Winners September 2012

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best of show words copyGarth Nix / Jonathan Nix, The Missing Key
Film festival winning


Garth Nix/Jonathan Nix (Australia), The Missing Key, animation, in which the gramophone hero and his faithful oboe-playing cat do not speak but respond emotionally with music and lyrics. Set in a richly re-imagined Venice of the 1920’s, layers of optical illusions transport viewers us into this charming world. This film blends characters and music from Asia, Italy and Australia.

Daniel MacMunn/PROTECT(h)ER ProductionsOut of Place
shorts film festival

Daniel MacMunn/PROTECT(h)ER ProductionsOut of Place, a Twilight Zone like short film, is every obsessive-compulsive person’s nightmare. Spencer is fixated on keeping everything in its exact, specific place. His obsession is so extreme it has cut him off from the outside world and is now threatening his five year relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha. Well crafted, gripping short film.
Award of excellence words
Adam Floeck, Legacy, animation
CanazWest Pictures Inc. (Canada), Return to the Forest, short documentary
Canto Picture Group, The Color of Time, experimental
Delphic Insight (Australia), The Boy Who’d Never Seen Rain, short film
Driven Productions Inc. (Canada), Waiting, leading actor (John Clark as John)
Entertainment Industries Council, Inc., 16th Annual PRISM Awards Showcase, reality programming
Frank Gassner (Austria), Boule de Suif, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Fu Yue Hou, Turn the Heart, short film
Jack Meggers, Frigid, short film
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC, I’m Sorry, short documentary
Mac Productions (India), The Last Marble, women filmmakers
Michel Hulsey, Reflection of the Life, short film
Piotr Subbotko (Poland), Glasgow, short film
Regent University, The Silver Crown, short film
Rofralyn Trinidad Limited (Trinidad), The Madonna Murti, short documentary
Running Hills Productions, You Got This!, women filmmakers
Sun Arts & Production (Republic of China), Water, documentary
The Edge Creative, The Steven Baker Story, health/medicine/science
The Monk Studio / Noble Tales, Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!, animation
ToonBox Entertainment (Canada), The Nut Job, 3-D
award of merit wordsAinsley Mourin (Canada), Kundalini, short film
Alexander Haney, Bookstore, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Allie Lane, Beneath the Trees, short film
Amber Studio (Russian Federation), Tenera, women filmmakers
Andressa Furletti, Separation Sonnet, experimental
Andrey Kochkin, Chevy Commercial, commercial/infomercial
Anne F. Foster, Noteworthy, women filmmakers
Asbury University – Joshua Overbay, My Brother, My Brother, short film
Bach Enterprises, King Bachelor’s Pad, webisode/internet programming
Breanne Mattson, Selfless, short film
Cameo Productions (New Zealand), Getting It Up, Surviving Prostate Cancer, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Catriona Warren (Australia), Abracadabra!, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Centrifuge Brand Marketing, Inc., Anything is Possible…, animation
Christos Christodoulou (Cyprus), God’s Amnesia, short film
Chronicle Factory, Punkin, short film
Corilu Productions, Not in My Neighborhood, pilot program/series
Creative Progress Productions, LLC, From Hell to Here, women filmmakers
Danny Morlock, Cry Wolf, short film
Daniel Hofer, Living the Dream, short film
Dog Eared Films, American Financial, liberation/social justice/protest
Driven Productions Inc. (Canada), Waiting, film short
F.C. Rabbath Creations, Magnetic, tube length videos
Florida Film Institute, I Sell Chocolates, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Grupo Sal (Brazil), Logo Ali, short documentary
Headspace Entertainment (Australia), Scottish Bob, short film and humor/humorist
Heart Anchor Productions, LLC, El Lago, women filmmakers
Image Entertainment Corporation Inc. (Canada), Wet and Wetter, children/family programming
Invasion Creations, Brainiac, short film
Jacob Waluconis, TV Boy, experimental
Jeremy Glaholt, Forced Perspective, short film
Jesse Einhorn-Johnson, Silas & Lionel, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Jordan Price, Fourth and Orchard, short film
Joshua Garcia, The Death of Bliss, short film
Kailas Prasannan (Australia), RGB, short film
Katie Madonna, Living the Dream, short film
Kevin Eikenberg, To All Men, short film
Kristina Harris Productions, Diminished Chords, disability issues
Lepton Films LLC, Dog Breath, Asian American
Libra Scale Films, The Dark of the Light, short film
Liz Roll Photography, Shades of Gray, short documentary
LORAGE Productions, Animal Crackers (Pentimenti), short film
Manali Danait (India), Chai Wala, short documentary
Martha Naranjo Sandoval (Mexico), Vacío para Compartir, women filmmakers
Maryland Institute, College of Art – Cinnamon Alexandra Triano, The Mary Jane Project, women filmmakers
Max Francos (Spain), NAKBA, experimental
Michael Katz (Canada), The Action Director, Jewish
MRB Productions – American Humane Association, Hero Dog Awards-9/11 Tribute, short documentary
New York Film Academy Pictures, Lifeless #BeingKindaDeadSortaSucks, short film
Non-Sequitu Films, Tell Me a Memory, disability issues
Oceanvideo Productions – Dive In TV, From Bullets to Bubbles, short documentary
Open Style Productions, I’m not an Accent, short film
Oz Davidson, The Hounds, pilot program/series
, Three of One, short film
Regent University, Fighting Old Age, short film
Reid Carrescia, Harvest, Christian
Ron Hill Imagery, Inc., Kings of BBQ: Kuwait, short documentary, concept and videography, JDP/NASCAR Quicken Loans Spot, commercial/infomercial
Shane Lincoln, For Someone Else, short film
Sina Heiss, Blank, women filmmakers
Steve Ramsden (United Kingdom), Beer & Nuts, short film
Steven D. Snyder, The Giant Steel Wall, short documentary
Storyland Media / Lifier Films (Australia), Paper Planes, short film
Sun Arts & Production (Republic of China), Biodiversity, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Tell Tale Productions, Cadence, short film
The Edge Creative, Veronica’s Story, nonprofit/fundraising
Tamás Wormser (Canada), Hand to Hand, experimental
Tomoe Shizune – Yook Keun Byung (Japan – Korea), A Gaze of Wind, music video
Ultimatum Entertainment, ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining, webisode/internet programming
Video Creations, Point of No Return, short documentary and contemporary issues/awareness raising
Vidyut Latay, Beyond Silence, short documentary
Wen Huang, The Seventh Star, animation
Yang Hua Hu, Winter in Hollywood, music video
Yellow Tape Organization, October 31, short film
Yowza Digital Inc. (Canada), Man in the Iron Pants, animation