Winners March 2013

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best of show words copyAneesh Chaganty, Microeconomics

short film competitionAneesh Chaganty ,Microeconomics, children/family programming, stars a third grade wimp (Thomas Barbusca as Cody), who devises a business scheme to stop getting picked on, and realizes he must team up with the school’s biggest bully (Joe DiGiovanni as Gabe) to pull it off. This clever short is similar to the wacky Disney original movies loved by young adolescents. It is a University of Southern California thesis film by talented director Aneesh Chaganty.

Morro Images GmbH & Co.  StrAngel
short film festival

Morro Images GmbH & Co. (Germany) StrAngel – The Angel of the Odd, animation, based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, tells the story of a bachelor who devoted himself to the compulsive logic of reason and the categorical imperative. He sees bad luck, as something of others, and when someone plunges into disaster it is just his or her own fault, that is, until one drunken night he receives a visit from a truly strange angel. This is exceptional quality animation.
Award of excellence words
Ace SalisburyCtrl Shift, short film
Beautiful Movements Productions (United Kingdom), Tea for Two, entertainment/drama/dance/variety
Blue Lobsters Media, LLCLost Boy Home, short documentary
Chasing Frames Productions (India), Gawah, short documentary
Grayscale Productions (United Kingdom), Godless Nights, short film
Hugo Cierzniak (France), Dip N’ Dance, animation
Imaginarium EGGuarding Charlie, short film
Inspirit CreativeHarvesting the High Plains, short documentary
Jacob Vincent – Piedmont College, Rendezvous, action/adventure
Jimmy Makes Movies, Inc., Libman/So You Think You Can Dance Finale, music video
Julie Kreuzer – University of Television and Film Munich (Germany), Bumpy Night, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Nick Dixon, Mr. Bellpond, short film
Noblesfilms (Mexico), Flight of the Hummingbird, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
Nostra Casa Films (Canada), Zoey’s Hill, children/family programming
Ogilvy Entertainment, DuPont Mini Documentaries – Stories of Inclusive Innovation, documentary series
Peacock Productions (Canada), Milk Bath, women filmmakers
Questus, The Naked Brand, short documentary
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Love • Zero AIDS, special purpose films
Studio Pat (Martinique), Traditional Dress, From Slavery to the Gran’Rore, short documentary
The Wild Blue YonderGigantomachia, short film
ToonBox Entertainment (Canada), The Beet Party, children/family programming
Triple Horse StudiosA Cry for Justice, movie trailer
Yevgeniy VaskevichDaydream of the Sleepwalker, experimental
award of merit wordsAlexander Delnevo (Italy), Transhumances, experimental
Alise AndersonIngrid, experimental
Anand Vaneswaran, Soon to be Infamous, short film
Anita Berkhane (Russian Federation), Birth Day, short film
Anya Belkina, System Preferences, animation
B Negative, Playdate, short film
Back Pocket Productions, Pandora’s Box, movie trailer
Bayer AG (Germany), What Drives Us – Researchers in the Inventor Company Bayer, special purpose film and sales/branding/product demonstration
Bernard Lee, Love, short film
Blended Tomato FilmsUndocumented Dreams, women filmmakers
Carlos Hurtado, Through Grace and War, short film
Cedarlark, Cant, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Chris RoweDomestic Living, experimental
Crossbow StudioGive Me a Sign, short film
Cubed ProductionsTo Die For, commercial/infomercial
Daniel CarberrySandbox, short film
DBC Productions, Death by Chinese Junk, short documentary
Deniese DavisGoldenstate, short film
Derek MariWanderers, filmmaker 17 years and younger
DixieMouse ProductionsHate Me, women filmmakers, direction and leading actor (Alex Adkins as Sam)
EclipseShining City, webisode/internet programming
Fabienne MaurerEmma and I, short film
Faker Chaser Productions (Canada), Faker Chaser, short film
Fingercuff Productions (United Kingdom), Driftwood, short film
Gaelle Mourre (United Kingdom), Chasing Clouds, short documentary
Gary Glenn (Australia), Any Moment Now, short film
Grayscale Productions (United Kingdom), Godless Nights, set design (Jonathan Patrick Ward) and sound: overall impact (Edwin Matthews: Sound Designer)
H2 Crew ProductionsThirteen, short film
Hardeep Giani (United Kingdom), Rose, Mary and Time, short film
Harold Salakianathan (United Kingdom), Turn a Blind Eye, short film and leading actor (David: Harold Salakianathan)
Heath DanielsAdults Only, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Heather Fipps, Pan the Series, webisode/internet programming
Henry Holden, The Hitman, disability issues
Hitesh Ambalal, Extra-Ordinary, short film
Home Ruler ProductionsYou are the Man, short film
Idyllic Films (Australia), Delusion, experimental
Ilan Rosenberg (Canada), Fly: Anti Bullying PSA, educational/instructional
Imaginarium EGGuarding Charlie, direction
Ina Conradi – Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Elysian Fields, animation
Indelible Works, Hear Me, disability issues
Inspirit Creative, Harvesting the High Plains, script/writer
Jacob Klein – Regent University, Christian Dating 101, short film
Jan Czarlewski (France), Stammering Love, disability issues
Janey FeingoldFetch, women filmmakers
Jennifer Ash RudickDiner En Blanc – The World’s Largest Dinner Party, short documentary
JewelLabs Pictures (Austria), Au Pair, short film
Jimmy Makes Movies, Inc., Libman/So You Think You Can Dance Finale, use of film/video in social networking
John Broadhead, Those That Play Your Clowns, short film
Joshua Chung, Whistle, short film
Justin Williams, Justin Williams: Black and Comfortably Middle-Class, humor/humorist
Laura Pettigrew Publications, Production, Etc. Inc. (Canada), The Sky Came Down, short film
Lorena FernandezDance of the Books, animation
Lyvia A Martinez, The Favorite, short film
M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, Telling a You, animation, creativity/originality and viewer impact: entertainment value
Macov Media (United Kingdom), Titanic Love, short film and direction
Melissa McCormick – Regent University, Calendar in the Cell, short documentary
Park MultiMedia, Vote, disability issues
Patrick Hancock, P.D.A., gay/lesbian/transsexual
Paul MallonBad Hangover, tube length videos
Petong Sakulchai, Revenge Flame of Hayabusa, Asian American
Pientopia ProductionsThe Spirits of Mt. Diablo, sound editing/sound mixing
PineappleKid FilmsMarty, filmmaker 17 years and younger and leading actor (Marty)
Questus, The Naked Brand, viewer impact: , content/message delivery
Raenell Jones, A Juicy Start, Christian
Ramazan NanayevLloró, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
RetroMurray ProductionsFlowers for Sale, women filmmakers
Ryan Rothmaier, Dead to Me, tube length video
Sama Waham (Canada), Resight, women filmmakers and dramatic impact
Samuel Besser – New York University,  Between A and B, pilot program/series
Scripter FilmsDelusional, short film
Stalking the Image Productions10:43, women filmmakers
Susanne Dollnig, Just Passing By, short documentary
T.A.I. Films (Thailand), Gutted, short film
Tanaphol WongpanMy Pad Thai, Asian American
Tangent FilmworksCar Trouble, short film
Teen Medium Large ProductionsLight as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, short film
Thompson Films, LLCThis Dewdrop World, disability issues and creativity/originality
Waters Productions (Australia), The Lost Souls, liberation/social justice/protest
White Space Films (United Kingdom), White Space in a Painting, short film
Wim Vanacker (France), The Naked Leading the Blind, short film
Yamie Chess Ltd., King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields, animation
Yasmine Ghorayeb (Canada), Saudade, short film
Zack Ward, Protocol X, short film