Winners November 2014

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Seasons winner best of show
Jeff Betancourt  – Knock Knock

Knock Knock Short
Jeff Betancourt (USA), Knock Knock –  A short film written and directed by Jeff Betancourt. It all starts with Val and her friends playing a game that allows them to communicate with the dead. The Knock Knock Game turns any doorway into a portal to the hereafter, but the girls soon learn that some rules should never be broken. Well crafted, excellently directed, entertaining and engaging. Starring Skyler Vallo (True Blood) Galadriel Stineman (Glee, The Middle), Danielle Savre (Supernatural, Heroes) and Zoë Lister (Hollyoaks, Staff Room.)

best shorts award

Elliott Cowan Film AwardsElliot Cowan (United Kingdom), Flutter, film short – On the cliffs of Malta, three men, linked by one woman, struggle to deal with their hand in her death. Seconds before the family is destroyed forever, extraordinary powers beyond their understanding, teach them how to forgive, survive and find hope without her.

Eric Anderson  Looking PlanetEric Law Anderson (USA), The Looking Planet, animation – During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression. The Looking Planet is a thoughtful look at life’s place in the universe.

Best Shorts Film FestivalKevin O’Neill (USA), Lean, film short – An African American male reflects on his past and the event that drastically changed his world as he looks back on his life and the Caucasian girl he fell in love with as a child. It was innocent…until someone changed their perspective.

Best shorts film awardsGuy Soulsby (United Kingdom), Devil Makes Work, film short – The devil’s twisted view of humanity shown in vivid images. It is the world seen through the eyes of the devil, his twisted take on our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success.

Best Shorts Film awardsIlango Ramanathan (Sri Lanka), Mouna Vizhiththuligal (Silent Tears), film short – A father and his blind daughter spend their days in a bunker during civil war in Sri Lanka. A surprising character connects the father, daughter and a doll in an unexpected way. The tears they shed in their darkest hours are unheard by many.

FBest Shorts Film Awardsred Castadot (Belgium), Blazing Sun, film short – Under the leaden sky of a summer day, Eric goes to work to defend a great issue. But, blinded by stress, Eric is forgetting the most important thing… A well crafted film that keeps the viewers in suspense at the depiction of the “everyday” person’s nightmare.

Award of excellence words
Alexandra Blue (Australia),
Welcome to Iron Knob, Film Short
Alex Weight (Australia), Prank, Short Film
Amy Leland (USA), Echoes, Short Film
Andrew Jeric (USA), VICIOUS, Film Short
Bayer AG (Germany), 8 simple steps to cure any disease, Tube Length Videos (5 minutes or less), Contemporary Issues /Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video in Social Networking
Bob Jones (USA), Solo, Public Service Programming/PSA
Brian Harrison (USA), LE NOIRE / FIRE, Music Video
Catya Plate (USA), Hanging By A Thread, Animation
Craig Hutchison and CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS (New Zealand), UTU PIHIKETE, Film Short
David Ondaatje (USA), ICARUS – Casting from the Clouds, Experimental, Special Purpose Productions, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Drew Davis (USA), Rachel 9000, Film Short
Evan Nelson (USA), Child’s Nightmare, Public Service Programming/PSA
Fi Dieter (USA), Cinder Pumpkin, Women Filmmakers
Javi Navarro (Spain), I’ve just had a dream, Short Film
Jeff Betancourt (USA), Knock Knock, Film Short
Jennifer Bonior (USA),
Embalmer’s Gray, Women Filmmakers
Kyle Robinson (USA), LURE, Film Short
Laurence Walsh (USA), For the Record, Short Film
Manish Rajoria (India), Purple Turtle Case of the Missing Cupcakes, Animation
Marcos Mello (Brazil), Punk Love, Short Film, The Iron Maiden, Short Film
Marion Bangerter (Switzerland), RUN BOY RUN, Short Film
Marjorie Langevin (Canada), Petite Pomme, Women Filmmakers, Art Direction, Dramatic Impact, Contemporary Issues/Awareness Raising, Cinematography
Michael Weinstein (USA), If The Trees Could Talk, Jewish
Michelle Brezinski (Canada), MADNESS, Women Filmmakers
Micky Levy (USA), Page’s Great and Grand Escape, Women Filmmakers
Mo Scarpelli (USA), EXPOSED: The Race Against TB, Web Series
Nicolas Techer (USA), Somnolence, Original Score (Somnolence)
Nuno Cruz (Switzerland), The Mother, Original Score (The Mother)
Paul Robert Lingas (USA), Just Ask..., Short Film
Phillip Lorin (USA), Green Thumb, Film Short
Pj Harling (United Kingdom), Fare, Short Film
Prasad Narse (USA), I M Possible, Animation
Riccardo Di Gerlando (Italy), The misunderstood love, Disability Issues, Tattoo, Short Film
Robert Fritz (USA), AKT 2 (ACT 2), Short Film, Actress: Leading (Kirsti Torhaug), Actor: Leading (Michel Riddez), Script/Writer
Rob Kaczmark (USA), Heroic Priesthood, Christian
Shaleen Sangha (Canada), Nayan and the Evil Eye, Women Filmmakers
Shekhar Bassi (United Kingdom), No Love Lost, Short Film
Valerie Doran Dalena (USA), The Case of Conrad Cooper, Short Film
Youngmin Kim (USA), ROOM 731, Film Short
Zachary Kline (USA), Pauline, Film Short