Award of Merit June 2019

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alyssa Carter (USA), The 17 (Las 17), Latin / Hispanic
BJ Bullert (USA), Space Needle: A Hidden History, Women Filmmakers
Blake Johnston and Kelso Steinhoff (Canada), Uncaged: A Stand-In Story, Documentary Short
Brandon Ray Olive (USA), TXT…, Actor: Leading (Cory C. Dangerfield as Jake)
Chris Youngless (USA), Melvin and the Microphone, Film Short
Jamie Byers (USA), Pet Jail (Candy Escape), Animation
Justin Jahn (USA), Opposition, Film Short
Kevin M. Turner, Logic Film Company (USA), Hear Me, Film Short
Linda Shayne (USA), MIRROR IMAGE, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Marco Bottiglieri (USA), Polly, Film Short (Student)
Mark Lammerding (USA), Scraps, Film Short
Mehmet Tığlı (Germany), Spizella, Film Short
Micah Deeken (USA), The Boogie Man, Film Short (Student)
Runze Cao (China), Spirit of the Drowning Girls, Animation
Snigdha Kapoor and Leah Khambata (USA), (t)here, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Tim Viola (USA), AMERICANO, Islamic
Tommy Petroskey (USA), Whitetail, Film Short
Tori Layne (USA), A Year Ago Yesterday, Women Filmmakers
Wenkai Duan (China), Tacit Blue, Asian
Will Thompson (USA), Related Destiny, African American
Yuri Duncan (USA), The Outcast, Animation

award of merit words

Adam Vincent Wright, FILMS for a New World (USA), Welcome to the Ball, Film Short
Alina Reyzelman (Russia), Dear Jessica, Film Short
Andy Palmer and Lawrence Chau (USA), Justice For Vincent, Actress: Leading (Lee Chen as Lily Chin)
Antonio Chavez Trejo (USA), Resilience, Actress: Leading (Melissa Celikovic as Eris), Film Short
Arnab Chatterjee (India), The Birthday, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
bellopropello (Switzerland), shadowland, Animation
Ben Saunders (United Kingdom), Transgender experiences in schools, Film Short
Bongi Ndaba (South Africa), Miracle, Actress: Supporting (Basetsana Tlale as Zonke)
Brandon Freeman (USA), Courage, Film Short
Brandon Ray Olive (USA), TXT…, Actress: Supporting (Ariel Dawn as Jessica), Film Short, Direction (Brandon Ray Olive)
Casper Balslev (Denmark), End Of The Rainbow, Film Short
Cely Riva (USA),Away From You: Integration, Women Filmmakers
Chase Honaker (USA), All Güt Things: The Life and Death of Texas German, Documentary Short
Christopher Spence (USA), Jail or Yale: Young, Black and Out of Options?, Documentary Short
Diane Burroughs (USA), This Is What Democracy Looks Like, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Dominique Cruz, NYU Tisch School of the Arts (USA), Pink Tax PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Dr.Chris Minz (Canada), A SPOT OF TEA with Salvador Dali, Music Video
Etienne Kinsey (USA), Dead of Night, Film Short
Fantastic Fourth, Evolve Coaching (USA), Parallels, Film Short
Filiz Rezvan (USA), Lost Love, Women Filmmakers
Frank M. Calo (USA), Awesome Gal, Film Short
Giles Sander (Canada), The Legend of the ChickenFish, Animation
Haoyii Lim (USA), A New Chapter, Asian


Henrique Saladini (Brazil), Ted and Hanna, Film Short
Henry Scott-Irvine  (United Kingdom), A Life In A Week, Documentary Short
Hugo Teugels (Belgium), 2nd Chance, Film Short, Editing
Isadora Verissimo (USA), HA:NA, Actress: Leading (Christin Muuli as Hana)
Jane Tse (USA), A Story, Cinematography, Special Effects: Animation
Jason Kurth (USA), Recreational, Children / Family Programming, Television – Pilot Program, Webisode
Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen (USA), Change Our Tune, Music Video
Joseph Lamb (USA), The Best Man, LGBT (Student)
Joseph Quinn (USA), Tapferkeit – YouTube, Film Short
Justin Bromley (Canada), Isolation, Film Short (Student)
Justin Jahn (USA), Lady of the Lake, Music Video
Katherine Blakeley Kerr (USA), Familiar Stranger, Women Filmmakers
Katherine Cattani (USA), Detox, Women Filmmakers
Khoa Nguyễn (Viet Nam), COME BACK HOME, Film Short
Lily Davison Borrill, Escuela Bilingue Internacional (USA), Relational Aggression, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lisa Molomot (USA), TEACHING IN ARIZONA, Documentary Short
Lyle Gibson (USA), An American Story; Who is Black Who is White: An Internal War, Documentary Short
Mahesh Madhav (USA), How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps, Documentary Short
Marco WestWood Gonzalez (USA), Benjamin, Film Short
Maria T. Luskay and Lou Guarneri (USA), Hawaii: Living on the Edge in Paradise?, Documentary Short
Mario Mattei (USA), Time Slot, Film Short
Mason Peterson (USA), a parable of him, Film Short
Maximilian Miesen, Reed Martin, Gabriel Yung, Noah Hecht, Riley Scott and Max Mereminsky (USA), ASCENT, Disability Issues (Student)



Michael Berriman (USA), The Captive Hitman, Film Short (Student)
Michael Nicola (USA), Adam and 3 Eves, Experimental
Michael Roth and Kate Jopson (USA), The Web Opera, Web Series
Michael Rojo and Jane A. Rogers (USA), NC-16, Web Series
Miguel Angel Salinas (Mexico), Join the revolution, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Mitchell McEwan (Canada), Trek for Teens, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Muhammad Sibtain Shabbir (Pakistan), Mauj Be ~ harkat si, Film Short
Nicole A. Restrepo (USA), It’s Not Real, Animation (Student)
Olufunmilayo Gittens (USA), Let’s Talk Hair TV Show, African American
Pablo Riquelme (USA), HEADS WILL ROLL, Film Short (Student)
Prasanth Koyilandy and Sarath Kattoor (Kuwait), NIDHI, Documentary Short
Reza Salsany (Canada), What Color Do You See As Blue, Children / Family Programming
Richard Tavernaro (USA), A Toast To A Dead Man, Film Short
Ross Lai, Nice & Juicy (Canada), Mothers Of, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Seannie Cameras (USA), Moving On West, Documentary Short
Snigdha Kapoor and Leah Khambata (USA), (t)here, Actress: Leading (Leah Khambata as Rhea)
Sofia Streisand (USA), one twice a day, Special Purpose Productions
Sravan Gajabhinkar (India), 1947 Two Soldiers, Asian, Experimental, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, History / Biographical, Action / Adventure, Script / Writer, Editing
Tala Schlossberg (USA), You Have Probably Never Heard of Hornita Calypso, Web Tube Length Video
Teri Campbell (USA), Church in a bar, Christian, Film Short
Ting Wen Lo, Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Mission-Land Crab Redemption, Editing
Varundeep Singh Chawla (Canada), SOCH, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Wayne Kelly and Matt Holt (United Kingdom), Guilty Bunch of Flowers, Actor: Leading (Kenny Davies as Tommy), Actor: Supporting (Joe Hughes as Eddie), Actress: Leading (Eleanor Burke as Alison), Actress: Supporting (Rachel Nottingham as Heather), Film Short


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