Award of Merit December 2023

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Amanda Crewes (Australia), Paper Cranes, Direction, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Grace Samson and Barry Samson (USA), Cats and Husbands, Actress: Leading (Rae Cofsky as Fern), Actress: Leading (Vanessa Simon as Marcie), Script / Writer, Women Filmmakers
Honna Zhou (New Zealand), SUNSET, Film Short (Student)
Ivandro Eduardo Maocha (Mozambique), Heterodox, LGBTQ+
Jake Wolf Cunliffe (United Kingdom), SkinTone, Experimental (Student)
Jeffrey Himpele (USA), Shame On You!, Documentary Short
Kim Alex Hall and Justice Singleton (USA), SIR, Film Short
Kristen Marie Gilliland (USA), Speaking Through Me, Educational / Instructional / Training
Luke Miller (United Kingdom), Holding On, Creativity / Originality (Student)
Matt Robert Corliss (USA), Heart and Soul and Concrete, Documentary Short
Max DeLeo (USA), The Ascension Program, Film Short
Rasmus Ståhl (USA), Fancy, Animation
Rob Margolies (USA), Lola Does Manhattan, Television – Pilot Program
Roxanna Lewis (USA), Mandy’s Voice, Film Short
Stephen Kienzle (USA), Veteran’s Day, Film Short
Tony Hindhaugh (United Kingdom), The True Cost of War, Documentary Short
Tor Bjerke (Norway), Mom is Just Beetlepoo!, Children / Family Programming, Educational / Instructional / Training, Special Purpose Productions
Trevor Meyer (Canada), Finder’s Fee, Film Short
Virginia Romero (Spain), The Interrogation, Film Short, Script / Writer
Zane (France), Je, Film Short, Direction (Zane), Actress: Leading (Cassandre Anaya as Soul), Actress: Supporting ((Sabrina Campilii as Young woman), Cinematography (Zane)

award of merit words

Abhishek Kumar Singh (India), My Mom, Actress: Leading (Raushni Srivastava as Tia)
Aleksandr Tretiakevich (Russia ), The Tableherder, Script / Writer, Editing
Amanda Crewes (Australia), Paper Cranes, Script / Writer
Andrea A. Jackson (USA), Covid Divorce, Actress: Leading (Andrea A Jackson as Beth)
Andrea Grant (USA), Night Swimming, Music Video, Experimental
Antonio Bocanegra II (USA), The Impact of James, Documentary Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Bridgette Caron Borzillo (USA), Fixed Perfection, Women Filmmakers
Carlos Puig Mundó (Spain), One more Day, Disability Issues
Cheryl Winkelmann (USA), Short Film Insanity, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chris Zarb (Malta), Footlights, Film Short
Christopher Frentzel (USA), Frag, LGBTQ+, Direction
Cynthia Liu (United Kingdom), End of the Line, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Darrin Scott Mckean (Australia), Their American Dream, Film Short
Daryl Denner (USA), FIVE FLIGHTS, Film Short, Script / Writer (Kathleen Kaan Pansini)
Deborah Pittman, Susan Lamb Cook and Christopher Cook (USA), The Extraordinary Life of Joseph Bologne Chevalier De Saint-Georges, African American


Devin Gillis (Canada), Rug Burn, Film Short
Diego Alberto Dávila and Francisco Morales (Ecuador), Andean Eagle, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Evan Tanner and Ellen Finn (USA), Arnoldo’s World, Native Peoples, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Gabby Neeley (USA), Porcelain, Music Video, Original Song
Gabriela Revilla Lugo (USA), CPA, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Chelsea Rendon as Aisha)
Ginita Sunaina, Global Tara Entertainment (Netherlands/India), Chikna Munda, Music Video
Grace Galletti (USA), Beyond The Curve, Women Filmmakers (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Grace Galletti and Zhiwei Feng (USA), The Weight They Carry, Documentary Short (Student)
Griffin Weber (Harvard Medical School), Katherine Gustilo (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus), Katy Börner (Indiana University) and Ushma Patel (Indiana University) (USA), Human Reference Atlas: Vasculature Common Coordinate Framework (VCCF), Animation, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Jason Sedlar (Canada), Lost But Not Forgotten, Disability Issues, Film Short
Jennifer Lee Jefferies and Hannah Michelle Jessup (Australia), Taking Off – Tales Of Older Women Who Surf, Documentary Short
Jerri Iris Sher (USA), SMILES IN TECATE, Documentary Short
Jesse Scales (USA), The Bullet and the Heart, Editing (Student)
Joe Crognale (USA), Snare, Script / Writer


Kai (Kaitz) Ilya Brebner (Israel), Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma, Documentary Short
Karen L H Robinson (Canada), Ode to Gertie Ryan, Original Song (Composed by Karen L H Robinson)
Karen L H Robinson (Canada), The Night the Lights Went Out, Original Song (Composed by Karen L H Robinson)
Kayla Burton (USA), Fragment, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kevin John Veatch (USA), Chicken and Mr. Birke, Script / Writer (Sara Mossman and Birke Duncan)
Kudzai Tinago (Zimbabwe), Ubuntu ~ The Baobab Tree Story, Film Short
Lorenzo Wilkins (USA), ArtLife/LifeArt: Uncertainty, African American
Luis Tovar (USA), Transient, Film Short
Luke Miller (United Kingdom), Holding On, Animation (Student)
Mahlon Bast and Sara Waisglass (Canada), Toast, Film Short
Marius Myrmel (Norway), Ruptures, Film Short
Maroun Said Bisharat (Israel), CupidKal, Film Short
Mrunal Mestri (USA), Malti, Actress: Leading (Kankana Chakraborty as Malti)


Natalie Christine Rodriguez, Extraordinary Pictures LLC and Peter M. Olsen (USA), Matty Cat, Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers
Peter Fielding (Italy), Bach, the Animated Series, History / Biographical
Rafael Millán (Mexico), IMPOSTER, Film Short
Sadie Duarte (Spain), Sheltered from Time, Actor: Leading (Iván Gisbert as Adam/Almaaz)
Salaheddin Noori (Iran), YOU THINK ALTHOUGH YOU ARE NOT, Film Short
Sean Famoso, Dennis Williams and Gladimir Gelin (USA), Race, Direction
Sigal Hazak (Israel), It’s a Long Day Today, Women Filmmakers (Student), Film Short (Student)
Sunflower County Film Academy (Glenn Payne and Ben Powell) (USA), Help Wanted, Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Trevor Meyer (Canada), Finder’s Fee, Editing (William Sharkey)
Wang Wang (China), Never, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Wang Wang as Son)
William G. Conlin (USA), AnimalZone: The Cowboy and the Queen, Documentary Short, Television – Program Series
Yvonne Trobe (USA), The Hollow, Film Short
Zong Ying Yu (Taiwan), The Road to Home, Nature / Environment / Wildlife


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