Award of Merit June 2017

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Andy Reale (USA)
, Realm of Caring, Disability Issues
Camelia Popa (Romania), 58 cents, Film Short
Daniel  Lombroso (USA), Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside the Alt-Right, Documentary Short and Church Militant: A Right Wing Media Empire in the Making, Documentary Short
John Flanders (USA), THE RIDE, Actor: Leading (John Flanders as Jack Ryce)
Justin Lund (USA), The Fallen, Film Short
Kyle Hammersmith (USA), The Love Song of Charlie Beecher, Educational / Training (Student)
Marco Gualazzini and Daniele Bellocchio (Italy), Mwavita, born at time of war, Documentary Short
Marvin Nuecklaus (USA), Crossroads, Film Short (Student)
Nathan Colquhoun (Australia), Abandoned – Growing Up, Film Short
Riccardo Tamburini (Italy), Stars and Bone, Disability Issues
Sebastian Carrasco (Colombia), 16MM, Film Short
Tinna Hrafnsdóttir (Iceland), HELGA, Women Filmmakers
Tori Taylor (USA), Buoyancy, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Trevor Carroll (Canada), No Reservations, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Tung Wu (USA), Butterfly, Film Short
Win Leerasanthanah (USA), The Fallen Swan, Animation (Student)
Wu Jia (China), The thing to fulfill, Public Service Programming / PSA
Xuezi Zhang (USA), In the Night, Facing Sun, Asian (Student)

award of merit wordsAlana Purcell (USA), Goodbye Newburg, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Alessandro Masella (Italy), One man called Olivier Bécaille, Film Short
Alexander Jacquet (Canada), Beautiful Lies, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Allison McAtee (USA), Over Easy (Season 1), Web Series
Andreas Berger (Austria), Arcanum, Film Short
Armand Desponts (France), Hybris, Film Short (Student)
Atalanti Dionysus and Lana Schwarcz, Atalanti Films (Australia), Sir Dance-a-lot, Women Filmmakers
Bruce Becker (USA), Soldier, LGBT
Caitlin FitzGerald (USA), Mrs. Drake, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Rachel Fowler as Laura), Actress: Supporting (Gabra Zachman as Mrs. Drake), Direction
Caroline McQuade (Australia), Swipe Left, Film Short
Chang Hyun Park (USA), Bridging Color, Film Short (Student)
Charles J. Ouda (USA), Count It Out, Actress: Leading (Ita Korenzecher as Corin), Film Short
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwater Digital Support Co. (Taiwan), Angularmomentum, Film Short, Actor Leading (Tai, An-Chi as Hao, Kai-Chi), Actress: Leading (Chang, Yu-Chieh as Hsin), Original Song (Love of Angular Momentum composed by Wei-pend Kan)
Chris Cowden (Canada), Sweet Oil, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Christopher L. Robinson (USA), Jessie, Actor: Leading (Christopher L. Robinson as Eric)
Christopher Sin, Pepperdine University (USA), Uber Driver, Actor: Leading (Christopher Sin as Emo)(Student)
D. Terry Petrie (USA), Agent of Influence, Film Short
David McAbee (USA), Night Terrors- Short, Film Short
Diego Fiori and Olga Pohankova (Austria), NOI, Music Video
Don Shapira (Israel), MATARA, Film Short (Student)
Don Whatley, Antonio Jefferson, John Stansfield and Apral Smith, Love Star Entertainment (USA), Child Support, African American
Druart Film Sylvain and Turgard Séverine (France), FATUM, Web Series
Dylan Nevin (Ireland), Blackout, Animation (Student)
Eimanne El Zein (USA), Strength & Fortune, Women Filmmakers
Eleanor Evans-Wickberg (USA), Chad, I Love You, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emily Siegel and Frankie Turiano (USA), Hyperloop One: A Nation Of Dreamers, Documentary Short
Eunice Olsen (Singapore), WomenTalk – Poli Rai, Women Filmmakers


Fiona Cochrane (Australia), 25 TRACKS, Documentary Short
Grace Cannon (USA), Pretty Empty, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Hanlin Bian (USA), Earth Angel, Animation
Hao Wang (USA), BRAD LEE, Film Short (Student)
Harrison Fuller (USA), Sentiment, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Harry Assouline (USA), New York 2150 (TV Pilot), Film Short, Television – Pilot Program
Ian Fisher (USA), Lucid, Film Short, Experimental
Ida Kat Balslev (Denmark), Confessions of a woman, Film Short
Jack  Martin (USA), My Friend D-Rone, Web Series (Student)
James Latimer (Japan), TWO, Actress: Leading (Shuna Iijima as Erika), Film Short, Cinematography
James Picard (Canada), The Dark and The Wounded, Documentary Short
Jamie  Hanson (USA), Hers & History, Television – Program / Series
Jason Madeja (USA), The Open Mic, Web Series
Jeremy London (USA), Monsters Anonymous, Film Short
Jeremy Raff (USA), What Will Happen to Undocumented Doctors?, Documentary Short and The Cartel Murder That Exposed a Rogue U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Documentary Short
John Flanders (USA), THE RIDE, Film Short, Direction, Original Song (I’m Still Talkin’ by Chris Smither), Actor: Supporting (C.J. Jones as Vincent)
Jola Kudela (United Kingdom), Poppy Ackroyd Trains, Music Video
Jon Danovic (USA), DREAM BOY, Film Short (Student)
Joshua Todd (Australia), Painkiller, Film Short (Student)
Justin Guerrieri (USA), Ruin, Film Short
Kenneth Sanabria (Costa Rica), Sudden Death, Film Short
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan and Ngatapa Black (New Zealand), Poi – Hopes and Dreams, Web Series
Leal Butler, SAE Institute, Auckland (New Zealand), Billy the Bomber, Film Short
Lennart Martinsson (USA), Coastkeeper, Public Service Programming / PSA
Lewis Tan (USA), A Bone to Pick, LGBT, Remixes / Mashups
Luca Gabriele Rossetti (United Kingdom), The Reboot, Film Short
Magdalena Płaneta (Poland), Creme Noir, Experimental
Mark McKinsey (USA), Vows, Animation
Markus Hoeckner (USA), I Dance From My Bones, Web Tube Length Video
Matlock Bobechko (Canada), Our Beneficiary, Film Short
Mele Mason (USA), Teen Pregnancy in Nebraska, Documentary Short and In the Middle of Nowhere: Juvenile Justice in Nebraska, Documentary Short


Melissa Perl (USA), In Between, Film Short
Michael  Bond (USA), Elle, Actress: Leading (Lizzy Kay as Anna)
Misha Zubarev (USA), Acheinu, Jewish
Neil Hall (United Kingdom), 21st Century Hermit, Web Tube Length Video
Nermin Habib (USA)UNHCR – #HelpSamer, Commercial / Infomerical
Nermin Habib, Maria Muzas, Niranjan Deshpande, Diya Guha, Fran Guijarro, Free Range Puppies USA (USA), Stories Behind the Fog, Commercial / Infomerical
Nicky Milne, Thomson Reuters Foundation (United Kingdom), Worth Dying For?, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Women Filmmaker
Olivier P. Philippe (France), Carma, Film Short
Parker Queenan (USA), Beyond Conscious, Experimental
Peter Jang (USA), Nothing Is Sacred, Actor: Leading (Peter Jang as Michael), Film Short
Rafael Kohan (Paraguay), Crisis, Film Short
Rakefet Abergel and Colin Campbell (USA), Jax In Love, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Rakefet Abergel as Jax)
Ramana (India), Living Idle, Asian
Rebeca Aleman (USA), GONE WITH THE SEA, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Richard Kilpatrick (USA), Detox, Film Short
Russell Wiltshire (Australia), Alien Lights, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Scott Hildula (USA), Getting it Right, Documentary Short
Shawn Small (USA), Acres of Diamonds, Documentary Short
Steven JR Lawson (USA), a Night for a Kill :manhunt, Animation
Tatiana Samano (USA), The Forerunner, Women Filmmakers
Thomas Wiewandt, Wild Horizons Productions (USA), Cosmic Fire, Experimental, Editing
Tim Kent (United Kingdom), The Prowler, Actress: Leading (Linette Beaumont as Eva)
Vandana Sengupta (India), 19th April At A Railway Platform, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Wieslaw Dabrowski (Poland), Ambassador of Peace, Documentary Short
Zach Drummer (USA), Realties, Film Short
Zhibo Lai (USA), A Time Before, Asian
Zoey Martinson (USA), LA OPOSICION, Film Short

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