Winners September 2011

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best of show words copyCraig Goodwill, Patch Town
best shorts film fetival

Craig Goodwill (Canada), Patch Town, short film, told as a Russian fable, is the story of an abandoned child whose adult dream is to be reunited with his long lost adoptive mother. The protagonist soon finds himself in a life or death struggle with the Patch Town underworld lead by the notorious Child Catcher. Outstandingly creative, well-crafted short film that is sure to be an audience pleaser.

Moonshine Movies Life before Death
best shorts film fest

Moonshine Movies (Australia), Life before Death, use of film/video for social change, is a collection of twelve short documentary films exploring untreated pain and terminal patients. It attempts to change the culture of medicine toward a focus on care, rather than exclusively on cure. This is an important collection of films about a topic of global interest.
Award of excellence words
410 Garfield Films, The Key, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Ali Kamanda, SALAY, social justice
American Film Institute, Nice Guys Finish, short film
Andrea Capranico (Philippines), Bodiless Bob, short film
CMM Productions (Malta), The Phoenicians, documentary
Ivan Capillas (Spain), Gemalogía, original score
Jake Warren and Soraya Knott (United Kingdom), In This Style, short film
James Kahn, Dolores Quits Dancing, original song (Dolores Quits Dancing)
Joe Giorgio, Support Group, webisode
Macedonia Films, John Gray, art direction
Read Between The Lines Productions, Schenectady, New York, short film
Regent University, Piece of Cake, short film
Shuffle, LLC, Shuffle, short film
Simon Hung, Spiral, short film
Timbo Estudio (Columbia), UYUYUI, 3-d
award of merit wordsAmir Kaufmann (Germany), Present Past Tomorrow, creativity/originality
Amy Kersten, Hot Mess – The Webseries, webisode series
Antoine Tassin (France), Fils. (Son.), short film
Armen Khechoumian, Folie à Deux (A Madness Shared by Two), short film
Ben Abel-Bey, Second Banana, short film
BFG International (Bahrain), Memories of Love, short film
Burning Air, Heirloom, short film
CMM Productions (Malta), The Phoenicians, direction and research
Contramano, When You Need Them, short film
Daringly Dull productions, The Midterm, Incident, short film
Dick Fisher, Stardust and the Bandit, pilot program/series
Digital Magic, Wake Up (Director’s Cut), music video
ETP-NEW, Bridging the Gap, documentary
Fernando Usón Forniés (Spain), Extinción II. – La Cuadratura de los Círculos, experimental
Funny Wide Feet Productions, Kissing School for Losers, short film
Gladhouse Studio, Coffee with Bernie, short film
Gotham City Films, LLC, John Wooden Memoriam, special purpose film
Holechek Pictures, A Finger, Two Dots Then Me, experimental
Jake Diamond, Weigh Down, short film
James Kahn, Dolores Quits Dancing, direction and music video
John McCrite, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Adjacent, webisode
Kelly Sullivan, The Contract, short film
Kevin Kauffman, Young at Heart, short documentary
Khalid Al-Mahmood (United Arab Emirates), Sabeel, short film
Kyle Dunlevy, The Magic Murderer, short film
Laura Stephens, Ad & Subtract, animation
Liquid Vision Pictures, Snooze, Charlie, short film
Ludere Productions, WAX, short film
Macedonia Films, John Gray, short film
Mediavandal, The Duty of Living, short film
Matt Chesmore, The Sweater Dress, short film
Max Greenwald, Making Molehills Out Of Mountains, filmmaker 17 years and younger
MBC Films, I’m Not Real, short film
Michael Baker, My Alien Mother, short film
Mike Plant, Just For Us, short film
Minnow Media, Harvest of Dignity, documentary
Nelson Cheng, Sports Tips with Chip, webisode
Nexus Video Incorporated, Color of Anger, short film
No Average Joe (Singapore), SBTG, short documentary
Pathfinder Pictures, The Blessing, short film
PeachCraft Film Academy, Poker Face, filmmaker 17 years or younger
Phil Wood, Midnight Snack, experimental
Rachael Sonnenberg, The Locket, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Rachel Sklar, Perfect Goulash, short film
Regent University, The Fire that Sweeps the Pine, short film
Ricky Lloyd George, The Stand-In, short film
Rita Blitt, Inc., Collaborating With the Past, social justice/protest
Ryan de Mesa, Relationshit, short film
Shabbir Kazmi, Girl Bride, short film
Srikanth Appalaraju, My Cowboy, short film
Studio Pat (Martinique), The Secrets of the Fortresses of the Caribbean, history
Studio PMG, Southern California Challenge Walk MS, Team OptiMiStic, short documentary and direction
Tel Aviv University (Israel), Bugs on a Helmet, short film
The Director’s Shop (France), Peace of Mind, short film
Tracy Sunderland, Nobody, leading actor (Oliver: Ed Coleman)
Weston Middleton, Civil, short film