Winners July 2013

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Congratulations! Our BEST OF SHOW winner Mr. Hublot won an Oscar for Best Short Animation!

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Mr Hublot, animation, ZEILT Productions 

Academy award mr hublotZEILT Productions (Luxembourg)Mr Hublot, animation, involves the absurd world of a reclusive, idiosyncratic bachelor with obsessive-compulsive disorder who is scared of change. When a robot-dog arrives his habits are upset and he is forced to live together with his very invasive new pet. This is exceptional animation with originality, complexity and quality. The film received the Grand Prix S3D Seine-Saint-Denis award at the Dimension 3 Festival in Paris. Laurent Witz, producer and director, used CGI with puppets and props made by the amazing sculptor Stéphane Halleux. 2014 Oscar winner animated short.
Award of excellence words
Anu ProductionsWhere Do We Go from Here, short film
Blue Socks Media LLCRaggs, webisodes; Little Bit of Love, original song;Appreciating the Library, Water Makes the Whole Thing Flow, Numbers are Easy 1-2-3, music video
Dareen Hasan (Syrian Arab Republic)Bread and Iron: The Struggle of Syrian Workers, liberation/social justice/protest
Dark Nightingale ProductionsBeing Selfish, filmmaker 17 years and younger
DW Deutsche Welle (Germany)Protecting Biodiversity in Indonesia, documentary series
Fernando Raigoza Jr.Forget Me Not, short film
Five Towns College – Nicholas LevantiThe Safe Room, short film
Hanna Moritz (Sweden)Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven, short film
Hélène Bélanger-Martin (Canada)Nathalie Trepanier: Sculptor of Forgotten Objects, women filmmakers
Kate ElstonSex: M, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Mauritius Film Development Corporation (Republic of Mauritius), Flashed, short film
National Chengchi University – Chieh Yang (Republic of China)Starry Eyes, women filmmakers
Oppenheim Films / The Opp-GuideQuicksand, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Queen Liliuokalani Trust – Cynthia JordanKeahuolū, special purpose films
Rita Leistner (Canada)Shelter, short documentary
The Documentary GroupSearch and Seizure: Mapp v. Ohio, educational/instructional
The Moxie Institute LLCBrain Power: From Neurons to Networks, short documentary
Tisch School of the Arts – Jean PesceMr. Lamb, short film
Toad in the Hole ProductionsCrazy Town, short film
Virginia Commonwealth University – Ying-Fang ShenHumanexus, animation
award of merit words3 GenerationsNative Silence, Native American/aboriginal peoples
8:30 FilmsThe Time Addict, short film
Adam Dallas (Australia), Count Yoga, short film
Alex Bloom, Michele, short film
Alexander HaneyBookstore, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Ali Wajeeh (Syrian Arab Republic), Circling, short film
Anu ProductionsWhere Do We Go From Here, direction
Appleseed FilmsX, short film
Beautiful Movements (United Kingdom), Tea for Two, entertainment/drama/dance/variety and direction
Ben CairdInner Demons, commercial/infomercial
Ben FraternaleSocks & Robbers, short film
BerkAppGroup and Spiderweb StudioBerkAppGroup Promotional Sizzler, commercial/infomercial
Bianca AlarconBedside Manor, short film
Big O Productions, MorningWood, pilot program/series
Big Soul Productions Inc. (Canada), The Smoke Shack, experimental
Blue Socks Media LLC, Appreciating the Library, Water Makes the Whole Thing Flow, Numbers are Easy 1-2-3, educational/instructional and Jungle Zoo, original song
Brett Wagner, Care., disability issues
Bryce HirschbergCounterfeiters, experimental
BSG ProductionsWater Balloon, short film
Cadavre FilmsThe Ridicule, short documentary
Cameron Granadino, Comrade Sunshine, liberation/social justice/protest
Camic ProductionsWind Shadows, short documentary
Cat&Bear Pictures (United Kingdom), Dave’s Wild Life, short film
Chih-Yang ChengThe Last Tournament, short documentary
Clayton Long (Canada), Letter to a Priest, Christian
CMML/USC – Jeremy Kagan, Well Played, educational/instructional/training
Daniel Rübesam (Germany), Brothers, short film
Didi Wang (Canada), The Other Hand, animation
DW Deutsche Welle (Germany), Startup Berlin – City of Ideas, miniseries
Ella Nuortila, SIX, movie trailer
Emile Gauthier (Canada), Imperfect, short film
Emma Catalfamo (Canada), Serenity, cinematography
Epic In Motion, Harmony, short film
Felix van Cleeff (Netherlands), My Bethesda Angel, short film
Fenway Fan, Handi & V, women filmmakers
Fernwork ProductionsHatboxes, women filmmakers
FLTfilms (United Kingdom), Beyond Forgiving, short documentary
Fordham University – Dale Lindquist, Our Daily Bread, liberation/social justice/protest
Freda HobbsLife Coach Chronicles, African American
Gillian McKercher (Canada), Alice & Evee, women filmmakers
Gold Films – Mother Films (United Kingdom), 47 Cleveland, short film and direction
Golden Age Media & EntertainmentThe Successor of Katunga, children/family programming
Gonzalo DigenioStalemate, short film
Heart Stone ProductionsIt’s Not About Me, short film
Iron Dog Films (Australia), Faith, experimental
Jacintha CharlesThe Dance, women filmmakers
JackknifefilmsGrace Under Water, health/medicine/science
Jakob Maqe – Wil Film (Denmark), Tupilak, animation and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Jessica Hayes (Australia), The Duck and the Elephant, filmmaker 17 years & younger
Jibo WorksInterlude, short film
Jinger Films, More Sink, experimental
Joy Yao, Miguel Garzon Martinez & Mingjie Cao, Knot, Asian American
JW Productions, Infidel, Christian
Karl KenzlerDarwin: The Series, pilot program/series
Katerina Strazding (Spain), Sakhalin Death Roe, women filmmakers
Katie LeimkuehlerSki Pioneer, movie trailer
Kranky Heads Production30 Days, short film
LateNite Films (Australia), Joshua, Jewish
Laura Kay Rudat, Moriah, Christian
Lauren Carr Gaudite, XY, short film
Lee WitzPolar Bear: The Hunt, filmmaker 17 years and younger
LightLyre FilmsKurtwood, short film
LUMINOUStudiosThe Word Trader, short film
Matt StanasolovichLost Tales of a Señor, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Matthew VanDykeNot Anymore: A Story of Revolution, liberation/social justice/protest
Mauritius Film Development Corporation (Republic of Mauritius), Keeper, short film
Michael ChanEndless, experimental
Misfit Media (Germany), Wake Up!, short film
New Democracy ProductionsSawdust, movie trailer
Nicholas Barker (United Kingdom), Tokyo Dreams, experimental
Open Media Foundation, Denver Kids, Inc., special purpose productions
Polaris Castillo, BalloonHead, experimental
Regent University – Justin Garcia, Shoot, animation
Rolando VegaPalace, short film
Sam Kay (Canada), Torontopia, experimental
Sam Meikle (Australia), Scratch, children/family programming
Santiago EcheverryLife in Pink, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Sea Weaver Productions Inc. (Barbados), A Day in A Bajan Life: Episode 5 – Izebo, documentary series
Sharon Holzman (Israel), The Principal, Jewish
Surround Idea Inc., Alice Agonistes, short film
Tanya SchillerAuntie Sue, women filmmakers
Tatiana Zakharchenko (Russian Federation), Drop Me a Line, women filmmakers
Tim Burton ProductionsSky Blue Collar, short film
Tony DiMasoThe Harbor Story, short film
Tyler WalkerMidnight Visitor, short film
Ugly and DeliciousSpirits, webisode/internet programming
University of Miami – Lu Liu, A Tibetan Marriage, Asian American
Visionary Cinema, Trane and Miles, short film
Who! ProductionsNosferajew 2, pilot program/series
Wild Plum, Practice Makes Perfect, short film and cinematography
Zurich Global LifeClimbing To the Top, corporate/employee communication