Award of Recognition June 2016

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Award of RecognitionAchill Rudolph (USA), CASINO REAL, Documentary Short (Student)
Aidan Johnston (USA), Doubler, Film Short
Alexander Moss (USA), Bubble, Experimental (Student), Film Short (Student)
Alexis Chaviaras (Cyprus), Agrinoui, Animation
Alexis Rudd and Terry J. Thomas (USA), Dragon and Raccoon’s Spare the Air Caper, Commercial / Infomercial
Alison Cukierski (USA), Sandcastle, Disability Issues (Student)
Amanda Ann-Min Wong (Canada), Swim Low, Asian American (Student)
Amanda Larsh, Rachel Lattin and Hannah Mattner (USA), Living Desert, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
An Pham (USA), Blind Light, Film Short
Andreas Valhouli and David Karp (USA), Walking Backwards, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Andrew Tigani (USA), Masks, Film Short (Student)
Andy Galloway (USA), Wally, LGBT
Angelique Letizia (USA), Confession, Film Short, Women Filmmakers and For Francis, Film Short
Arin Westerbeck (USA), The Devil’s Luck, Film Short
Barry Worthington (USA), The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus, Film Short
bellopropello (Switzerland), another day in paradise, Animation
Brandon Gong (USA), Paint Your Life Away, Asian American (Student)
Brett Jubinville (Canada), Super Science Friends – Episode 1: The Phantom Premise, Animation
Briana Gallo (USA), The Bee Keeper, Documentary Short
Cameron Schwartz (USA), Northfield, Film Short
Casey Clark  (USA), Receiver, Film Short (Student)
Chong Junfeng (Singapore), Aiden, Film Short (Student)
Christopher Zacarias (USA), The Stories That Mark Us, Documentary Short (Student)
Cindy Iodice (USA), The Bridge, Film Short
Da-ai Liu (Taiwan), Migration, Film Short
David Walsh (Germany), It all began at Moseley (A portrait of Philip Walsh), Documentary Short
DJ Veliz (USA), Birthday, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Doug Inman (USA), Old Glory, Film Short (Student)

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Eduardo Rufeisen (USA), A Movie Set, Film Short
Falguni Thakkar (USA), You USE, You LOSE, Women Filmmakers (Student)
“FMYR”- FMLY/Distro/sm-STEPPss/smTEPPER-COO, A 11 Partners/Gary R George and Michael Phillips (USA), JULY MOON, Documentary Short
Gia Kereselidze (USA), SOLO, Film Short
Greeley Wells (USA), NUDE, Documentary Short
Hani Ahmed Alqattan (Saudi Arabia), Amal, Film Short (Student)
Hannah Whitney (USA), Dummy, Baby, Women Filmmakers
Hilal Onac (Turkey), Passing on, Women Filmmakers
HR Mariana (USA), Our Perfect World, Movie Trailer (Student)
Hugo J. Matz (USA), When Damon Met Angie…, Latin / Hispanic
Hugo Teugels, TVP services Video Art Productions (Belgium), THE QUEEN, Actress: Leading (Student) (Jessica Roth as The Queen)
James Burns (USA), Open Hands, Christian
Jay Rao (Viet Nam), UNFORGETTABLE, Film Short
Jeffrey Ferrer (USA), Unalienable, Film Short
Jhosimar Vasquez (USA), As We Say Goodbye, Actress: Leading (Student) (Nicole Sucar as Nicole), Film Short (Student)
Jiayu Wang (USA), Tears of Zhang Yimou, Experimental (Student), Asian American (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel (USA), Dance of the Neurons, Experimental
Josh Perry (USA), UnOrthodox, Jewish (Student)
Julia Lighter (Canada), Face Values, Film Short (Student)
Julia Newman (USA), The Enigmatic Life Cycle of Waste, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kara Brewer and Rashad Frett (USA), Step Up, Public Service Programming / PSA
Katy Lueck (USA), Last Night, Film Short
Ken Yoshioka (Japan), Umishu, Film Short
Kevin L  Mounce (USA), Mann School, Film Short
Kimberly Jürgen & Michael Cline (USA), Good Samaritans, Webisode
Lisa Lennox (USA), ESSENTIAL TREMORS, Actress: Leading (Roslyn Cohn as Fran / Elektra), Disability Issues
Lucas Ruderman (USA), Doug, Film Short (Student)

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Mana Handel (USA), Hashi, Asian American (Student)
Mark A. France (USA), Beggar’s Remorse, Film Short
Maurielle Mcgarvey  (USA), The White Room Tapes, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Morgan Shirk (USA), Producing Hope, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Neil Andrew Cerullo AKA Nekkotora (USA), PEPPER, Film Short (Student)
Nicholas Massa (USA), GIG, Film Short (Student)
Noor Al Yaseen (USA), Balance, Music Video (Student)
Parnia Ayari (USA), Remember Me, Music Video, Creativity / Originality, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Parnia Ayari as Woman / Jaimie), Choreography
Pasha Gray, Stephen Beaty and Mariah Jacques (USA), Smoke and Paint, Actress: Supporting (Student) (Mariah Jacques as Ferg)
PlanetTown Films (USA), Win The Internet, Television – Pilot Program
Quinnolyn Benson-Yates (USA), Stuck, Women Filmmakers (Student), Actress: Leading (Anna B. Shaffer as Lady), Editing, Script / Writer
Rasheed and Raheem Green (USA), The Campbell, Film Short
Richard Farmer (USA), One Small Step, Remixes / Mashups
Richard Tavernaro (USA), The Maltese Moose and Squirrel, Film Short
Ron Saunders and Adrian Colon (USA), The Joke’s On You, Documentary Short (Student)
Ronnie Cramer (USA), SA, Experimental
Ryan LaPine (USA), Pushing, Film Short
Ryan P. Dean (USA), Magical Mystery Cure, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Joshua R. Todd as Cauley)
Seth Olson (USA), Shine, Animation
“Shawnime” Shawn Steven Myles (USA), Cybertech Episode 1, Animation, Webisode
Susan Beth Thomas (USA), Courage & Faith. American African. Veterans of America’s Civil War., African American
Talia Cohen-Vigder (USA), Holiday of Holidays, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Timothy Collins and Jillian Kibler (USA), Kiss of Death, Direction (Student), Cinematography (Student), Set Design (Student), Lighting (Student)
Tyler Short (USA), The Golden Thread, Documentary Short
Vincent Allen (USA), Once Was Blind, African American
Vy Nguyen (USA), Sentiment, LGBT (Student)
Yu Ting Cheng (USA), Light Drifter, Animation (Student)
Yuval Shrem (USA), The Babies, Film Short

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