Award of Recognition – December 2021

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Award of Recognition

Albi Neziri, irizen productions (Switzerland), Consequences, Film Short (Student)
Alfonso Otero (Mexico), Fan 666, Film Short
Angel Baltasar (Spain), THE SUBMERGED VOICE, Experimental
Angela Eames (United Kingdom), FLUX | MELTDOWN …not a moment to spare, Experimental
Barbara G. Grant (USA), When the Government Lied: Waco’s Infrared Deception, Educational / Instructional / Training
Bella Maori and Alyse Riley (USA), Ugly, Television – Pilot Program
Benjamin J. Young (USA), Maw of Delusion, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Bill Grout and Jade Grout (USA), Today’s Kindness, Documentary Short
Brenda Patricia Garza (USA), Political Agenda, Documentary Short (Student)
Charles Kaufmann (USA), That’s None of My Business, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Religion / Ethics, History / Biographical, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays, Sound: Overall Impact, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Chris Bowyer (United Kingdom), Mary, Film Short (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Chris Paschall, David Mcelroy and Hogan Hiatt (USA), One Last Shot, Film Short
Dan Ramsey Strauss (USA), Apply Now, Film Short
Daniella DeVinter (United Kingdom), Perfectly Undone, Women Filmmakers
Dante D’Anthony (USA), The Derelict, Animation
David Nguyen (USA), On The Stages, Music Video, Film Short

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Dawit Eyob (Eritrea), Burden, Film Short
Delisa Maria Seng (USA), A Strong Black Woman My Azz!, African American, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Donna Magnani (USA), in shreds, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Eduardo Maia (USA), Terry Non-Binary, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Elizabeth Usher, Emily Anderson and Ben Chai (Australia), I Could Uke All Week With You, Music Video
Evie Dietrich (USA), The Elk Fence, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student), Documentary Short (Student)
Frankie Shaftain-Fenner (United Kingdom), Pronouns in Bio, LGBTQ+
George W. Orange III (George L’Orange) (USA), Love Letter, Actress: Leading (Moriah N Boone as Barbara Bambola)
Graham Northrup (USA), The Cure, Film Short
Guy Daniel McKie Nelson (Australia), It Happened In Copley Street, Documentary Short (Student)
H. Miller (USA), Ketchup, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Hassan Shah (USA), One Candle, Film Short (Student)
Hugh Liu (Canada), Kill 4 Love, Film Short
Hunter Paul Nickless (USA), Haunted for Life, Actor: Leading (Hunter Paul Nickless)
Ilsa Fay and Ryan Lee Adams (Australia), A Sensual Temple, LGBTQ+
James L. Velli (United Kingdom), no S I G N A L, Experimental (Student)
Janine Kanzler (USA), Home, Special Purpose Productions
Jeremy Northcote (Australia), Mountain Bear, Animation

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Ji Hwan Park (Korea), The Wave, Film Short
Jiayu Shi (USA), Circles, Film Short (Student)
Jingli Feng (United Kingdom), Restoration, Documentary Short (Student)
Joel Gunz (USA), Spellbound by L’Amour Fou, Documentary Short
Jon Matthews (USA), Ang Motel, Actress: Supporting (Virginia Soliman as Virginia), Actress: Leading (Eurice McNeal as Magic)
Jorge Garcia (Puerto Rico), MISSIONARIES, Christian
Keisha Boston Gallagher (USA), Hard Sale, African American
Lanessa Miller and Ahren Field Buchheisteer (USA), Broke and Bloody, Animation, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Lieutenant Coopwood (USA), Trinity, African American
Marco Gosalvez (Spain), LIKE YOU, Disability Issues
Maria Evelyn Vella (Malta), Natura Morta  (Still Life), Women Filmmakers, Film Short, Original Score
Mark Tarrant and Otto Khoo (Australia), Devil in a Lawyers Suit – a rapist posthumous logos, Documentary Short
Maurice Daniel Oulay (Côte d’Ivoire), MAMA AFRICA, Documentary Short (Student)
Michaella Ann Forbes and Leslie Ellis-Tynes (Bahamas), Distant, Film Short
Mike Provenzano (USA), 15 Roses, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Mike Provenzano as Jim)
Mohammad Hossein Zalbak and Ben Cyran (Belgium), Selftherapy, Film Short (Student)
Nayan Sarma (USA), Dresses, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Niaz Parvaresh (USA), Exist, Film Short, Women Filmmakers

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Nic Carcieri (USA), 100 Days of Change, Documentary Short
Peter John Tisma (United Kingdom), Blur the Line, Experimental
Rachel M. Caron and UMaine Athletes for Sexual Responsibility (USA), A Recipe for Disaster: Talking about Cooking the way we talk about Sex, Educational / Instructional / Training (Student)
Rajesh Gupta (India), THE FLAT, Film Short
Robert Ballentine (USA), The Sheriff of Nazareth Junction, Actor: Leading (Robert Ballentine as Sheriff Billy Reese), Television – Program Series
Robin Seidman Pullen (USA), MAMALEH, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ryan Lucht (USA), Scenario, LGBTQ+ (Student), Concept (Student)
Ryan M. Andrews (Canada), Hunting Darkness, Actress: Leading (Katisha Shaw as  Melissa)
Sam Boe Nielsen and Cameron Howard (Australia), DELIVERANCE, Experimental
Shannon Keri Hogan (USA), The Trail Docent, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples (Student), Sports (Student)
Shannon Walden (USA), The Secrets We Hide, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Shaun T. Pulsifer (Canada), 36 Days, Documentary Short, Concept
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Veteran stories, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Independent Film making, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Hollywood dream is not a dream, Asian
Shihyun Wang (USA), Omicron according to Nostradamus, Editing
Shihyun Wang (USA), Ernest, History / Biographical
Suneeta Misra (USA), Crazy Bird Lady, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Sylvia Ray (USA), My Human Experience: Episode #1, Actress: Leading (Lana McKissack as Lex Kepler), Script / Writer
Tayo Amos (USA), Hold On, African American, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Tom Weston (USA), There be Monsters!, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Tommy Garcia (USA), Life Tune, Script / Writer (Tommy Garcia)
Wesley Mullins (USA), Two Weeks to Slow the Spread, Film Short


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