Award of Recognition December 2019

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Award of RecognitionA.J. Gribble (USA), Cain Rose Up, Film Short
Adema Tatisheva (United Kingdom), EYE, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alexander James (USA), Wonderful Mother Mary, Music Video
Andrew Adams (USA), Remains Of A Marriage, Film Short
Anna Gamburg (Germany), Murphy’s Lost, Film Short
Anna Knesek (USA), Somewhere in time, Women Filmmakers
Blake Jafari (USA), Time Machine, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Brian Holman (USA), Poking the bear, Film Short
Christophe Chin (USA), Dark Currency, Television – Pilot Program
Cole Villagomez (USA), To-Do List, Film Short
Cris Iannucci (USA), The Hand That Holds, Actress: Leading (Ellie Gregoria as Cristina)
Dalton Burdette (USA), Contrition, Film Short
David Alford (USA), Cross Purposes, Christian
Deanna Schultz (USA), Un Nuevo Capítulo / A New Chapter, Latin / Hispanic, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

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Dezmyre Volmeus (USA), Lost and Found, Movie Trailer
Dieter – Michael Grohmann (Belgium), Rendezvous / Rendezvous gone wrong, Film Short
Dr. Sherman Silber (USA), Polar Bears/ Documenting Their Warming World, Documentary Short
Drew Callner (USA), POWERLESS, Film Short
Elizabeth Lloyd (USA), Sailed, Film Short
Fadi Ragheb (Kuwait), Eyewitness, Documentary Short
George Dargus (Canada), PRYING EYES, Animation
Howard Sherman (USA), Chemo Crossroad, Script / Writer
Isaac Medeiros (USA), Nikki Sings Again, Film Short
Jaret Martino (USA), The Worst Day of My Life, Special Purpose Productions
Jonathan Gill (USA), The Last Stub Master, Film Short
Kanan Capshaw (USA), Headphones, Film Short
Karen Goodman (USA), Dybbuk Remix: Dancing Between Worlds, Jewish
Kuukua Eshun (Ghana), Artist, Act of Love, African American, Women Filmmakers
Leilani Osmundson (USA), Fatphobic, Documentary Short (Student)

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Mark Clayton Simmons (USA), Amy’s Song, Christian
Mark Tyler Rénfro (India), The Vibes, Film Short
Matthew Ye (USA), Love and Time, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Michael Su and Psychosexual (USA), Psychosexual-The Movie, Music Video
Molly Clark (USA), Women Of Valley Forge, Actress: Leading (Student) (Molly Clark as Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Betsy Ross), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Nahom Abraham (Eritrea), Dehai [Tidings], Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Peter Barton (USA), Parkinson’s Third Wind, Disability Issues
Raj Pathie (Singapore), Ties, Children / Family Programming, Film Short
Shawn McDonald (USA), The Tunnel Theory, Experimental
Stephen Koepfer and Paul Varacchi (USA), Rewind, Web Tube Length Video
Stevie Alexandria Maxwell (United Kingdom), The Progress, Women Filmmakers
Timothy Collins (USA), Maelstrom, Film Short (Student)
Vatsal Patel, MD, MBA, 72 Laughing Buddhas Production, LLC (USA), Cancer, Television – Pilot Program, Creativity / Originality, Actor: Leading (Vatsal Patel as Victor Fuego aka Rudra), Script / Writer (Vatsal Patel)
Zachary Forgues (Canada), Imprisoned, Film Short (Student)

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