Award of Recognition June 2017

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Award of RecognitionAdriaan van der Wart (Canada), Coracca, Film Short
Alana Purcell (USA), Just One Thing, Women Filmmakers, Documentary Short
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), MAX SPERM, Experimental
Anthony Sessa and Gabriel Pineiro (USA), Anti-alcohol Commercial, Public Service Programming
Art Jones (USA), The Proposal, African American, Webisode, Web Series
Ashley Karp (USA), True Center, Documentary Short
Badr Farha (United Kingdom), Margaret, LGBT
Bianca Mangravite (USA), Poverty and How to Change Its Path and Sheherazade, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Bob Hiltermann (USA), This is Ed!!, Film Short
Brian Green (USA), No Turning Back, Music Video
Brooke Lewis (USA), Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, Public Service Programming / PSA
Carl Emerton (Australia), JOHNNY, Music Video
Catherine Mosier-Mills and Hannah Shortsleeve (Czech Republic), The Performance, Film Short (Student)
Charles Gregory, Daphnee Vieux and Tisha Amber (USA), We Talk Weekly, Television – Pilot Program
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwater Digital Support Co. (Taiwan), Angularmomentum, Direction
Coreetta Buchan (United Kingdom), THE PULL EXPANSE, Experimental, Actress: Supporting (Katherine Black as Shona), Actor: Supporting (Richard Danar as FBI Agent Lancey), Actor: Supporting (Charlie Powell as Officer Danar), Actor: Leading (Curtis McGann as NASA General Carl), Actor: Supporting (Curtis McGann as Samuel), Actor: Supporting (Kelsi Umeko as Candice)
Dan Fowlks (USA), The Hit, Film Short
Daniel Chan (China), Youth – Daughter and Time Flies, Asian, Disability Issues (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dave McMahnan, Niki Jahns, Kim Cameron (USA), Dancing in the Dark, Music Video
Dave Quay and Rachel Mewbron (USA), COHAB, Web Series

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David Goldberg (USA), Darren Dare and the Time Hopper, Web / Internet Programming
Derek Coleman (USA), Makeup, Film Short (Student)
Don P. Hooper (USA), Page One, African American
Dora Nightingale  (United Kingdom), Foxed, Documentary Short
Dylan Gill (USA), Exit., Film Short
Indira Somani (USA), Life on the Ganges, Documentary Short
Jachym Badr and Alexander Emborg (Czech Republic), Abstracted, Film Short
Jennifer Joslain (USA), Caroline Pennell – Lovesick feat. Felix Snow, Music Video
Jill Tenney (USA), Zen Rage, Women Filmmakers
John  Laflamboy (USA), The Adventures Of Kitty Zombie, Television – Pilot Program
John Torreano (USA), Fever Dream, Experimental, Film Short, Cinematography, Creativity / Originality
Jon Hart (USA), In The Name Of Comedy, Documentary Short
Jonathon Ferino (USA), The Betrayed, Film Short
Jonathon McGee (USA), Extended Play: LA Record Truck, Documentary Short
Josh Evans (USA), Now Departing, Film Short
Junhyung Park (South Korea), Sook-ju, Film Short (Student)
Kaira Klueber (USA), The Concierge Chronicles, Television – Pilot Program
Ken Davenport (USA), The Bunny Hole, Web Tube Length Videos
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan, Amomai Pihama and Ngatapa Black (New Zealand), Poi360 – Welcome to the immersive world of poi, Web / Internet Programming
Lee Chrisman (USA), Stirrup, Webisode
Lorna DeMello (United Kingdom), Cumbria Police Snapchat Takeover, Web / Internet Programming (Student)
Luke Bonjers (New Zealand), Sine Condicion Amoris, Film Short
M.J. Di Rocco (Japan), Kitakyushu Stories – Chapter 1 Kimi The Star, Film Short
Marcial Pilataxi (USA), Dying Flame, Film Short (Student)

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Margie Kelk (Canada), Substratae, Animation
Marlee MacLeod (USA), The Show Goes On, Experimental, Remixes / Mashups
Mary Piller (USA), Assembling a Goddess, Experimental
Milo Bennet-Shephard (USA), SEEDS, Children / Family Programming (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mykki Newton (USA), Tales of a 5 & Dime Socialite, Documentary Short
Nathan Bender (Australia), The Goners, Film Short
Nathan Block (USA), The Puzzle, Film Short
Nick Versteeg and Hylton McAlister, DV Media Inc (Canada), Jonas, My Story, Documentary Short
Nicolas Minas (USA), All The Kings horses, Film Short
Paloma Perez (USA), Lily Needs a Ride, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Peter Davison (USA), Timberline (music video), Music Video
Rebecca Shoptaw (USA), Middlemarch: The Series, Web Series (Student)
Roman S. Koenig (USA), The Frequenters, Film Short
Romano C Gorlei,  Elizabeth Robertson-Campbell, FMT Movies in association with The Choice Movie Company (South Africa), Dancing with Faith, Movie Trailer
Sammy Anzer (USA), Stand-Up Guys, Television – Pilot Program
Shawn Small (USA), Acres of Diamonds, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Shenpenn Khymsar  (Tibet/Nepal), JIGDEN~The beginning of the end, Actor: Leading (Shenpenn Khymsar as Singhi), Asian, Film Short
Sonia Bajaj (USA), Bekah, Film Short
Ted Schneider (USA), Nothing Happened- A Short Film, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Toly P. Kouroumalis (Canada), A fable, Experimental
Travis Demarus Brown (USA), The Norwalk Witness, Film Short
Tyna Ezenma (USA), Mind Game, Film Short (Student)
Vokee Lee (USA), Worth, Film Short
Wayne Coughlin (USA), Victims of an Earthquake in Some Country or Other, Film Short and A Couple of White Guys Sittin’ Around Talkin’, Film Short
Wei Cui (USA), Does a Bear Need Many Glasses?, Film Short (Student)
Zack Birlew (USA), The Review – A Fatal Frame Fan Film, Web Series
Zhichun Huang (USA), Wash, Film Short

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