Aberdeen Covenant, Actor: Supporting (Guillermo Merlo as Carlos Martinez), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Maneesh Sasikumar (USA), Rise of the Green Ranger, Special Purpose Productions

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Manish Ghosh (India), MUKTI  the wrong way, Film Short
Marissa Chibas  (USA), Zohra, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Marissa Chibas as Zohra)
Mark Stolzenberg (USA), Actors Anonymous, Film Short
Marta D’Ocon (USA), TUNED IN, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mary C. Ferrara (USA), Schmoopie, Children / Family Programming
Melinda Raebyne and Tony Doupe (USA), Asylum, Actress: Leading (Melinda Raebyne as Jackie Curtis), Women Filmmakers
Melissa Talbot (USA), Bad Day, Film Short
Mike Saraswat (United Kingdom), Why is the Spotlight on Me?, Liberation / Social Justice
Miriam Fox (United Kingdom), Make Up Your Mind, Animation (Student)
Paul Loh (USA), Masokissed, Asian (Student)
Phillip K. Burrows Jr. (USA), Prego, Actor: Supporting (Student) (Kevin Dary as Michael), Film Short (Student), LGBT (Student), Actress: Leading (Student) (Tiffany Clare as April)
Ramesh Vijayan (USA), I Miss You, Music Video
Rex Depalma (USA), God Don’t Love Ugly, Film Short
Ronald Benitez (Puerto Rico), To My Dear Three Kings, Latin / Hispanic
Sami Kelly, Chelsea Eichholz, Austin Thompson Lauren E. Johnson and Mariah Zenk, Missouri State University (USA), Show-Me Chefs, Season 3, Ep. 5, Television – Program / Series
Stephen Plekan (USA), Need a Hand?, Web Tube Length Video, Concept, Creativity / Originality, Humor / Humorist
Tadeusz Ciesielski (USA), Enchanted Landscapes of Mieshiel, Documentary Short
Tarik Jackson (USA), Junior, African American
Tommy Ross (USA), The Musician, Religion / Ethics
Tracee Beebe (USA), Dog Years, Women Filmmakers
Wang Chengching (Taiwan), Grand Pa, Asian, Actor: Leading (Chang Pin Chun as Wang Jin Chun)
Wenhao Gao (USA), The Swamp, Actor: Leading (Student) (Kevin Dary as Vincent), Film Short (Student)
Will Nordstrom (USA), IN THE TREES, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Xiaoyin Zhang (USA), Touching the Sound, Women Filmmakers
ZiJun Xiao (USA), SALTY DISH, Film Short (Student)
Zuri Alexander (USA), Quiet Denial, African American

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