Award of Recognition December 2023

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Award of Recognition

Abhishek Kumar Singh (India), My Mom, Direction
Adeyinka Adetoyi (Nigeria), Dangerous Silence, Film Short, Script / Writer (Ariel Lavi), Dramatic Impact
AJ Tedesco (USA), Privacy, Please, Film Short
Alica Sheyahshe Mteuzi (USA), Hadaya:2033, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student), Native Peoples (Student)
Ana Cristina Bolanos (USA), ESTHER: Death Is No Sin, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Andrea A. Jackson (USA), Covid Divorce, Web Series
Andrea Grant (USA), Night Swimming, On-Camera Talent (Andrea Grant), Native Peoples, Women Filmmakers
Brett Sylvia (USA), Exciting Day, Children / Family Programming
Carsten Fuhrmann and Mark Klotz (Germany), …der Flitter graut. Es bleibt Verpasstes übrig., Experimental
Cesar Abreu (USA), SELF (Work in progress), LGBTQ+
Chance Fuerstinger (USA), Slaughterhouse, Actress: Leading (Jen Potcher as Penelope Gloucestershire), Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction
Chris Bowyer (United Kingdom), Manchineel Courthouse, Film Short
Christopher Anthony Tajah (United Kingdom), Journey Toward my Sister, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Cousteau Bix Christopher (USA), Augury, Film Short, Creativity / Originality


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Dakota Thomas (USA), Finding Harmony, Script / Writer
David Wenzel (USA), The Audition, Actor: Leading (Brian George as Lance)
David Wenzel (USA), The Coffee Shop, Film Short
Deborah Marlene Pittman and Gabriel Isiah Gonzeles (USA), The World According to Earl, Animation
Debra Fuller (USA), Screamer, Film Short (Student), LGBTQ+ (Student)
Diego Dávila and Francisco Morales (Ecuador), Andean Eagle Animated, Animation
Donnell Robinson Sr (USA), Sandiego: The Series, Script / Writer
Dr. Vertna West (USA), In The Flow, Episode 1: How It All Began, Animation, Webisode
Fernando Montes de Oca Martin (Mexico), Danger at Home, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Garrett Duncan (USA), THE DARKENED, Christian, Experimental
Giancarlo Mici and Walter Culicelli (Italy), MI PASSI UN PO’ DI PACE?, Christian
Goran Mihailov (Romania), The White Horse, Film Short
Grace Galletti and Zhiwei Feng (USA), The Weight They Carry, Use of Film / Video for Social Change (Student)

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Greg Brooks (USA), Full Tilt Boogie, Television – Pilot Program
Gregory Klino and MJ Palo (USA), Beyond the Door, Film Short
Gulføss (United Kingdom), There’s Something About Water, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Special Purpose Productions
Harry Waldman (USA), Bay for Blood, Actor: Leading (Dave Neylon as James), Editing
Henry Black (USA), BUNNY-MAN & CO. ep. 1: ENTER THE HYPE LEAGUE, Animation
Jacoby Solari (USA), Two Eyes No Mouth, Film Short (Student)
James Chen (Taiwan), Taipei’s Urban Soldiers, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Asian
Jaquon Farrell (Canada), My Own Blood, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Jean-Marie Alien (Canada), S B P – Subject Baby Paranormal, Actor: Leading (Jean-Marie Alien as Doctor Grey, Mark, Officer Patterson), Film Short
Jenny Austin and Cornell Mitchell (USA), Bozo: The Valedictorian, Movie Trailer
Jet Ainsworth (USA), Randy The Cowboy Holiday Special, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Derrick T. Goodin as Randy The Cowboy Rogers)
Joe Crognale (USA), Snare, Film Short
Joe Taft (USA), The Innkeeper, Film Short, Actor: Leading (GT Nightcrawler as The Innkeep)
Josh Weber and Dustin Larsen (USA), Le Fay II, Film Short

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Karen L H Robinson (Canada), Ode to Gertie Ryan, Animation (Ada Denil and Karen L H Robinson), Women Filmmakers
Karen L H Robinson (Canada), Delay is Not an Option, Editing (Karen L H Robinson and Scott Ferguson), Original Song (Composed by Karen L H Robinson)
Karen L H Robinson (Canada), My Phone, Original Song (Composed by Karen L H Robinson)
Kekang Zhang (China), Whirl Bus, Asian
Kenneth A. Richardson (USA), SPIRAL, Film Short
Kenneth Yokem II (USA), Lost Without You, Film Short
Max Ralph and Matthew Gelhard (USA), Dirt Circus, Documentary Short
Maximus Cardillo (USA), Isolation of the Mind, Direction (Student), Film Short (Student)
Michael Buckley (Canada), Planet Ocean Blues, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Natalie Christine Rodriguez, Extraordinary Pictures LLC and Peter M. Olsen (USA), Matty Cat, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Alexandra Almendarez)
Nathan San Filippo (USA), Straight to the Moon!, Film Short
Nick Krekeler (USA), The App, Film Short
Paddy Murphy and Steven G. Farrell (Ireland), Mersey Boys: A Letter from Al Moran, Actress: Leading (Jessica Messenger as Ginny), Ensemble Cast (Fiach Kunz, Jessica Messenger, Robert Bourke, Michael Casey, Ben Collopy, Grahan Gill, Rachel Cobb and Steven G. Farrell)
Patricia Carr Biczynski (USA), A Polish Cowboy at Home and Abroad, Narration / Voiceover Talent, Women Filmmakers

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Rabner Amill (USA), Undercover, 48-Hour Film (Savannah, GA)
Rafael Millán (Mexico), IMPOSTER, Actor: Supporting (Morgan Clarke as Jack)
Regan Martin (USA), Aria’s Sadness, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sadie Duarte (Spain), Sheltered from Time, Women Filmmakers
Sal Cirmi (USA), Mailbox, Actress: Leading (Giuliana Sciortino as Monica)
Sequoia Holton (USA), Inshallah, Women Filmmakers
Shihyun Wang (Hong Kong), Home – FuJian, Asian
Shihyun Wang and James Chen (Taiwan), Urban Soldiers in Taipei, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Steve Rahter (USA), The Power of Invisibility, Christian, Religion / Ethics
Sunanda Prabhu Gaunkar, Nicole Zhong and Atman Mehta (USA), Serendipity, Webisode (Student)
Sunflower County Film Academy (Glenn Payne and Ben Powell) (USA), Help Wanted, Actor: Leading (Student) (Merion Turner as Elijah)
Susan Weiss (USA), LIA: A Bodybuilding Story – The Directors Cut, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Fitness / Nutrition
The Shenanigans  (USA), H.O.E (Happiness Over Everything), African American, Women Filmmakers
Tom Knoff and Kurt Hemmer (USA), American Joyride: 100 Lines for the Kerouac Centenary, Remixes / Mashups, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Walt Schoen (USA), Walking with Savta, Jewish
Xiaowen Xing (China), Dead Bird, Script / Writer (Student)
Yegor Bugayenko (Ukraine), MUG, Experimental

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