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Mother Corn, short film, Guillermo Lecuona

film festival winner

 Guillermo Lecuona (Mexico/United States), Mother Corn, Latin American short film, explores the personal and cultural conflict between an orphaned young girl and her grandmother who supports them by selling hand-made corn dolls to tourists. Wanting to fit into the modern culture of her friends, the girl refuses to speak Triqui and is apathetic toward the traditional culture of her grandmother. During the films lyrical and surreal scenes the young girl is forced to awaken to the importance of tradition as part of her self-identity. Director Guillermo Lecuona paints authentic characters by fostering outstanding performances by Luz Mariana Santiago and Maria Concepión Bautista Diaz. The film has impressive visuals and an absorbing soundtrack. The London Film Review said Mother Corn is “a high benchmark for short filmmaking.”Award of excellence wordsAARPRita Moreno on Life, Love Affairs, Family, biographical
Andrew Rutley (United Kingdom)This Side of the Elements, short film
Britestar EntertainmentSister, short film
Bruce Godfree (Canada)Reveille, leading actor (Bruce Godfree: Aaron)
Catalano Productions, Seasick Sailor, short film and leading actor (Penna: Keir Gilchrist)
Christopher HeForerunner, short film
Daniel GoldbergThe Master Cleanse, short film
Denis Evseev (Russian Federation)The Fishing, short documentary
Ema Shah (Kuwait)Masheenee Alcketiara, concept and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Erica WesterWelcome to Hell, animation
Espen Olsen Film (Norway)Temet Nosce – Rock the World, music video
Gui PereiraThe Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, children/family programming and viewer impact: entertainment value
Ipek Efe & Berna Kuculmez (Turkey)Pardon! Who, Me?, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Kenshow Onodera (Japan)Suicide Volunteers, short film
Mile High Entertainment Inc.No Snakes in the Garden, women filmmakers
Morning Person PicturesThe Usual (2014), women filmmakers
NorthLight ProductionsThe Intrepid: Discovering Lincoln’s Balloon Corps, short documentary
Paul Hamilton and Caleb Vinson Koentopp, short documentary
Regent University – Ashley ZahorianThe Best Gift, animation
Richard CorbinAssistant Living, webisode/internet programming
Ruby Tree Films Inc. (Canada), I Prophesy, short television documentary series; and Mother Shipton’s Visions, short television documentary
Swinburne University – John Hookham (Australia) & Nicole Christine Tan (Singapore) , I Dream A Geisha, animation and creativity/originality
Tea’a TaylorLifeline, women filmmakers
The Mattawin CompanyThe No Name Painting Association, short documentary
University of Colorado Denver – Howard CookThe Ninety Nines, animation
University of Texas – Eric FarrarFright Lite, animationaward of merit wordsA Capell’Art (Switzerland), Tuesday, short film
A Kipper Boi ProductionGarden City, short film
A Stream in the Desert LLC, The Package, tube length video
Albert Lopez, Love Hurts, short film
Andrew PaparoneDetention, short film
Angry King ProductionsBuried Treasure, short film
Anna Troyanskaya (Russian Federation), Let Him Back To Me, short film
Antbear Productions, Balloon Animals, women filmmakers
BC ProductionsDr. Sandra Ransel’s Story of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery for Her Parkinson’s Disease, health/medicine/science
BFG International (Bahrain), A Spring Has Passed By, short film
Birke DuncanA Janitor’s Territory, short film and supporting actor (Justin Lynn)
Bjarke de Koning (Denmark), Rytme Pede – Horny, music video
Blake Lyon, Rust within Olympus, short film
Brent JentzschUnplugged, animation
Bruce Godfree (Canada), Reveille, gay/lesbian/transsexual and leading actor (Guy Marsan: Xavier)
Caitlin GrahamNo Method, webisode/internet programming
Cameron Fisher1st Stringers, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Candy Tse (China), Adventure Down the Drain, educational/instructional/training
Captain Purple ProductionsUse Me Up, women filmmakers
Catalano ProductionsSeasick Sailor, direction (Torre Catalano)
Chaitanya Gopinath (Thailand), Lunch with Yoshi, disability issues
Charmaine ClarkCellphone, short film
Chris Lambert Photography (New Zealand), Interrupted, short film
Christina Stiles, The Cleanse, experimental
Cooper Thornton, Killing Happy, short film
Dan Carrillo LevyZero Hour, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
Dana MorganGoing Up?, pilot program/series
Daniel GoldbergThe Master Cleanse, direction, sound: overall impact and cinematography
Daniel Yam (Singapore), Gift, short film
Dave Conte, [escape], short film
Diva ProductionsDisarming Falcons, short documentary
Eileen RiveraTwo Weeks, Asian American
Elham Sepehrjou (Iran), Left, animation
Eli BalserSlowly but Surely, children/family programming
Ema Shah (Kuwait), Masheenee Alcketiara, music video and viewer impact: entertainment value and art direction
Everytime ProductionsGrief, experimental
Film Fable ProductionsThe 5 Rules to Being an Imaginary Friend, children/family programming
Finneus EganA-Holes Anonymous: Web Series, use of film/video for social change
Grace Vaughn ProductionsJe t’aime Jean, women filmmakers
Gui Pereira, The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, direction, cinematography, set design and supporting actor (Nicholas Podany as Johnny)
H2 Crew Productions, Knock Knock, short film
Hamilton Productions, LLC, The Inheritance, women filmmakers
Izaak Weiss, A Few Kind Words, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Jacob Ramon, Autopilot, filmmaker 17 years and younger
James Madison University – Mike Grundmann, The Farminator, short documentary and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Jason Miller, Sell Your Soul, filmmaker 17 years and younger
John FunkHalfstep, disability issues
John WeckworthEdward the Damned, short film
JvdW Film (Netherlands), Off Ground, short film
Katelyn Cursio (Canada), Torches, short film
Katie HoffmanMuch Ado About Mustaches, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Kaylee SapiehaBad Therapy, webisode
Keith DeCristoThe Minds of Mississippi: The Story of the Pass Christian School District, short documentary
Krystal White Louis MandylorPersephone, movie trailer
Leyla AkdoganThe King of Silence, music video
Life Changing MomentsLife Changing Moments, short documentary
Liz Roll PhotographyReturn to Twilight, short documentary
Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc.Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: A Pilgrimage into her Heart, short documentary
Malik Roberts (United Kingdom), Mule, experimental
Mc’Cohen FilmsFilandra, short film
Meg SmakerMethel Island, short documentary
Michael HahnPast Your Eyes, short film
Michael Young, Quitters, short film
Mina BabanBailey, women filmmakers
Mindy BledsoeMost Likely To Kill, women filmmakers
Muviola Filmes (Brazil), Hereditary, Latin American
Nate DuncanThe Making of Dragon Petal, mockumentary
Nathan ScialomCalibri, short film
Nick Maksim ProductionsCaptain Johnson’s Bearded Clam, music video
Nicole Christine Tan (Singapore), I Dream A Geisha, concept
Nine Ten Films, Biology, short film
No Barking Art (United Kingdom), Face, women filmmakers
Ohio University School of Film – Juan Huang, That’s How It Goes, women filmmakers; and Iryna Zhygaliuk, Laura versus Global Warming, children/family programming
On Air Media (South Africa), Six Ways to Die, pilot program/series
On the Leesh ProductionsWhat You Can Do, public service programming/PSA
Oscar Studio Production (Cyprus), Raiders of the Proposal, humor/humorist
Ouriel Morgensztern (Austria), A Bookstore in Six Chapters, Jewish
Panos Anestis (Greece), BlackDogHat – Angels of Us, music video
Perdell Productions LLCTop Flight Security, webisode/internet programming
Pfeiffer Pfilms, Prized Begonias, women filmmakers
Questus, Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in Far Rockaway, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Rader FilmsCrimson’s Kiss, women filmmakers and editing
Reem Alothman (United Arab Emirates), Worm on My Shoulder, short film
Regent University – Booker Mattison, Habeas Corpus, short film
Renny Maslow, EFFED!, short film
Republic of TinselmanThe Hero Pass, women filmmakers
RM ProductionsHighway 15, women filmmakers
Sandra FischerGlobal Warming Myth or Fact You Decide, short documentary
Side Gig ProductionsShadow, disability issues
Spenser GabinCalled, short documentary
Stevan TurkInstant Justice, short film
Swinburne University – John Hookham (Australia), Toombaworth, short film and dramatic impact; and Thin Air, short film
The Mattawin CompanyThe No Name Painting Association, voice-over talent (Lucy Liu as Zhang Ziyan, and B.D. Wong as Zhi Zheuyu)
Thom Holland (Australia), The Score, short film
Three Horizons Productions, LLCOut of Focus, short film
Tim Burton ProductionsSky Blue Collar, short film
Tom KanterThe High Five Apprentice, animation
Tom KircherWraith, filmmaker 17 years and younger
University of Georgia – McKenzie Figueiredo, Mugs, web series
University of Nebraska Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film – Richard Endacott, Digs, short film
University of Southern California – Xiaoou Zhang, Oblivion, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Vasily Chuprina (Netherlands), A Morning Call, short film
Vegan With Joy LLC/ Wyntertainment Ltd., Vegan with Joy: Chicken Salad Puff Pastry, educational/instructional/how-to
VFX Fantastique/Double Power Studios, Inc.Attack of the Killer Bees, editing and special effects/animation
Wade Allain-Marcus, One and Another and Again, short film
Xiaomu Qiao (Canada)Tears & Blood: Behind Made in China, short documentary
YoElena Tkebuchava, Bad Day, filmmaker 17 years and younger, leading actress (YoElena Tkebuchava), dramatic impact and humor/humorist
Yuji Kakizaki and Ryosuke Masuda (Japan), Dreams and Illusions, short film