Award of Merit December 2019

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alice Millar and Nile Tracer (United Kingdom), Magic Man, LGBT
Allyson Rice (USA), Fine, I’ll Write My Own Damn Song, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Christophe Chagnard and Charlie Spears (USA), Terra Nostra (Our Earth), Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Dana Richie (USA), GATEWAY, Documentary Short
Denton Adams, Anthony Sydnor, Rahshan Wall and Heartfelt Pictures (USA), Quinoa, Film Short
Grant Michael Eastey (USA), The Never Ending Nightmare, Actor: Leading (Grant Eastey as Grant)
Karen Cantor (USA), RETURN: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Luana Amorim (Brazil), The Gap, Women Filmmakers
Michael Soussan and Anna Gutto (USA), The Accomplice, Actor: Leading (Raymond McAnally as Frank Marvel)
Noah Bewley (USA), R4CH43L, Christian
Phil Comeau (Canada), BELLE-ILE IN ACADIE, Documentary Short
Robert Wittmer (Switzerland), Between beauty and waste – sailing in the Mediterranean, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Roberto Sanchez (USA), The Terms of Us, Latin / Hispanic
Simon Tait (Australia), The Ton, Actress: Leading (Chrissie Page as Rose)
Steph Farber (USA), Smokescreen, LGBT
Ting Wen Lo, Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Moon’s Mirror – Jiaming Lake National Trail, Tourism / Travel
Winston James, Towerlight Films (USA), The Final Mission, Actor: Leading (Jas Anderson as Lex), African American, Film Short

award of merit words

Adam Heyns (South Africa), Exorcist of Apartheid, Documentary Short
Aisha Alfa (USA), Boxes, African American
Alan J. Chriest (USA), Preamble, Film Short
Alice Millar and Nile Tracer (United Kingdom), Magic Man, Film Short
Allyson Rice (USA), Fine, I’ll Write My Own Damn Song, Direction, Cinematography (Stefan Le), Original Song (Fine, I’ll Write My Own Damn Song, composer-Tone Jonez, lyrics-Allyson Rice)
Alyscia Cunningham, AC Media (USA), I Am More Than My Hair, Women Filmmakers
Amanda May (Canada), The Scar Runs through The Pupil, Educational / Instructional / Training (Student), Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Antoine Allen (USA), BreakDown, Actor: Leading (John Torres as Roberto Hernandez)
Bob Dolgan (USA), Monty and Rose, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Brandy Machado (USA), Happenstance – The Funeral, Web Series
Brian Johnston (United Kingdom), The Champ of Champs, Documentary Short
Brice Blanloeil (France), Pianocide, Commercial / Infomercial
Bryan Downey (USA), 1,000 Years a Witness, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Camden Elizabeth (USA), Acting President, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chelsea Devantez (USA), Basic, Actress: Leading (Chelsea Devantez as Gloria), Film Short
Chelses Venkadathu (USA), Ephemera, Film Short
Christopher Martini (USA), Pastalight, Actor: Leading (Leo Martini as Antonio Volpe), Film Short
Cris Iannucci (USA), The Hand That Holds, Actor: Leading (Nathaniel Peterson as Rick), Actor: Supporting (Brick Patrick as Frank), Actress: Supporting (Madeleine Coghlan as Nicole), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
D.R. Bellard (USA), Shot by an Angel, Film Short (Student)
Dan Schaefer (USA), Highland Home, Music Video
David Henderson (USA), The Return of Space Girl, Animation, Music Video



Edgar Arreola and Giovannie Cruz (USA), Illegal, Film Short
Efriem Kahsay Quada (Eritrea), The Bad News, Film Short
Emilie Cheung (United Kingdom), Pas De Deux, Disability Issues
Eric Ritter (Switzerland), Toby’s Song, Actor: Leading (Robbie Fletcher-Hill as Toby), Disability Issues
Gazanfer Biricik (France), The Heartthrob / Le Tombeur, Film Short
Grant Michael Eastey (USA), The Never Ending Nightmare, Film Short
Jerry Kelleher (USA), Two Immigrants. One Injustice., Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Jiao Yue (China), Old hen, Asian, Film Short
Joe Gallo (USA), The Magic Behind the Mojo, Documentary Short
Jordan Pratt-Thatcher (USA), Mannies, Web Tube Length Video
Joseph Neuman (USA), Say It with Your Vest, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Kiera Lewton)
Joshua Knoller (USA), You and Me, Me and You, Actress: Leading (Student) (Savanna Crosby as Harper), Actress: Supporting (Student) (Annamarie Kasper as Samantha), Film Short (Student)
Julio Cesar Bolivar (USA), Héroe, Film Short
Kanan Capshaw (USA), Headphones, Actor: Leading (Danny Trevino as John Staffler), Actress: Leading (Katusha Robert as Kristen)
Karina Flowenbaum (USA), The Dog Healers, Documentary Short
Keith Chamberlain (USA), Herrings, Web Series
Kelly Galindo (USA), 26 Seconds, Women Filmmakers
Leah Borromeo (United Kingdom), The Mortician of Manila, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Lubomir Dankov (Bulgaria), The Donbass children, Documentary Short



Meredith Grace Dabney (USA), Here Today, Actress: Leading (Student) (Meredith Grace Dabney as Katie), Film Short (Student), Public Service Programming / PSA (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Michael P. Jahoda (USA), garage, Actor: Leading (Phil E. Eichinger as Eugene)
Mike West (USA), The Waiting Room, Film Short
Molly Clark (USA), Martin The Sea Turtle, Actress: Leading (Student) (Molly Clark as Martin the Sea Turtle), Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Molly Hackett (United Kingdom), The Housecats, Documentary Short (Student)
Mr. Luke Bradford (United Kingdom), Can’t Go Back, Music Video (Music by Giovanna Marshall)
Nathalia Syam (United Kingdom), Lehenga, Asian
Ralph Lucchese (USA), How To Be A PJ, Documentary Short (Student)
Ralph Odierna (USA), Corky All Grown up, Film Short
Rodney Bodner (Canada), Methamphetamine: community under siege, Documentary Short
Romell Foster-Owens (USA), Home Sweet Home, African American
Seokwhan Stephen Jang (USA), Redemption Stage, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Talia Smith and Molly Clark (South Africa/USA), Steps to D*ick: A PSA on consent, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Thebe Kegomoditswe and Jenny Ledikwe (Botswana), Test Your Love, Educational / Instructional / Training
Theo Kim (Canada), And Now This?, Film Short
Tony Wilson (USA), Honoring America’s Heroes, Christian, Documentary Short
Winston James, Towerlight Films (USA), The Final Mission, Actor: Supporting (Peter O’Hara as Detective Andrews), Actress: Supporting (Victoria Guthrie as Detective Baker), Dramatic Impact, Direction, Editing, Script / Writer
Wyatt Cole Richards (USA), Happy Pill, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yancey Burns, John Leos, Chloe Owens, Grace Simoneau, Melissa Tumas, Jason Vergne, Sadie Zuch (USA), ONE FALL, Documentary Short (Student)
Zoe Beck (United Kingdom), Next Year’s Model, Film Short


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