Award of Merit April 2020

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Adam Kavanagh (Australia), God of Hope, Christian
Adam Stone and Todd Stone, Steve Morey, Kyle Moriwaki, Ryan Krumm and Steven Mosley USA), Going Both Ways, Web Series
Bernadette Walsh (Australia), The Lotus, Animation
Bob Celli (USA), The Keeper, Actor: Leading (Bob Celli as Robert), Actress: Leading (Betsy Adkins Johnson as Celeste)
Boris Undorf (USA), Cucking Perfect, Actor: Leading (Micah Cohen as Ted)
Brett Rickaby (USA), Jane Doe, Actress: Leading (Paola Deocampo as Lt. Dana Juarez)
Cecile Garcia (USA), Bruce, Women Filmmakers
Cedric Hill (USA), Noisy, Disability Issues
Charli Einhorn (USA), Living Ghosts, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Christopher W. Graham (USA), Aida, Actress: Leading (Kiko Wilson as Kyoko)
Cüneyt Işık (Turkey), VORTEX, Experimental (Student)
Daniel Parra (Chile), Will, Latin / Hispanic
Deirdre Allen Timmons (USA), Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, Documentary Short
Dick DeAngelis (USA), Cedar Creek, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Day and Night, Children / Family Programming
Elizabeth Archer and Sarah Sawyer (USA), I’m Sorry, I Love You., Actress: Leading (Student) (Sarah Sawyer as Violet), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Fabio Olgiati, Theo Larruy Domenech and Florian Thess (United Kingdom), The Hunt, Film Short (Student)
Garrett McNamee (USA), The Temporary Place, Film Short (Student)
Hovhannes Hakobyan (Armenia), SAVAGE, Film Short
Jeff Willy (USA), Reveal, LGBT, Television – Pilot Program
Jockey Club Water Initiative on Sustainability and Engagement (JC-WISE) Project, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), The Hidden Costs of Water, Documentary Short
Kevin McCloskey (USA), Show Me Yours…, LGBT
Kirstin Pfeiffer (USA), Faithfully, Disability Issues
Lipei “Allison” Yu (China), Gently Down The Stream, Actress: Leading (Liu Chang as Girl), Women Filmmakers
Melissa Verwey (South Africa), Unchained, the documentary based on the book., Christian
Navjot Kaur (India), A Moment In Time, Children / Family Programming
Roberto Garcia (USA), Ruby Cupid, LGBT (Student)
Scott Cierski (USA), Six Day Back, Music Video
Sean Martinez  (USA), Marny’s Gift, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Simla Sooboodoo, Indresh Singh and Rishabh Nayan (Australia / India), Dehlight, Documentary Short
Stephanie Stern (USA), Double Jack Pilot, Web Series
Tyler Cunningham (USA), Fry, Animation (Student)
Wenhao Gao (USA), Voice Cracking, Film Short

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Adam Kavanagh (Australia), God of Hope, Documentary Short
Adam Stone and Todd Stone, Steve Morey, Kyle Moriwaki, Ryan Krumm and Steven Mosley USA), Going Both Ways, LGBT
Alex Withrow (USA), I Am Alive, Film Short
Alexis Rosinsky (USA), Maybe, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Amir Jaffer, Prana Pictures (USA), Choices, Actor: Leading (Puneet as Altaf Khan), Actress: Leading (Jackie Dallas as Jennifer Park), Film Short
Amir Jaffer, Prana Pictures (USA), Arrangement, Film Short
André Lopes and Joana Brandão (Brazil), New York, just another city, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Andrew M Volpe, DJ Throdown and Whodini (USA), Cat Scratch Fever (The Cat Video), Public Service Programming / PSA
AnDy Wu (USA), MAX, Film Short (Student)
Anthony Calderella (USA), Laundrette Blues, Film Short
Ben Johnson (USA), Nacre, Film Short
Brian Walsh (Australia), Men and Love, Educational / Instructional / Training
Cameron Barrett, Safe Community Project (USA), The Fire Triangle, Educational / Instructional / Training
Carl Colby (USA), Operation Overlord: OSS and the Battle for France, Documentary Short and Call Sign CHAOS: Gen. Jim Mattis and the U.S. Marine Corps, Documentary Short
Charles Vinick, Dr. Lori Marino, Michael Mountain and Matt Stamm, The Whale Sanctuary Project (USA), Whales Without Walls, Documentary Short
Cileuza Jemjusi, Robert Tamuxi and Valdeilson Jolasi (Brazil), The spirits just understand our language, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples (Student)
Daniel Glushefski (USA), Building For God: Orphanage, Churches and Lives, Christian
David D Haynes II (USA), Etah Semirc: Hate Crimes, Film Short
David Kerns (USA), Warriors Oath, Animation (Student)
Davide Campagna (Italy), The Equilibrist with the Star, Movie Trailer
Deepmala (India), Ek Jhalak- A Glimpse, Women Filmmakers



Deonna Thompson (USA), AfterBirth, African American (Student)
Department of Media, Journalism & Film, Missouri State University (USA), Show-Me Chefs, Season 4, Ep 5: It’s Alive-R, Reality Programming, College / University
Donovan Graves (USA), Bloddy Hell, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ed Kashi (Spain), Hot Dogs on a Tricycle, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Ownership of Firms, Educational / Instructional / Training
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Your Aloha, Music Video
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Double Decade Vegan, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Music Video
Eric Harrison (USA), Our Band, Music Video
Evan Bernard (USA), Ashes to ashes, Webisode
Faranak Sahafian (USA), Mirror, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Digital Media Program and Searching For Identity Foundation (USA), Feeding Survivors, Jewish
Frances Wilkerson (USA), Rosa, Film Short (Student) and Red, Film Short (Student)
Geneviève Sauvé (Canada), Still Untitled / Encore sans titre, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
George Giglio and Dara Weller, produced by St. Stephens Indian School in association with Moonstar Productions (USA), Arapaho Truths, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Havon Baraka and Tony Holt (USA), Castles in the Air, Television – Pilot Program
Howy Bratherton and Pedro Del Battenberg (United Kingdom), The Job, Film Short
Ian Havens (USA), FAULT, Film Short (Student)
James Carr and Jack Genender  (USA), The Prodigy, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jason Jones – Not An Alternative and The Natural History Museum (USA), Whale People: Protectors of the Sea, Documentary Short, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jeff Willy and Kenneth Castillo (USA), Intergalactic Chronicles, Film Short
Jeffrey John Eyamie (Canada), So, What Do You Think?, Web Tube Length Video



Johnny Rocket (J. Gallinat)  (USA), Survive, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), An American In Europe, Experimental
Katherine McRae (New Zealand), WATER BABY, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Katie Oliver (USA), Feminist Theory and How It Relates to the Patriarchal Dividend, LGBT, Women Filmmakers
Kenneth Castillo (USA), Full Disclosure, Actor: Leading (Jeff Willy as Ted Granger), Film Short
Kyle Klubal (USA), Off On Buttons, Film Short
Laura Niles (USA), Class Photo, Women Filmmakers
Leslie Carles (France), Les Monstres, Women Filmmakers
Lindsay Clift (USA), Lexus IS Spec Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial
Lipei “Allison” Yu (China), Gently Down The Stream, Actress: Supporting (Zhang Yi as Friend), Disability Issues
Lucia Martinez (USA), Women of the World, Women Filmmakers
Lyle Gibson (USA), Discovering Tommie Atkins:  The Revelation of His Creek Nation Legacy, Documentary Short
Marie-Noelle Marquis (USA), The Agent, Women Filmmakers
Matt Bolin (Australia), The Adventures of Wolfdogg and The Three little pig’s, Animation
Mojtaba Poorbakhsh (Iran), Goodbye Olympic, Film Short
Navjot Kaur (USA), Chomp, Animation
Neill Fleeman (USA), Blackbird Bye Bye, Film Short
Numan YİĞİT (Iraq), PELAVA SOR ( RED SHOES), Film Short
Nwaye Zar Che Soe (Myanmar), Jo & Kessy, Documentary Short
October Project (Emil Adler, Marina Belica, Julie Flanders) (USA), Doubts, Animation (Phoebe Cavise, October Project), Women Filmmakers (Julie Flanders, Marina Belica, Phoebe Cavise)


Petra Zoepnek (Austria), Where is Lotte?, Film Short
Renzo Montoya (USA), Summer Rain, Experimental
Rich Vaughn (USA), Sandra Says, Webisode
Richard Zelniker (USA), Beckoned, Film Short
Robert Forgey (USA), Aberration, Film Short (Student)
Rosa Nichols (USA), Sapphire, Women Filmmakers
Sarah-Jo Bramfit (Australia), Owen the Owl, Women Filmmakers
Seth Kozak and Damian Vielleux (USA), Rendezvous, Actress: Leading (Katarina Morhacova as Catalina Wright)
Sharon Contillo (USA), Curls, Women Filmmakers
Sia Aleskovskaya (USA), The Last Leaf, LGBT (Student) and All Men Are Pigs (?), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Sofia Lynch (USA), Weiner Police, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Stephanie Hernandez (USA), Broken, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Stephanie Stern (USA), Double Jack Pilot, Actress: Leading (Stephanie Stern as Nickel Jacks), Women Filmmakers
Steve Chivers (USA), Dated, LGBT
Steve Snyder and Clayton Snyder (USA), SHOT DOWN: Howard Snyder and the B-17 Susan Ruth, Documentary Short
Susan Hackley (USA), Veteran Children: When Parents Go To War, Documentary Short
Tamika Spaulding (USA), Mojana, Women Filmmakers
The Wag (USA), Everybody Said, Music Video
Thomas Gailhard (France), Sah Mata, Film Short
Tony Bloodworth (USA), Hello…, Film Short
Travis Patten (USA), Bodily Injury, Film Short (Student)
Vanita Omung Kumar (India), Ave Maria, Actress: Leading (Shivika Rishi as Maria)
Victor Albaum (USA), FabUless, Web Series
Will Lee (USA), FEED, Web Tube Length Video
Will Nordstrom (USA), Rita, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Xiao Ni (USA), I can see the star, Educational / Instructional / Training (Student)
Yu Hao Ting, Deep Waters Digital Support INC (Taiwan), The Change in Education, Documentary Short, Film Short, Script / Writer, Educational / Instructional / Training, Creativity / Originality, Original Score (Pasibutbut)
Yu Hao Ting, Deep Waters Digital Support INC (Taiwan), The foresight technology that changes lives, Documentary Program / Series, Film Short, Health / Medicine / Science
Zachary Bossie (Australia), The Curse of the Dewey Decimal System, Animation, Children / Family Programming


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