Award of Merit June 2015

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Ariadna Ochrymovych (Canada), Holodomor: Voices of Survivors, History / Biographical
Ben Moon (USA), Denali, Documentary Short
Carlos Dorsey (USA), UNMISTAKEN, Film Short (Student)
Carly Glenn (USA), Bark Mitzvah, Jewish
Doug Cook (Canada), Midnight, Music Video
Dyaa Alshikh (Belarus), HERE & THERE, Film Short (Student), Editing
Farit Farisov ( (Russia), The secrets of Moscow Tatars, Documentary Short
Ferran Audí (Spain), BrickSkin, Experimental
Frederic Kofman, Les Films de L’Atmosphere (France), Pour l’amour de Sarah (For Sarah’s Love), Film Short, Direction (Frederic Kofman), Actor: Leading (Camille Loubens as Jean-Christophe), Script / Writer (Frederic Kofman)
Graham Atkins-Hughes (United Kingdom), Be Now, Film Short
Jane Walsh (United Kingdom), Every Second Sunday, Actress: Supporting (Jane Elizabeth Walsh as Kim), Film Short
Julia Pajot and Dominique Monfery (France), Au fil de l’ Eau, Creativity / Originality, Concept, Direction (Dominique Monfery)
Justin Bogardus (USA), Prescription Strength, Part 1, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Linda Kruse (USA), Krusing America, Television – Program / Series, Television – Pilot Program, Documentary Short, Tourism / Travel, Women Filmmakers
Linda Poščić Borovac (Croatia), Our world – Authentic & Certified by Crocon, Corporate / Employee Communication
Mary Brodbeck (USA), Becoming Made, Documentary Short
Mike O’Reilly (USA), Blink of an Eye, Film Short
Mykyta Samusiev (USA), Death of a Government Clerk, Film Short (Student)
Nicolas Delrieu (France), Justice, Film Short
Paco Gisbert (Spain), HONORIO Two minutes of sun, Animation
Ralph Odierna (USA), It’s My Decison, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Tetia Stroud as Sam)
Robbet Naranjo (Canada), Overcast, Animation (Student)
Rodja Martin Tröscher (Germany), Transition, Cinematography
Tim Jackson (USA), The American Gurner, Documentary Short
Vasily Chuprina (USA), The Rat, Film Short
Zu Quirke (United Kingdom), Tiny Bible, Women Filmmakers

award of merit words
Aashay Meshram (India)
, Horn ok Scream, Animation
Alan Gignoux (USA), Appalachia – Mountaintop to Moonscape, Documentary Short
Alexandre Peralta (USA), Looking at the Stars, Documentary Short (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Alfredo Albanesi (Germany), UNDER NO ILLUSIONS (featuring Tony Ward), Film Short
Amelia Mulkey (USA), The Grief Party, Experimental
Andreas Graf (USA), THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION,  Short film, USA 2015, Film Short
Andre Pelletier (Canada), Raisonnable, LGBT, Script / Writer (Patrice Bonneau)
Anna Ngo (Canada), DISSONANCE, LGBT (Student)
Anna Kate Davies and Tim Kent (United Kingdom), At your service, Women Filmmakers
Anne Gibson (USA), Final Judgment, Film Short
Anthony Sherritt (USA), (I Drought It), Film Short
Barry Gamba (Australia), School Zone, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ben Pierson (USA), Empire, Film Short (Student)
Beth Brown (USA), Point Society, Film Short, Television – Program / Series, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers
Bradley Silvius (USA), Painting Pilfinger, Film Short
Briam Bowler (Ireland), FIDES, Film Short
Carlin Adelson (USA), The Meet Cute, Web Tube Length Video, Humor / Humorist, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Carlin Adelson as Girl)
Cédric Dall’Aglio and Stéphane Roda (France), To life, To love, To death, Film Short
Charlie Crane (United Kingdom), Talgar the Hunter, Film Short
Chris Banda (USA), Between The Lights, Latin / Hispanic
Chris Caccioppoli (USA), East of Hollywood, Asian American
Christopher Miller (United Kingdom), CON., Film Short
Chris Zarb (Malta), Insanity, Film Short
Claire Schwob (French Polynesia), A life out there, Women Filmmakers
Daniel Goldberg (USA), Stationary, Film Short, Creativity / Originality, Direction, Humor / Humorist
Daniel Prypchan (Australia), Analysis, Film Short
David Huffman and Eric Keith (USA), Fork, Film Short
Denise Dacquì (Italy), The face of a soul, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Denise Richards (USA), Free Flight, Documentary Short
Diane Best (USA), No Destination, Experimental
Dingwen Mei (USA), One Day, Women Filmmakers
Dre Swain (USA), The Damnati, Music Video
Dwight Chalmers (USA), Dim the Lights, Experimental
Dyaa Alshikh (Belarus), HERE & THERE, Direction


Ellen Gerstein (USA), Waiting For Ronald, Disability Issues
Emma Catalfamo (Canada), Fish Out of Water, Film Short, Cinematography, Direction, Editing
Eren Kaplan (United Kingdom), True Colours, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Essi Rafael (Brazil), TV is On, Latin / Hispanic
Federico Olivetti (Italy), The Guest, Film Short
Frederic Kofman, Les Films de L’Atmosphere (France), Pour l’amour de Sarah (For Sarah’s Love), Original Song (Sarah by Philippe Hayoun)
Gloria Downey (USA), Forgive Me Father, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Hannu Aukia (Finland), Helsinki – Turku, Film Short
Hsieh Hung Li (Taiwan), Filial Piety Award, Film Short (Student)
Huanglizi Sun (USA), Cara, Women Filmmakers (Student)
I-Cheng Lee (USA), nowhere, Animation (Student)
Imran J. Khan, Christopher Vennemeyer and Alle Hsu (Singapore), 7UP: Feels Good to Be You, Commercial / Informercial (Student)
Isabelle Gedigk (USA), Disconnect, Animation (Student)
Ivy Liao (USA), Synesthesia, Film Short (Student)
Jacqueline (Cookie) Walukas (USA), Foodfellas, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
James Woods (United Kingdom), Growing Young, Women Filmmakers
Javier Enrique Perez (Puerto Rico), A Stork Story, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
JB Manton (USA), Another ‘Shade of Grey’, Webisode and Catch of the Night, Webisode
Jes Bickhart (USA), Top of the Rock, Film Short (Student)
Joe Mackedanz (USA), Bastard, Film Short
Jonatas da Silva, and Nathan Stump, Regent University (USA), Iskhod, Film Short (Student)
Jonathon Carswell (United Kingdom), A Handyman, Film Short
Joshua Tebeau (USA), Picking Up the Pieces, Jewish (Student)
Justin Garcia and Raquel M. Sangalang, Regent University (USA), Terrance, Film Short (Student)
Kalli Paakspuu (Canada), Shchedryk, Experimental, Remixes/Mashups
Karen Goldfarb (USA), Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid, Film Short
Kasia Staniecka (United Kingdom), Subjected to Happiness, Film Short
Kaustubh Chilwarwar (USA), saving(s), Film Short
Kendra Williford (USA), Leonid in Space, Animation (Student)
Khoebe Magsaysay (Canada), NIHIL, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Landis Stokes (USA), American Hikikomori, Film Short

Madison Falle (Canada), Bookends, Women Filmmakers and Grayscale, Women Filmmakers
Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki (Iran), Digital Native, Islamic
Maria Bissell (USA), HoboCop, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Maria Luskay (USA), Curaçao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea, Documentary Short (Student)
Mary Jane Whiting (USA), Hi-Score, Animation (Student)
May Taherzadeh (Netherlands), Mercy’s Blessing, Women Filmmakers
Meera Darji (United Kingdom), Transindia, Documentary Short (Student)
Melanie Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Sangria Lift, Film Short
Michael DeLeon, Dana Horta and Lawrence R. Greenberg (USA), Kids Are Dying, Public Service Programming / PSA
Michael O’Halloran (Australia), Break The Rock Concept Trailer, Movie Trailer
Michael Tomb (USA), Epiphany, Documentary Short
Mike Hill (Australia), Little Stars, Documentary Short
Mike Schrader, Moxie CCA, CoBank (USA), Stewards of the Land, Corporate / Employee Communication, Industrial / Technical / Business
Mikko Löppönen (Finland), FRAY, Film Short
Monda Webb (USA), Zoo (Volkerschau), Women Filmmakers
Monica Garcia (USA), They Make It So Easy, Film Short
Natalie Schwan (USA), How I Lost My Best Friends, Women Filmmakers
Nate Trinrud (USA), Goodbye, Charley., LGBT
Nora Rogers and Yekaterina Satanina (USA), Brothers In Arms, Animation (Student)
Oldren Romero (USA), A Tale with Christ and Jesus, Film Short and Bad Luck / Mala Suerte, Experimental
Paul Carganilla (USA), Sparked, Asian American
Pauline Beal (Canada), A New Reflection, Documentary Short (Student)
Pete Lewtas (United Kingdom), Sleep now, Film Short
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Life taking a turn – Chen Zhou, Special Purpose Productions
Raymond Alvin (USA), Sid’s New Glasses, Film Short
Richard Sanborn, Regent University (USA), Seven Stages, Film Short (Student)
Rie Fukuno (USA), JAPANESE GARDENS IN AMERICA – keeping the culture alive –, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Rod Dixon (USA), FACE TIME, Film Short
Rodja Martin Tröscher (Germany), Transition, Film Short
Rossie Stone (United Kingdom), Dominic, Animation
Sai Kelly (N. Ireland), Wandering Star, Film Short
Samuel Albis (USA), Chub, Actor: Leading (Jovan Armand as Chub / Diego), Actress: Supporting (Julia King as Steph), Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Sarah-Lee Jones (United Kingdom), Portal (6 part webseries), Webisode
Scott McDermott (USA), Steadi-Kid, Web Tube Length Video
Simon Direen and Kaz Ceh (Australia), Disappear, Film Short (Student)
Simona Piantieri (United Kingdom), A Shaman in London, Documentary Short
Spencer Allred (USA), Parker: The New “Normal”, Documentary Short (Student)
Stevenson Guillaume (USA), Fragmentation (Traffic), Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Taylor Kalupa and Gabriela Lopez (USA), Unrelated, Women Filmmakers, Creativity / Originality, Ensemble Cast
Taylor Sharp and Andrew Pinkney (USA), Suicide Clause, Film Short
Tess Harrison (USA), It’s Perfect Here, Women Filmmakers
The Double-Blind Experiments (Australia), Double-Blind No.1, Experimental
Thomas Haley (USA), Sweat & Blood, Film Short, Direction, Script/Writer
Tina DiFeliciantonio (USA), PAMELA JOSEPH’S SIDESHOW OF THE ABSURD, Documentary Short Tom Shell (USA), Capoeira, Latin / Hispanic
Tracy Morse (USA), Lacrosse Stickmaker, Documentary Short
Walter Hochbrueckner (USA), The Sins of The…, Actress: Supporting (Willow Hale as Joy Givens)
William Beutler (USA), Miss You, Music Video
Xia Li (USA), In the forest, Animation (Student)
Yumeng Du (USA), The Lake, Film Short (Student)
Yunhao Zhang (USA), The Hungry Buddhists, Animation (Student)
Zach Noe Towers (USA), KILLER FRIENDS, Film Short

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