Award of Recognition June 2024

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Award of Recognition

Aaniyah Marwah and Zachary Westerman, Brighton Hall (USA), Invisible, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Adam Chambers (USA), Another Chance, Actress: Leading (Aline Humbert as Rose)
Allison Norlian and Jean Li (USA), Thirteen, Actress: Supporting (Naomi Rubin as Yael Swartz)
Antonia Crane (USA), Lady Los Angeles, LGBTQ+ Theme, Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast
Anup Kumar Chakraborty (India), Reminiscence, Asian Filmmaker, Editing
Arezoo Monfared (Iran), DOUBLEX, Actress: Leading (Adriya Monfared as  the woman)
Aśka Faron (United Kingdom), Water is Coming, Documentary Short, Nonprofit / Fundraising
Barbara Anne Lindstrom (USA), The Long Road Home, Documentary Short
Barrye L. Price and Florita Bell Griffin (USA), Interview with a King – An animated short film, African American Filmmaker, African American Theme, Animation, Christian  Filmmaker, Film Short
Becca Foxx (USA), Portrait of Etika, Documentary Short
Becky Lee (USA), A Good Night Kiss, Script / Writer (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Biyi Zhou (China), Neighbours, Asian Theme, Film Short
Bryan Chadwick (USA), SAY IT AIN’T SOHO, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Bryan Chadwick (USA), GRANDPA’S MAGICAL MARSHMALLOW MOSS, Narration / Voiceover Talent (David Johnson)
Bryan Hamilton Chadwick (USA), A PEEK INSIDE, Sound: Overall Impact

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Chance Fuerstinger (USA), Bric-à-Brac: Pendulum, Actress: Leading (Jen Potcher as Liz), Cinematogrpahy (Lee Vander Boegh), Script / Writer (Chance Fuerstinger)
Chop Mosley (USA), Sci-Kids, African American Filmmaker, Script / Writer (Student) (John Xavier Lambert), Film Short
Chris James Keefer (USA), Grumbles and Mr. Bones, Animation
Christiane Karajeva, Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann (Austria), HANDMADE, Women Filmmakers
Craig Railsback (USA), Timeless Classics: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Monologue, Direction
Dena K. Miller (USA), Mysterious Origin, Music Video
Douglas J. Corcoran (USA), Dragonfly MP, The Pho Michael Story, Documentary Short
Dusan Leon-Citic (USA), Mario and Me, Documentary Short
Elizabeth B. Sampson and Aaron B. Boyd (USA), The Change, Women Theme, Original Song (Go On Now Go by Kathleen Wilhoite), Original Score (John Todd Ewing)
Emer O Shea, Michael j McMonagle and Manus Brennan (Ireland), The Battle of Assaroe, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Faith Marie Agee (USA), Finding Faith, Christian Theme (Student)
Frances Chang (USA), B Positive, Animation, Asian Filmmaker
George Orallo, Melva McLean and Karen Tusa (Canada), The Interview, Film Short
Gerry Cisneros (USA), Guess Who, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Alex Kolpan as Drew)
Greg Ferrara (USA), Snow Shadows, Movie Trailer
Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi (Iran), The Game The Doubt, Film Short

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Harun Kazaz (USA), Rising Wings, Documentary Short
Jack Thompson (USA), Zombie House, Direction, Film Short, Script / Writer, Dramatic Impact, Title / Credit Design
Jacob Numerick (USA), Uncle Bubba Goes To New York, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Joshua Stevenson and Jack Linsdell (United Kingdom), Wine In Time, Film Short
Kassi Crews and Ressel Yu (USA), THE FILIPINO BAKER – Episode1: “Blind Baking”, Asian Theme, Women Filmmaker
Kevin John Veatch (USA), Crayons, Chicken and Mr. Birke, Children / Family Programming, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Cait Stewart as Dragon Lizard)
Luca Graham Walker (United Kingdom), The Man Who Feared God, Experimental (Student)
Marina Hitt (USA), GREG: THE SECRET TO MY SUCCESS, Women Filmmaker, Documentary Short
Mark A. Tarrant (Australia), Theft – Covid Safe Domestic Violence By The State, Chapter 1, Documentary Short
Mark A. Tarrant (Australia), False Imprisonment – Covid Safe Domestic Violence By The State, Chapter II, Documentary Short
Mark Riccadonna (USA), My Friend Doubt, Direction, Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Snezhana Chernyavskaya as Doubt)
Martin Bannon Beaudet, The Actor’s Lab (USA), The Call, Actor: Leading (Student) (Christopher Massey as George Foster)
Max Galante (USA), Ossesione, Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

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Meadow Rain Clouse (USA), The Girl In The Woods, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Meng Wu (China), Today Must Not Be Our Last Goodbye, Documentary Short, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (non-acting)
Meysam Jafarinejadsedehi (Iran), +70, Experimental
Michael Andrew Gearheart (USA), Corporeal, Experimental (Student)
Mitchell Waters (USA), Who Will Speak for the Children?, Documentary Short
Nongolo Muteto (USA), Tuxedo Praise ™, Christian Theme
Nongolo Muteto (USA), Splash! The Duckling who was Afraid of Water, Children / Family Programming
Pey-Chwen Lin (Taiwan), Eve Clone Babel I, Animation
Reza Javanshir (Iran), Anomie, Film Short
Robert Webster (Netherlands), Memories of Warsaw, Documentary Short
Robyn Stalson, Rox Dare and Kevin Johns (USA), Adventures of Zizwe, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Ryosuke Handa (Japan), FOREST ISLAND, Experimental
Sahvannah Rae (USA), Binate, Women Theme
Sam Aria (USA), The Notorious Network: A Devilish Dish, Animation (Student), Pilot Program / Series (Student)
Shanese Shields (USA), The Conversation: Untold Truths, African American Filmmaker (Student)
Shihyun Wang (Namibia), Killings of the Century, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Stacy Dean Campbell (USA), The Writer, Experimental
Terry Bleakley (Australia), One Flood, One Family, Documentary Short
Tom Knoff and Kurt Hemmer (USA), Guyana: A Visual Essay, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Uri Ponte (USA), Dreaming, Direction (Student)
Varun Srikanth and Jean Zamora (USA), Ability to Wed, Documentary Short (Student)
Víctor Peceño (Spain), Way to North, Film Short, Direction
Will Attwood (Canada), Wolf Culture, Film Short
William D. Caldwell (USA), COVID-19 ALIEN MENACE, African American Filmmaker (Student), Film Short (Student), Movie Trailer (Student)

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