Award of Recognition June 2022

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Award of Recognition

Adrian Izquieta (USA), The Ushers, Film Short
Alexis Kaplan (USA), Water: Simply Save Something Powerful, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Alizay Rizwan (United Arab Emirates), all about her, Film Short (Student), Cinematography (Student)
Allen Forouhar (Canada), I am here, Documentary Short
Andrew Pichot (USA), Horsing Around, 48-Hour Film (Denver 48)
Anjali Kallengattu (United Arab Emirates), Kilivaathil, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Bradford (USA), Ethereal, Actor: Leading (Anthony Bradford as Joe)
Armstrong Jaison (USA), Coming After Me, Christian
Ben T. Murdock (Canada), Split Ends, 48-Hour Film
Blane Henderson (USA), The Squid Tango A Mating Dance, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Brandon Burket (USA), Philip, Film Short (Student)
Carly Griffin-Fiorella (USA), Being Alive, Television – Pilot Program (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Casey Samuel Bell (USA), #MaleToo, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Charles & Mary Love (USA), Cataclysm! Climate Change in the 11th Hour, Documentary Short
Christine Saab (United Kingdom), In The Space You Left, Documentary Short
Claudio Steinberg (Israel), Grandchild, LGBTQ+
Clay Lacey (USA), Corpus Delicti, Film Short
Cristobal Olguin (Australia), Wrath, Actress: Leading (Talin Agon as Juno)
David M. Wallace (USA), The Academy Charter School Shop Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial
David Safin (USA), Up on the Hill, Documentary Short
Deanna Rose Wardin (USA), Call it what you will, Animation, Music Video

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Dino Muccio (USA), MERCY, Film Short
Dmitriy Arbatov (USA), Penitentiary: Eastern State, Documentary Short
Dox Bernard (USA), 13 AM THE MOVIE, African American
Emily Anderson, Kate Battersby and Elizabeth Usher (USA/Australia), Share Your Messy With Me, Music Video
Frey Dagne (USA), RAINE, African American, Film Short
George Orallo, Karen Tusa and Melva McLean (Canada), Richard the Third, Film Short, Web / Internet Programming
Gerelle Forbes (Trinidad and Tobago), The Journey and Impact of Pan on the Move – A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Dr.Ray Holman, Documentary Short
Gonzalo Chavez (USA), THE HARVEST, Film Short
Hunter Adam Regelsky (USA), Liv and Boo, Film Short (Student)
Hunter Smit (USA), A Far Far Distant Place… episode 1, Film Short
Ismail Mohmmed and Madiha. M: Child Artist (India), Kakitham – Paper, Film Short, Children / Family Programming
Jac Jay Rubenstein (USA), Still Lifes (Stillleben), Experimental
Jaison Sydney Blackwater (USA), The Thrill, Actor: Leading (Jon Cioffi as Shawnie)
Jake Fuller (USA), To Dance, Special Purpose Productions
Jake Oletsky (USA), The Diary of Aaron Stanford, Film Short (Student)
James Chen (Taiwan), Mom’s War Time Stories, Asian, Documentary Short
James Diaz (USA), The Hauntings of Saint Augustine, Documentary Short (Student)
James Matthew Storm (USA), Meet My Pet Monster The MUSIC VIDEO, Music Video
Jason Killian Meath (USA), The Culture Killers, Documentary Short
Jeff Lukeski (USA), Legends of Burkittsville: 3 Days Before Heather Left, Film Short, Mockumentary

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Jesse Jacques (USA), Artificial Roses, Experimental, Direction
John Pattison (USA), A Killer’s Confession, Script / Writer (Student)
John R. Bowey (USA), My Otherland: Linden Jordan, LGBTQ+
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Biblical Christianity 2.0.  walking with Jesus, Music Video
Jude Peter Damian (India), SHASHTHI, Film Short, Asian
Kasia Skorynkiewicz (USA), #, Experimental
Kate Peterson and Caryn Ruby (USA), Vadgevertising, Women Filmmakers
KeAndre Ashon Murray (USA), Last Day on Earth, LGBTQ+ (Student), Script / Writer (Student)
Kevin Veatch (USA), The Story of the Standard, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Birke Duncan), Script / Writer (Norman W. Vance, Jr., Garrett W. Vance, Birke Duncan)
Khairulla Saidullayev (USA), Thank you,  Actress: Leading (Stefaniya Makarova as Heroine)
Kristen Petrarca (USA), Quiver, Christian (Student), Disability Issues (Student), Production Design (Student)
Larry Guernsey (USA), Scary Story, Animation
Larry Thompson (USA), 3 Below Average Dudes, Animation, Webisode
Lauren Robbins (USA), Hallmark Bitches, Direction
Manuel Saldaña (USA), Happy Belated, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Samantha Rae Bass as Tariana), Direction, Ensemble Cast
MARKD Productions (Canada), TEEN ACROSS CANADA, Documentary Short (Student), Tourism / Travel (Student)
Matthew Winters (USA), Don’t Be Afraid, Web Tube Length Video
Meitar Paz (USA), Invisible Flags,  Actress: Leading (Meitar Paz as Emily), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mitch Norris and Ron Hardy (USA), THE BEAT ( Drummers Gone Wild in the Bible Belt), Special Purpose Productions
Nathan Large (USA), No Harm Done, Movie Trailer

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Nayan Sarma (USA), Ella, Animation (Student)
Orlagh Heverin (Ireland), Deoch Dance, Women Filmmakers, Experimental
Oscar Pavlove (USA), Kibbutz, Actress: Leading (Allyson Cristofaro as Leah)
Patrick Chemali (Lebanon), Clotheslined, Experimental, Concept
Robert G. Silverman (USA), Malvolio Spends Too Much Time on Social Media, Actor: Leading (Robert G. Silverman as Malvolio)
Robert William Lyons and Andrew Carr (USA), Rebekah’s Song (And I Prayed For You), Music Video
Rosie Grypma and Wayne Lai (Canada), The House, Women Filmmakers
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Warm Winter, Asian, Tourism / Travel
Stéphane Zuède (Luxembourg), The Conflict, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Angélique Bossy)
Steve Downey (United Kingdom), We are the Lost Girls, Disability Issues
Suresh Makkar and Ashish Sharma (Australia), I..I..I… (your dreams should be bigger than your fears), Film Short
Suresh Makkar and Harjot Singh (Australia), Harjot’s Lotto Shop, Asian
Tane McClure, Sandra Stenzel and Nisha Catron (USA), Cosmic Storm, Music Video
Teresa Murjas and James Rattee (United Kingdom), I, Sheep, Creativity / Originality
Tim Kail (USA), Do Other People, Film Short, Script / Writer
Tori Layne (USA), A Horse Called Possum, Direction
Vibha Patel (USA), The Deep Dark Pit, Web Tube Length Video, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Walter David Jones and Kevin Michael Jones (USA), A Device To Save The World, Script / Writer
Yanzi Ding (Taiwan), Breaking Dawn, Public Service Programming / PSA, Women Filmmakers
Zhentong Shi (United Kingdom), High Fever, Experimental (Student)
Zoran Ignjatovic (Serbia), Everyone has a right to his own piece of heaven, Film Short

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