Award of Recognition June 2023

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Award of RecognitionAdam Wade Brown (Australia), FUTUREMAN, Music Video
Alycia Cooper (USA), Trade, African American
Andreina Sanoja (Canada), I Love You, Cinematography (Student) (Talon Boggess)
Anne Eva Isaksson (United Kingdom), Breathless, Experimental
Anton Wong (Hong Kong), Divergence Convergence Vol 1, Asian
Armyn Naderi (Iran), A Borrowed Life, Film Short
Austin Shopinski (USA), An Error Has Occurred, Film Short (Student)
Bianca Sass (USA), Distance (The Further Mix), Music Video (Student), Original Song (Composed and performed by Beth Sass)
Bradley Hawkins (USA), Night Voices, Actor: Supporting (Jack Packer as Hunter)
Brody Bowman (USA), The Love Dunce, Art Direction (Student)
Bryanny (Canada), Gender Reveal, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Cesar Jaime (USA), Good Hombres, Latin / Hispanic
CJ Ousley (USA), Hail to the King, Actor: Leading (CJ Ousley as Mac), Film Short
Cory White (USA), Master and Apprentice, Documentary Short
Danna Gilbertson and Jocelyn Rose Sanchez (USA), The Girl Next Door, Actress: Leading (Student) (Jocelyn Sanchez as Alexis)

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Darryl M. Haase (USA)
, HOLLYWOOD’S PASTOR: The H.K. Rasbach Story, Documentary Short, Religion / Ethics, Editing
Dasha Bough (USA), Now I Am Old and Do Not Need the Moon, Documentary Short (Student)
Derek Galon (Dominica), Secrets of the Caribbean: Story of the Nature Isle, Dominica, Native Peoples, Tourism / Travel
Diana M. Devlin and Grace Zinnel (USA), American Nightmare/American Dream, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Don Aoki (USA), Pioneers of Rock Springs, Documentary Short
Ethan Sutton (USA), The Wealthy Wall, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Francesca Brice-Martin (USA), La Rupture, Direction
Gus Allen (USA), The Portrait of Laura, Film Short
Hannah Bonecutter and Jennifer Pierce (USA), World of Diamonds, Experimental, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Actress: Leading (Hannah Bonecutter)
Hannah Westbrook, Kym Franklin, Willa Moore and Darren Crisp (USA), Walk With Us, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Music Video
Harry Waldman (USA), In the Backseat, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Ryan Keem as John)
Jacob Thompson (USA), Vultures, Film Short (Student)
Jamelah Fain (USA), Changing Perception: The Langdon Park Forest Patch, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Jane Fleiss (USA), Escape, Actress: Leading (Ye Zhong as Fay)
Jasmine Banks, Justin Osby, Allison Fail, Cameron Davis, Adam Lorraine Productions and We Rule Media (USA), YOU Are My Reason, Disability Issues, LGBTQ+
Jeff Lukeski (USA), Your Uptown Hoya, Actor: Leading (Jeff Lukeski as Jean Paulo)
Jeffrey Dallet (USA), LA Times, Script / Writer (Jeffrey Dallet)

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Joe Garcia (USA)
, Retrospection, Film Short (Student), Original Song (Student) (Fatal Inhibition,Words and Lyrics by Blair Johnson, Music by Joe Garcia, Performed by Julian Watson)
Jon Gillette (USA), The Hitman’s Apprentice – Chapter 2, Film Short
Keanu Cordero, Alexandria Fain and Emilio ‘T Dot Ace’ Garcia, Blue Lace Productions (USA), The Worst, Film Short
Laurie Vines (USA), Picnic With Me?, Christian
Lee Steinbeck (USA), A Most Annoying Man, Actor: Leading (Tim Snoha as Emery Dodd), Film Short
Liam Wan Lui Martin and Fiona Stirling Lui Martin (USA), Cry of the Yellow Moon, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lillian Carter (USA), WOMAN, Experimental
Logan Wood (USA), Finger Lickin’ Good, Humor / Humorist (Student)
Lucas Alexander Zarro (USA), Eternal Return, Music Video
Matthew Toffolo (USA), Fahrenheit 3000, Experimental
Max Carmona (USA), The Cave, Actor: Leading (Kaushal Patel as Orson), Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Melody Brooke (USA), 15, Film Short
Neill B. Barry (USA), George & Marcus, Direction, Disability Issues, Actor: Leading (Pancho Moler as George)
Onel Mulet (USA), Roman Díaz, Como El Agua (Like Water), Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Peter Davison (Australia), Glad, Documentary Short

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Rakesh Sidana (Canada), Min’s Tale, LGBTQ+
Ray Thompson and Katharine Branham (USA), A Twisted Path, Film Short, Movie Trailer
Rictor Riolo (USA), Mangia!, Film Short (Student)
Roberta Pyzel (USA), PHYLLIS, Actress: Leading (Margaret Kennedy as Phyllis)
Sabrina Dubner (USA), Medical Adherence, Film Short (Student)
Sabrina Dubner (USA), The Deal of The Century, Film Short (Student)
Sam Sasin, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Radio TV Film Department (USA), Connection, Film Short (Student)
Sarah Lovett and Christina Monaco (USA), Etc: Every High School Movie Ever, Film Short, Web Series
Shihyun Wang (Austria), Dysability, Disability Issues
Shogo Hashimoto (Japan), SUMIYAKI- Please Keep the Fire of Charcoal Burning Eternally, Documentary Short
Siham Kortas (Canada), Fairy Fingers (Doigts de fée), Documentary Short
Sogol Khoshghadam (Iran), Daddy’s Swimsuit, Women Filmmakers
Steven Wan (Australia), I Dared to Dream, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Tova Hopemark (USA), Alright, Robot, Script / Writer (Tova Hopemark)
Vanessa Ozinger (USA), Behind the Curtain, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Creativity / Originality
Yogi Chavada (USA), My Brother Charlie, Disability Issues, Documentary Short
Zhifan Zhang (China), HELLO, MOM, Asian

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