Award of Merit June 2024

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Andi Kopek (USA), AIE, Animation, Concept
Christian Jacob Eisenbarth (USA), The Gentle Giant, Cinematogrpahy
Fernanda Vilela and Mokotsi Rukundo (USA), Amentalio, Actress: Leading (Fernanda Vilela as Emilia), Film Short, Women Theme
Gianna Labinpuno (USA), Brett Wong’s Ex-Girlfriends, Women Theme (Student)
Jack Thompson (USA), Zombie House, Concept
John R. Seeley and Sean Werner (USA), Back To You, LGBTQ+ Theme, Music Video
Liliana M. Molina (USA), ARRANCA, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker
Michael Pescasio (USA), The Beginning of Light, Cinematogrpahy


Mohamed Jaza and Mohadeseh Jalilvand (Iran), The Purple Sandals, Film Short
Nathan Hey (Belgium), I SWEAR *, Music Video
Olivia Moe (USA), Kit & Spoon and the Wayward Moon, Animation (Student), Women Filmmaker (Student)
Steve Horswill Johnston (USA), Sarah, Christian Theme
Todd Lien (USA), Paper Flowers, Asian Filmmaker
Vasile Rogojan (USA), Memory, Film Short (Student)
Wendy White and Gui Agustini (USA), Roses are Blind, Dramatic Impact
William Hemminger (USA), Safer Stuff: Green Chemistry Gets Down to Business, Documentary Short
Yiling Lu (USA), PO ACT I PART 1, Women Filmmaker (Student), Asian Theme (Student)

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Adam Chambers (USA), Another Chance, Film Short
Allen Jarmolinski (USA), Chop Chop, Film Short, Direction
Allison Norlian and Jean Li (USA), Thirteen, Disability Issues
Alyn Darnay (USA), BOXED, Film Short, Jewish Filmmaker, Jewish Theme, Women Filmmakers
Amirani Nikoleishvili (Georgia), The Doers, Documentary Short (Student)
Anaëlle Morf and Cristina Müller (Switzerland), OMG!, Jewish Filmmaker (Student), Actress: Leading (Juliet Kennedy as CandyMandy)
Arezoo Monfared (Iran), DOUBLEX, Direction
Barrye L. Price and Florita Bell Griffin (USA), Interview with a King – An animated short film, Script / Writer
Behnam Najmoddin (Iran), Night-shift Mannequin, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Bella Shih (Taiwan), definitions, Animation, Creativity / Originality
Bryan Chadwick (USA), FENCES, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change


Bryan Hamilton Chadwick (USA), A PEEK INSIDE, Documentary Short
Chance Fuerstinger (USA), Bric-à-Brac: Pendulum, Actor: Leading (McKay MacArach as Jonathan), Direction, Film Short
Chari Pere (USA), Miscarried: An “Unspoken” Cartoonmentary, Jewish Theme
Christopher Lawrence (USA), The Art of Moving People, Film Short (Student)
Education Resource Fund (USA), Before You Were Born, Direction, Documentary Short, Editing
Elizabeth B. Sampson and Aaron B. Boyd (USA), The Change, Actress: Leading (Elizabeth Sampson as Beth)
Eric Ayala (USA), Arlington Heights, Webisode
Fabian Van Dongen (Netherlands), The Truth, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Genevieve Sulway (United Kingdom), I am Kanaka, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Documentary Short, Native Peoples Theme
Ginita Sunaina, Global Tara Entertainment (Netherlands / India), Uski Hmm Ki Aankh, Music Video
Hailey Reese Hameetman (USA), The Fish Collectors, Animation (Student)


Ian Wang (USA), Piece for Piece, Asian Theme (Student), Direction (Student)
Aldric Gaudet (Canada), Pit & Pendulum, Experimental
Jack Thompson (USA), Zombie House, Original Score, Creativity / Originality, Original Song (Zombie House)
Jason Brar (USA), Six Sided Serpent, Animation
Jingjing Wu (USA), Jiangxue, Animation (Student)
Julie Goldstone (USA), The Elevator, Women Filmmakers
Kalyn Elizabeth Wood and Hal Waghorn (United Kingdom), Screaming Silence, Experimental, Women Filmmakers, Women Theme
Lan Deal, Shereen Balles and Hazel Rose Nāhi’ena’ena (USA), A Way Out, Native Peoples Filmmaker
Laura Anastasia Jones (USA), Single Buffalo, Direction (Student), Original Score (Student), Script / Writer (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Women Theme (Student)
Laura Anastasia Jones (USA), PEOPLE, Christian  Filmmaker (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student), Direction (Student), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)


Mark Riccadonna (USA), My Friend Doubt, Actress: Leading (Jeanna Schweppe as Betty Ray Robinson), Script / Writer (Raven Petretti-Stamper)
Mehdi Arhami (Iran), Towards Mina, Film Short (Student)
Michael Gearheart (USA), Crede, Experimental (Student)
Mikheil Gabaidze (Georgia), Vasomotor Rhinitis, Film Short
Nathan Hey (Belgium), I SWEAR *, Art Direction
Paul Blee (Ireland), Burning Blue Sun, Music Video
Rafael Maria Friebe (Turkey), What am I Without You, Islamic Theme, Religion / Ethics
Ryan Metcalf (USA), Discharge, Actor: Leading (Ken Schwarz as Detective Ben Keller)
Saeed Moltaji (Iran), Message, Asian Filmmaker
Sina Ghanadan (Iran), Count Down, Film Short
Steve Grace and Jason Brown (Australia), Doctor Time, Film Short
Tifah Todd (USA), A Mother Lost, African American Filmmaker
Travis A. Buzzell (USA), The Final Ride, Documentary Short
Yu Wang (China), Fade of Faith, Actor: Leading (Student) (Yi Jiang as Ran Zhang)
Yuval Shrem (USA), Invisible Lines, Film Short


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