Success Stories

oscar winners

Best Shorts winner Mr Hublot wins an Oscar!Oscar winner Mr Hublot

In the exquisitely crafted Mr. Hublot, a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD finds his world turned upside down with arrival of the dog Robot Pet.  The film shows us a postindustrial world where nature has totally disappeared and so have human feelings.  A quirky film that raises the question have emotions and the ability to care about others survived in this industrialized environment?   Read More:

Best of Show winner Market Hours promotes the artistry of new filmmakersWeinstein Company Market Hours

In a collaborative endeavor between Lexus and the Weinstein Company through their “Life is Amazing short film series, new writer /director Jon Goodman and his team have created a touching film about downfall and redemption and the opportunity of a lifetime for the production team!  Read More:


Young Filmmaker’s crazy launch into the world of Music Videosmusic video award

Graduate student Joe Greco decided to turn a hobby into a career and attend graduate school in film.  What transpired was a wild ride through the US and Ireland and an uncovered passion for the art of the creative music video. Read More:


Aspiring writer / directer artfully directs two award winning Hollywood actresses in The Visit

Fara Pasarell directs Odessa Rae (Smallville, ER, Hard Candy) and four-time Emmy Nominee Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue, Grey’s Anatomy, Middle of Nowhere) in “The Visit”, a drama about the complex relationship between a mother and daughter.  This is Fara’s thesis film from UCLA’s extension Directors program a true work of art. Read More:


A student project 10 years in the making sheds light on hatredBest shorts competition

It was going to be a little student film. It was going to be about seven minutes long, and it was never going to be finished. Now Death of a Nation is winning awards, including Best of Show in the Best Shorts Competition and premiering at film festivals.  Read More:


Film School project earns Nancy Shen an Oscar Finalist for Student Film!student academy awards

A moving and deeply impactful film six years in the making explores the life of NiNi an elderly woman living in a remote countryside of China. Through her story filmmaker Shen explores universal themes of elder care, quality of life and longevity. The film deeply impacted the young Shen and viewers as well. Read More:

Hip Hop and Graffti explode in young filmmaker Bob Bryan’s thoughtful film.hip hop graffiti best shorts

Graffiti Verite’ 11: Don’t Believe da Noize! Voices from da Hip-Hop Underground, is an in-depth exploration of the process, thoughts, creative expressions and paths taken by some of the most prolific, innovative and outrageous Emcees, Urban Artists and thinkers of our time. Read More: