Winners March 2012

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best of show words copyshorts film festivalMalao Film (Germany), Spaghetti fur Zwei, a sparkling short film in which viewers are taken into the little world of a likeable but lonesome man is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world. The film is rich in nuances that manage to be both deeply meaningful and entertaining.

best shorts film fesRyan Vernava (United Kingdom), Fifty, is a gritty and explosive short film about racial tension and dwindling sense of community in Birmingham, England. Events spin out of control as they often do in real-life when young people from different worlds feel insulted and disrespected. This is life at its most raw. The film was completed in association with Screen West Midlands and the UK Film Council. Director Ryan Vernava was recently selected as one of the UKs top twenty-five emerging filmmakers by London Film Festival.

short filmsMake Trouble Films (Australia), Auditioning Fanny, women filmmakers, is a black comedy in which a naive young woman with the innocence of a child and the temper of a psychopath is thrilled when auditions for a new musical film starring heart throb Jack Baron are announced. With a spring in her step and a song in her heart Fanny knows this is the big break she’s been waiting for, and as long as nobody stands in her path, everything will work out just dandy.
Award of excellence words
Aaron Rudelson & Savant Films, Foodie, humor/humorist
A.W. McKnight, The Main Event … in America, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ali Wajeeh (Syria), Marrow, short film
Beach Ecology Coalition, Surf, Sand and Silversides, script/writer (Alex D. Martin)
Brad Schaffer, Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon, animation
Cherry / Adams Entertainment, Neighbors, short film
Dennis Brucks, Bolero, short film
Doubleplusgood Pictures (New Zealand), Ollie, short film
Edward Cab¡n, Friends and Strangers, short film
Guerilla Wanderers Films, Simoom – Cutting Seams, music video
Jill Drew Productions, Invention at Work, short documentary
Jo Henriquez, Maybe She Dies Like This.., short film
Kathy Coulter (United Kingdom), The Rules, women filmmakers
Koppel Animation & Ulydigefjaes (Denmark), Naked Love – Ea’s Garden, animation
Luca de Salvia (United Kingdom), Stone, short film
Martin Sharpe (Australia), The Crimson Room, short film
Moniton Pictures (United Kingdom), Your Number’s Up, short film
National Geographic, The Capital Buzz, short documentary
Perception, 2 Kings, leading actor (Jon Alex: Sam Nima)
Phish Tank Philms, A.B.S, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Rakel Garoarsdottir (Iceland), Korrir, short film
Regent University, Bama & Fred, short film
Robert Martin III, Most High, leading actor (Dikahyos: Robert S. Martin III)
Toy Gun Films, Like a Vulture, music video
award of merit wordsAB Films, Hold Up, women filmmakers
Adrien Barshovi (United Arab Emirates), Wake, short film and direction (Adrien Barshovi)
Alan Lavender (Ireland), #depressionhurts It Starts With You, special purpose film
Alex Yap Young (Canada), Death by A Thousand Cuts, experimental
Alexander Delnevo (Italy), Then It’s Light, short film
Aly Migliori, Hannah Levy, Jon Gaynes & Spenser Gabin, The Incorporation, short film
Amanda Jaros, Disavowed, short film
American Vigil Productions, The Long Journey Home, documentary
Analog Productions, Milwaukee, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
Andy Goldner (Germany), Greetings to the Moroccan Farmers, experimental
Annie Gill-Carey (Australia), Heavy Tackle, women filmmakers
Arie Hirsh (Australia), Macadamia, short film
Atticanimations, 82 Westing Street, filmmaker 17 and younger
Avi Quijada, Just Like Her, short film
Barbara Garvey Myers, Destiny Knows My Name, music video
Benchmark Films LLC, Sedan De Villain, short film
Bram FJ van Alphen (Netherlands), The Cage, short documentary
Cameron Kaupp & David Reilander (Canada), I Shoulda Poked Her in the Whiskers, music video
Cara Picton (United Kingdom), Killer Bonus, short film
Cerberus Productions, Isabella, experimental
Charlie Mac Productions (Canada), Saint Sanguinus 1, movie trailer
Chloe Huber, Grace, women filmmakers
Chris Shimojima, JT vs. the Good Guys, short film
Christina Morador, Tilfeldigheten, short film
Chus F. Sarrin (Spain), Figure #1, women filmmakers
Clare Conway (Australia), Amaryllis Belladonna, short film
Damaris Baker (Canada), Ulas Path, short documentary
Darren Horne (United Kingdom), CHAIR!!!, short film
Dennis Brucks, Bolero, creativity/originality
Desert Rock Entertainment, Quest, pilot program/series
Domenico Ciolfi (Italy), Sally and the Egg, children/family programming
Donkeysaddle Projects, One Family in Gaza, liberation/social justice/protest
Double B Films, The Lucky One, short film
Drewstone Productions, Inc., Super Spree, short film
DTF Pictures, Missed, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Elizabeth Bayne, A Better Place, African American
Fizz and Ginger Films (United Kingdom), Claude et Claudette, short film
Francesca Pagani (Italy), Hip Hop Hassid, Jewish
Gerald Grunow (Germany), 999.999.999, animation
Gideon Emery, Autumn and George, short film
Global Health Media Project, The Story of Cholera, educational/instructional
Global Perception Films, Illusive Peace in Kashmir, short documentary
Guy Michael (Israel), Blood Relations, short documentary
Hanna Preuss (Slovenia), SonoLog, experimental
HitchCoff Productions, The Toad Detour, short documentary
Holcombefilm, Elevator, animation
Jack McCabe, Christmas Eve at McTavish’s, short film
Joan Chandler & Stephen Gardner (Canada), Far From the Heart, short film
Juan Manuel Lavin (Spain), In A Dreamland, animation
Kamen Casey, Good Friends, short film
Karel van Bellingen (United Kingdom), True Power, commercial/infomercial
Kasey Films (India), The Salvation, women filmmakers
Katarzyna Kochany (Canada), Dust Bunnies, Christian
Kim Pimmel, Compressed 03, animation
Kuen Tang (Canada), Suzanka, women filmmakers
Larc Productions, Bump, short film
Lorna Johnson, …about Love, experimental
Lukas Ramseyer (Switzerland), Was Ich Kann, short film
Marcin Janiec (Poland), The Game, animation
Maria Tornberg, The Empty Space In Between, short film
Mary Piller, Finessing the Wave, women filmmakers
Matthew Pasquarelli, Tested: A Documentary, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Mike Mayhall, A Good Night, short film
Media Pending Productions (Australia), Journey from Madness, short film
Micah Gallagher, Machinehead, animation
Michele Coggiola (Italy), G, the other me, short film
MojoPro Films (Canada), Clutch, webisode/internet programming
MSC Films LLC, Death by Suicide (A Documentary Story), short film
MSCUI Films, LLC, The Talent, short film and direction
Natasha Fissiak, Dissonance, women filmmakers
Nathan Vass, Regulate, short film
New Daydream Films, Angel of Hope, short film
New York Film Academy, Mr. Monster, short film
Nicola Quilter (United Kingdom), Ray Morley, short film
Nikka Lorak (United Kingdom), The Outsider, short film
Ninja Nerd Films, Wannabe Killer, webisode/internet programming
Northeastern University, Sketch, short film
Notre Dame High School TV, The Santa Monica 128, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Orah Buck (Canada), The Hurva and the Klaf, Jewish
Ouat Media (Canada), Dream Girl, short film
Ozgul Gurbuz (Turkey), Flawless Life, animation
Pearl Juang, Thicker Than Blood, Asian American
Perception, 2 Kings, short film, editing and special effects: animation
Princeton Holt, Crystal Meth Jesus, short film
Priority PR, El Monte, Asian American
R/Com Creative, 911: LA Remembers, special purpose film
Rachel Voter, What You Can’t Have, short film
Red Circle Productions, No Rest for the Wicked, short film
Red Rock Westerns, The Adventure of Loop & Rhett, leading actor (Rhett: Michael Tushaus)
Reed Simonsen, Molly Goes West, short film
Regent University, A Girl Named Penny, short film
Robert Bates, Caleb’s Gift, short film
Rock & Roll City, Michael & Javier, short film
Roman Dent, Forget About Me, music video
Sababa Emporium Film Productions (Canada), Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, short film
Savant Films, Foodie, short film
SH Films (Pakistan), Night of a Carnival, short film
Shosholoza Productions, Where’s the Bloody Money?, short film
Simon Film Productions, The Prodigy, short film
Spinky Films (United Kingdom), Hard to Say, women filmmakers
Stav Koznitz (Israel), What?, pilot program/series
Stephanie Casaubon, Expecting, women filmmakers
Susan Ades, Paranoia in the Public Domain, tube length video
Susanne Barr, Christel Clear, women filmmakers
Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Hath No Man, short film
T.J. McElroy, The Bedroom – (I want a Divorce), short film
Tania Khalaf, Gaza Shield, liberation/social justice/protest
The Moxie Institute, A Declaration of Interdependence, use of film/video for social change
The Room Upstairs Ltd. (United Kingdom), Locked In, women filmmakers
Tiffany Kim, ExamiNation, short documentary
Triumphant Pictures (Canada), Le Diamant de Coeur, short film
Tunia Films, Baby’s Breath, women filmmakers
University of North Texas, Man on the Run, action/adventure
University of Texas at Houston, 21st Century Simulation Innovation, special purpose internet production
Up To No Good Productions, Sun Don’t Shine For Us, short film
VanDerKloot Film & Television, Hall of Memories, educational/instructional/training
Venkat Krishnan, Shark, short film
Vincent Masson (France), Big C, animation
Walid Salhab (United Kingdom), Innocence of the Spirit, liberation/social justice/protest
Wet Leaves Productions (United Kingdom), Croutons, short film
Zach Naasz, Anarchy TV, short film