Award of Merit March 2024

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Bear Kosik and Erika Lupo (USA), Hiding Bodies, Script / Writer
Brent Heise (USA), The Girl Who Faded Away, Music Video, Direction
Carlos Evaristo Flores and Nicolas J. Lewis (USA), Across, Latin / Hispanic
Chris Dabney (USA), Princess Love, Actress: Leading (Heaven Howard as Madison Dawson)
Eleanor Gough, Layla Williams, Dhwani Agravat, Elliot Hanscomb, Emily Holden and Sophie Nankivell (Australia), Heartless Romantics, Web Series (Student)
Elizabeth Phelps (USA), Creation Fables, Animation, Creativity / Originality
Fella Cederbaum (USA), Bambolina and the Doodles, Music Video
F-M Cossey, Renée Jonas and Elizabeth Usher (New Zealand/Australia), I’ll Be Your Soft Place to Fall, Original Song
Frank J. Fazzio (USA), Bridge of Curiosity, Documentary Short
Frédérique di Scala-Montava (France), Our Inhumanity, Documentary Short


George Sebastian Lazaroiu (United Kingdom), Family Ties, Film Short (Student)
Hudson Hillin (USA), Newman’s Block, Art Direction (Student)
John Marrs (USA), The Weight of the Badge, Direction, Film Short
John Papola (USA), Love Gov 3: The Metaverse of Madness, Film Short
Julie Robinson (USA), Snuggledown, Actor: Leading (Joseph Cote as Shopkeeper Joe)
Lawrence Jones (USA), How To Make It In Hollywood *While Being Black, Animation, African American
Lukas Ratka (Austria), My Invisible Friend, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mayedurimi Andrea Larotonda (USA), The Pill, Women Filmmakers
Moosa Nasser Alkindi (Oman), Al Bangeri, Film Short
Nichole Thompson, Robert Thompson and Meredith Lilly (USA), A Nation Within, Documentary Short
Patrick Guthrie (USA), RugbyTown Season 2, Documentary Short
Romy Nordlinger (USA), The Feeling Part, Actress: Leading (Romy Nordlinger as Liv)
Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Let the Love Flow, Original Song (Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher)

award of merit words

Aleksandra Zamorina (Russia), SASHA LOONA / STIM AXEL – Sleeping Satellite, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Alizay Rizwan (United Arab Emirates), The Test, Film Short
Andrew Jowett and Brett Langolf (USA), Win(d) Over Cancer, Direction, Documentary Short
Anne Arreguin (USA), Funny Thing About Grief, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Bear Kosik and Erika Lupo (USA), Hiding Bodies, Film Short
Ben Harlan (United Kingdom), Out Line, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Bill Bradley (USA), Climbing For Furley, Documentary Short
Birgitta Liljedahl (Sweden), Potato, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Carey L. Jones (USA), ALONE, Direction, Film Short
Cari Sudmeier (USA), Frequency Over Time, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Women Filmmakers
Carol J. Amore (USA), TIGERS-Tracking a Legend, Music Video, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Chance Fuerstinger and Chance Owen (USA), I’m Changin’, Music Video
Charlie Puritano (USA), Extreme Paleo, Film Short
Chonglang Fan (China), Song of the Conscripts, Asian


Chris Dabney (USA), Princess Love, Direction, Film Short
Dena L. Hildebrand (USA), Small Town Girl, Big Heart – Abby’s Courage, Christian, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Dhanush Paramesh (USA), Simulacrum, Film Short
Dinesh Shukla (India), SAVE SKIN SAVE LIFE, Educational / Instructional / Training, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Donald Watson (USA), Whitey On The Run, Film Short
Eric Treml (USA), Das Pickle, Documentary Short
Fady Jeanbart, Olivia Jamgotchian and Nora Salim (USA), I Have No Place to Cry, Actress: Leading (Dani Alvarado as Anna), Direction, Film Short, Editing (Fady Jeanbart)
François Joseph and Rémi Dumas (France), Dogsitter, Film Short, Actor: Leading (François Joseph as Franjo)
Gina Lori Riley (Canada), I Am Here, Experimental
Graham J. Northrup (USA), GIFT, Film Short
Hunter Nickless (USA), Gone, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short (Student)
Iva Kevra (Ireland), Love of Magdalena, Women Filmmakers


Jeff Lane (USA), Lady Doctor, Film Short, Cinematography
Jeremy Lee Dickson (USA), Second Amendment, Right?, Film Short, Dramatic Impact
Juliana Bergstrom, Keara Barnes and Brenda Whitehall (Canada), Harbour, Women Filmmakers
Kristin Koliss and Tommy Jay Dwyer (USA), Madigan’s Again, Narration / Voiceover Talent, Script / Writer
Lauralee Sheehan (Canada), Filter, Webisode
Lauren P. Tyree (USA), Remember me, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lubomir Atan (USA), Clout Chaser, Animation, Music Video
Markus Schnatmann (Germany), Elteney, Film Short
Mia Denaé Brathwaite (USA), Monotony, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mike Savuica (Romania), Planet of Broken Dreams, Actress: Leading (Flavia Călin as The Mother)
Mohammed Saif Alshehhi (USA), Limerence, Actress: Leading (Student) (Clara Bach as Helene)


Nick Adducci (USA), Coming Home, Christian
Paetyn Naidoo (USA), PITCHES, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Patrick Sweeney (USA), Selling Dreams, Documentary Short (Student)
Peter Edward Hartwig (Australia), Beneath the Soil, Experimental
Randy Ferino Wayne and London McAlpine (USA), Drinks On Me, African American
Richard R. Murray (USA), Natural Light: The Remarkable Transformation of a School on Detroit’s East Eight Mile, Documentary Short
Roberto Orazi (Italy), VOICES, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Educational / Instructional / Training
Romy Nordlinger(USA), The Feeling Part, Script / Writer (Romy Nordlinger)
Ron Geffen (USA), Call In The Night, Music Video
Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Let the Love Flow, Music Video (Shirley Lynn)
Sierra Productions (USA), Troy’s Story, Editing (Nancy Hamilton), Original Score (Patrick Rundblad)
SiJia Zheng (China), Cat Chaser, Experimental (Student)
Steph France (USA), Hexxed, Film Short, Direction
Tanner Reece (USA), Airlock 27, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short (Student)
Vivian Sorenson (USA), Pickleball Wars, Film Short
Xiaoyuan Ma (China), The Road of Inheritance, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yossi Waxman (Israel), The Plate, Jewish


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