Award of Merit June 2016

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Anugat Raj (India), PAGES 321 PART-1, Experimental
Aurelien Offner (Canada), Itchy Thumbs, Music Video
Brian Mahoney (USA), 26th And Logan, Documentary Short
Bridge + Tunnel Productions (United Kingdom), People Like Us, Documentary Short
David Cowardin, Joe Olivieri and Esther Piszczek (USA), Life & Art Entangled, Documentary Short
Freddie Connor  and Sheraiah Larcher, Finelight Films Ltd (USA), Heather’s Painting, Children / Family Programming, Direction
Goh Chiew Tong (Singapore), Peumulia Jamee, Documentary Short (Student)
Ian W Thomson (Australia), Alone, Experimental (Student)
INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE (USA), Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, Film Short and Web Series
Jonathan  Slavin (USA), All In, Film Short
Jonathan Cheng (USA), Part-Time Friend, Film Short (Student)
Kami Horton (USA), Darcelle XV, Documentary Short
Kelly-Ruth Mercier (Canada), Medic, Actor: Leading (Adam Lolacher as Smith)
Lynne Cherry (USA), Save Tomorrow, Children / Family Programming
Maurice Joyce, Tidy Toys Pictures (Ireland), Violet, Animation, Script / Writer, Direction
Max Hegewald  (Germany), EAT SNOW, Film Short
N.G Bristow, Philip Michael (USA), Control, African American
Noel Harris (Canada), Touch, Actress: Leading (Krystin Pellerin as Connie)
Paul Kim (USA), A Life of the Mind: Niels-Erik Andreasen, Christian
Sara Eustaquio (Portugal), 4242, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Steve Bastoni (Australia), The Gift, Film Short
Tom Varisco (USA), Like A Photograph, Experimental

award of merit words

@studentasim (Canada), The Champion for Life™ film, Islamic
90th Parallel Productions Ltd (Canada),
Teriano, Documentary Short
Adam Turkel, Northwestern University (USA), 39 Across, Original Score (Music from 39 Across, Composed by Jack Lawrence)
Alex Coppola (USA), What’re you scared of, kid?, Film Short
Alexander Bedria (USA), Desi, Latin / Hispanic
Alissa Cattabriga (USA), O Grande Amor, Music Video
Andrea Saenz and DTO (USA), Dolce Ardor, Music Video
Anya Alekhina (USA), Decompression, Film Short (Student)
Ashish Varghese (United Arab Emirates), L’ATTENTE – The Wait, Film Short
Barrett Gregory (USA), The Parallel Project, Television – Pilot Program
Benjamin and Bruce McAllister (USA), MOVING ON, Film Short
Christopher Haynes (USA), Fair Chase, Film Short (Student)
David Calbert (USA), Cold Comfort, Film Short (Student)
David DuBos (USA), A NEW WRINKLE, Film Short
David Lasdon (USA), I’ll Text You, Actress: Leading (Wendy Raquel Robinson as Cindy)
David Willison (Australia), Unstable – Short film, Christian
Djanis Bouzyani (France), BURQARNAQUE, Islamic
Edward King III, Matthew Woodward, Christina Jo’Leigh and Vincent Pascoe (USA), 30 Days to Say Goodbye, Film Short
Eldritch Knight (United Kingdom), Ribbons, Animation (Student)
Ella Lentini (USA), Piece of Cake, LGBT
Emily Mastrapa and Matthew Webster, Southern Adventist University (USA), Mary & Montgomery, Film Short (Student)
Erica Tamposi (USA), Extended Release, Film Short
Evan Weidenkeller (USA), Dreams We Share, Film Short (Student)
Filippos Tsapekis (USA), Little star, Film Short (Student)
Frederick Kelly (United Kingdom), Blighters, Film Short
Gina Lee Ronhovde (USA), BOUDOIR, Women Filmmakers and Spec Commercial: ‘Know They’re Out There.’, Commercial / Infomercial
Gwen Daly (New Zealand), Late Equaliser, Film Short


HR Mariana (USA), Our Perfect World, Film Short (Student)
Hugo Teugels, TVP services Video Art Productions (Belgium), THE QUEEN, Film Short
INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE (USA), Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, Actress: Leading (Kira Pozehl as Alexis Smith), Actress: Supporting (Kaci Beeler as Libby), Actor: Leading (Jonathan Flanders as Scott “Gov” Govinski)
Jacob Kirby (USA), Las Cenizas (The Ashes), Film Short (Student)
Jacquelyn Lobel (USA), Care Until Cure: A Second Chance At Alzheimer’s, Documentary Short
James Debenham (United Kingdom), Soul Broken Sky, Web Series
James Rossi (USA), The Word Detective: Really, Really Old, Children / Family Programming
Jamie Oon (Canada), Cruxberry, Film Short
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), It’s The Journey With Jaz, Television – Pilot Program
Jean Carlo Carreras (Puerto Rico), Forced Amnesia, Latin / Hispanic
Jeremy Kagan (USA), A Knee Up, Disability Issues
Joe Chang (Canada), The Mandarin Garden, Animation
Joel Michalak (USA), Falling Flat, Television – Pilot Program
Julian Davis (USA), Imitation is Suicide, Film Short (Student)
Keith Tedesco (Malta), In The Name of Bjorn, Actor: Leading (Joe Azzopardi as Roger), Actress: Leading (Sarah Naudi as Lore)
Krysten Resnick (USA), Nothing Gold, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Kyle Hess (USA), Hula, Film Short
Lam Pui Fung (Hong Kong), Memory Editor, Film Short (Student)
Laura MacLean (USA), Spay / Neuter PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA
Lingfei Zhao (China), Cold, Film Short (Student)
Luke Tooker (USA), Nature Napped, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series
Maria Wroz-Prusiewicz (Poland), The Tower of Babel, Film Short
Max Hegewald  (Germany), EAT SNOW, Actress: Leading (Carolyn Genzkow as Sarah)
Michael Sutton (USA), Apis Mellifera: Honey Bee, Educational / Instructional / Training
Miguel Berzal de Miguel (Spain), Nomeolvides (Forget-me-nots), Film Short and Cuidar a Ruth (Taking care of Ruth), Film Short (Student) and Un encuentro (An Encounter), Film Short
Mike Gerard (USA), The Trial Of Everett Mann, Actor: Leading (Sean Borderes as Everett Mann), Film Short, Christian
Miltos Pavlou (Austria), Yoga – Life – Change, Documentary Short, Fitness / Nutrition, Personal Growth
Nancy Hendrickson (USA), Weekend Encounter, Women Filmmakers
Nicholas Massa (USA), The Morning After, Film Short (Student)
Nick Ray McCann (USA), Monster Rally – Swami Music Video, Music Video and SPEX, Film Short
Nikolas Ibrahim (Germany), Xie Xie, Film Short
Nina Trasoff, Amy Robinson, Joe Pappalardo and Guy Derry (USA), A Dog’s Thank You: Katrina 10 years later, Special Purpose Productions


Off Off Hollywood Productions (USA), I Don’t Believe In That, Film Short
Paul Kelly (USA), Now, Film Short
Quinnolyn Benson-Yates (USA), Stuck, Actor: Leading (Jihad Reeves as J.D.)
Richard Tavernaro (USA), Voices, Film Short
Roy Sherfan (USA), HIDING, Music Video
Ryan P. Dean (USA), Magical Mystery Cure, Actress: Supporting (Cindy Hogan Blackwell as Janine)
Ryan Shuler (USA), Salty Corn, Film Short
S.C. McCullough, Edge of Reason, LLC (USA), The Exorcism Diaries, Movie Trailer
Saiyam Khosla (India), What’s Your Choice, Television – Program / Series, Disability Issues
Sam Pinnelas (USA), Will The Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up, Film Short (Student)
Shay Schwartzman (Canada), ORAH BUCK: THE ACCIDENTAL PHOTOGRAPHER, Documentary Short
Steven Forrester (United Kingdom), Yours Accidentally, Film Short, Direction
Steven Gottlieb (USA), Counter Act, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Thomas Haley (USA), Popcorn Ceiling, Actor: Leading (Thomas Haley as Bill), Film Short
Timothy Collins and Jillian Kibler (USA), Kiss of Death, Film Short (Student), Script / Writer (Student)
Todd Kortte  (USA), Eureka Dreams, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Tony Ogunyinka (United Kingdom), 2024, Television – Pilot Program
Ty Leisher (USA), Spin, Television – Pilot Program
Veronica Falcão and Richard Hughes, Edge 2 Edge Films (United Kingdom), Pillars of Light, The Art of Jeremy Gardiner, Documentary Short
Will  Maloney (USA), Twenty Words, Film Short
William Leon (USA), Attached at the Soul, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yoshimi Itazu (Japan), Pigtails, Animation, Original Song (Kami-sama no takurami: Divine Design)

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