Award of Merit – December 2021

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Chance Fuerstinger and April Matson (USA), Here Is Where the Monsters Live, Actor: Leading (Chance Fuerstinger as Oliver), Actor: Supporting (David Jack Lathrop as Jake)
Donald Welch (USA), BabyGirl, Actor: Supporting (Tobyus Green as Bradley), African American
Jeff Schubert (USA), It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Jeff Schubert as Charlie)
Mark Renken (USA), A Day in the Life, Film Short
Matthew Eli Judd (USA), After Life Crisis, 48-Hour Film
Michael Rooney (USA), Elevated, Film Short (Student)
Peter English (USA), The Sun Line – Your Eyes, Music Video
Robert M. Bogin, Mini Cine Productions (USA), Third Wish, Children / Family Programming
Robert Michael (USA), Girl, Chill, Web Series
Sasha Nelson (USA), Harom, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sasha Salama (USA), Natasha Cvikevich: WWII and Beyond, In Her Own Words, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Spencer Allred and Lindsey Watson (USA), Whisper, Actress: Leading (Allie Rae as WhisperCat), Film Short, Women Filmmakers

award of merit words

Adam M. Tuller (USA), BubbleBathAntics / Carrie, Music Video
Adam Moses (USA), 34902, Jewish
Alain Rimbert (France), Delirantissimo, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Joel Diamond)
Alex Bowling (USA), Poached Eggs, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Anastasia Vasileva (Russia), Projection, Film Short
Andrea Natale (Italy), Australian Dreams, Documentary Short
Andrew H. Walker (USA), Sign of the Times, Movie Trailer
Armin Etemadi (Iran), The Woman Who Laughs, Film Short
Brian Drillinger, C.Hope Belmont and John Chibbaro (USA), MONEY (What’s It Gonna Do 4 Me), Music Video, Concept (Brian Drillinger)
Brian Ogden (USA), The Sweet Embrace, Film Short
Jean Grover (USA), Thalidomide in the USA: the Forgotten Survivors, Disability Issues
Chance Fuerstinger and April Matson (USA), Here Is Where the Monsters Live, Actress: Supporting (Elaine Diner as Lynne)
Charles Kaufmann (USA), That’s None of My Business, Research
Christy Lee Hughes (USA), Guardian, Women Filmmakers
Danny Angotti (USA), Conspiracy, Television – Pilot Program, Web Series
Dawna Lee Heising and Alan Wagner (USA), Rickman’s Cobbs, Web Tube Length Video
Denis Crampton (United Kingdom), Gods Guilty Conscience The Directors Cut, Film Short
Dewayne Force (United Kingdom), The Roll Out, Documentary Short, Creativity / Originality
Dina Six (USA), The Park, Film Short (Student)
Dora Frankel, Andy Wood and Kevin Wong (USA), Touch the Beast, Experimental
Etay Axelroad (Israel), CASUS, Experimental
Felipe Garcia-Pena (USA), Me+You, Actor: Leading (Zach Montou as Kyle), LGBTQ+, Script / Writer (Zach Montou)
Francisco Roel (USA), My Lovely Man, Christian, Direction
Gabrielle Cornish (USA), WTF – What The Future, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest


Gina Lizama and Gabriel Harvey (USA), Absolution, Documentary Short, Experimental
Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi (Iran), Lonely Season, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Elnaz Naghibi as Farzaneh)
Harlow Schuman (USA), Preservation, Film Short (Student)
Hayden Billingy (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Shout It Out, Music Video
Heather Hawthorn Doyle (Canada), I Don’t Want Him Either, Experimental
Heloise Magny (Canada), Keep Painting, Mom, Animation
Hunter Paul Nickless (USA), Haunted for Life, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jae Kwon Jin (Korea), Wiro, Asian (Student), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Jake Orton (United Kingdom), Contained, Film Short
Jake Tupman and Jack Somerville (Latvia), UTA – The Climb for Kosovo, Documentary Short
Jeff Schubert (USA), It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!, Actor: Supporting (Jeremiah Jahi as Dr Winston), Direction (Jeff Schubert)
Jeffrey Israelson and Steven Israelson (USA), Time Traveler, Film Short
Jon Gillette (USA), The Hitman’s Apprentice, Film Short
Josée Pellerin (Canada), Song of the Invisible, Experimental
Josh Aries (Canada), REVERSE, Asian, Actor: Leading (Curtis Lum as Onyx)
Kendrick Disch (USA), Creating a Living Building at Georgia Tech, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Kiki Sage Prager (USA), AD[HD], Disability Issues
Lily Gontard (Canada), Whalefall, Documentary Short
Maggie O’Dea (USA), Keystone, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Margaret Sanchez (USA), Pieces of Life, Film Short
Matias Carlier (Switzerland), Fever, Film Short (Student)
Matthew Badea (USA), Isolation, Actress: Leading (Student) (Anastasia Jacques as Ava), Actress: Supporting (Student) (Rachel Jones as Alyx)
Matthew Chozick (Japan), Toshie the Nihilist, Asian, Actress: Leading (Higa Rino as Toshie)
Matthew Eli Judd (USA), After Life Crisis, Film Short


Melanie Belmonte (Spain), Cuerpos (Bodies), Experimental
Michael Gaskin (USA), Gratia, Film Short
Michael Ricci (USA), UPSIDE-DOWN SKY, Film Short, Editing
Mike Bell (USA), Knock It Off, Documentary Short
Nathan H. Colby (USA), Dungo’s Palace, Web Series
Nichelle S. Montgomery (USA), PLAYDATE, African American, Women Filmmakers
Nichelle S. Montgomery (USA), SIN SICK SOUL, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Nicole Philippidis (USA), Sound of Silence, Music Video
Octavian Kaul (Canada), Hair Today, Grey Tomorrow, Actor: Leading (Clayton Neuwirth as crazy guy)
Olga Lucía Jaramillo S. (USA), Of Dreams, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Olga Lucía Jaramillo S. (USA), The United States was my Mom, Documentary Short, Dramatic Impact
Peppur Chambers (USA), DO SOMETHING, African American, Film Short
Perry Schwartz (USA), Snake, Film Short, Direction
Peter Zoppoth (Austria), Come and Go, Animation
Rebekah Wiggins (USA), Ushering The Light, Actress: Leading (Drea Berg as Ada Blau), Jewish, Women Filmmakers
Rich Chambers (Canada), I’m So Tired, Music Video
Ritendra Datta (USA), Alice Memorial Park, Film Short
Robert M. Bogin, Mini Cine Productions (USA), Third Wish, Actress: Leading (Tessa Maruyama as Sasha)
Ron G. Ranson (USA), TATTOOED TRUCKS OF NEPAL- Horn Please, Documentary Short, Creativity / Originality
Rufus Wilson (United Kingdom), Escape, Documentary Short
Rustam Turaliyev (Kazakhstan), Perfectionism, Animation
Sam R. Ross (USA), Fall in Flower, Film Short


Santos Ortiz and Guillermo Guajardo (Mexico), NEW ERA, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Shannon McDonough (Canada), Maggie Mysteries, LGBTQ+
Shruti Tewari (USA), Mum, Women Filmmakers
Simone Chierici, Rainy Island Studio (Italy), Where Are You, Film Short, Islamic
Sofia Bobriseva  (Canada), Mama Canada: Outer Space, Children / Family Programming
Sonia Sawkar (USA), Cray, Television – Pilot Program, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Sylvia Ray (USA), My Human Experience: Episode #1, Webisode, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography
Ted Thomas (USA), Velcro: A study in Polyvagal Equine Therapy, Documentary Short, Lighting, Script / Writer, Health / Medicine / Science, Original Song (Velcro Fire composed by Chris Chappell)
Tolulope Olamide Ajayi (Nigeria), Focus, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Tom White (USA), That Time of Year, Actor: Leading (Joel Nathan King as Marley)
Tommy Garcia (USA), Life Tune, Film Short
Wanja Mary Sellers (United Kingdom), Love Me Tender, Women Filmmakers
William LiPera (USA), A Love of My Own, Film Short
Xiang-Wen Yang (Taiwan), TAROKO Village Hotel, Asian, Film Short
Yong Jin Yoon (Korea ), A letter from Carl Jung, Documentary Short
Zoran Djordjevic (Brazil), Walls of life, Disability Issues

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