Award of Merit March 2017

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Diana Stefanescu (Canada), Be(you)tiful, Experimental
Edgar Baghdasaryan (Armenia), The Simon’s way, Film Short
Elizabeth Licht (USA), Lost and Found, Public Service Programming / PSA
Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actress: Leading (Jacqueline Murphy as Olivia Spencer), Actress: Supporting (Lynne Newton as Quinn Hightower)
John Osterhoudt (USA), Unmasked: The stigma of meth, Documentary Short (Student)
Justin Krul (Netherlands), Unseen, Film Short
Kenji Harman (USA), Hyperloop Dreams, Experimental
Kento Masuda and Tomo Oya (Japan), Godsend Rondo, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Lexi Wolfe (United Kingdom), Learning To Talk, Women Filmmakers
Liam Newton (Australia), Weston, Film Short
Matthew Lopes (USA), Dive, Television – Pilot Program
Michael Hilf (USA), A Game of Chicken, Film Short
Mike Jacobson (USA), Helping Hands, Film Short
Mohammed Alsultan (Saudi Arabia), Refuge, Islamic
Peter Zhaoyu Zhou (USA), Karma, Animation (Student)
Rafael Pires (USA), JAKE, Film Short
Ricardo Moreno (USA), The Immortal, Film Short
Roderick E. Stevens II (USA), Learning to Drive, Disability Issues
Roman Nemec (Czech Republic), About a Father, LGBT
Tammy-Anne Fortuin (USA), Aimee, Film Short
Ty Coughenour (USA), Five Dollars, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Ubeda Alexandre (France), Skin of the night, Film Short
Zach Frankart (USA), Among Wolves, Film Short
Zheng Huang (USA), lost, Asian  (Student), Film Short (Student)

award of merit words

Allen Thorogood (USA), The Weight, Film Short (Student)
Amber Rainey (USA), Never Gone, Film Short, Original Score (Never Gone composed by Carlos Garcia), Direction, Creativity / Originality, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (Rowan Jang as Owen Kimball), Actress: Leading (Paige Smart as Rachel James)
Andrew Gallerani (USA), The Role of Della, Film Short
April Anderson, Art As Air Project (USA), Beyond The Paint, Women Filmmakers, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
bellopropello (Switzerland), cupid is not a terrorist, Animation
Bryan Fellows (USA), Missions Today, Documentary Short
Calley Macdonald (USA), A Boy and His Beast, Animation
Cecilia Albertini (USA), First Love, Film Short
Chris Armienti (USA), Remembered, Actor: Leading (Student) (Brendan Kane as James Gibson), Actor: Supporting (Student) (Steve Bethers as Barry Gibson), Film Short (Student)
Christian de Rezendes (USA), Fueling Fierce: The Shannon Heil Story, Christian, Documentary Short
Claire Dub (USA), The Unfriended, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Claire Fleming (United Kingdom), Sprite, Animation
Daniele Mendoza (Australia), Potato Fiction, Women Filmmakers
Danielle Kronenberg and Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Taste, Actress: Supporting (Danielle Kronenberg as Evan)
Daryn Wakasa (USA), Seppuku, Experimental
David Steiner (France), A COUPLE, Web Tube Length Video
David Stephenson (Ireland), Raymond, Documentary Short
David Swift, Scott Owen and Mike Cooley (USA), MINE IS THE SUNLIGHT: Refugee Youth in Germany, Documentary Short
Derek Frey (USA), KILL THE ENGINE, Film Short
Dr. Maria Luskay and Prof. Andrew Revkin (USA), Cuba’s Crossroads: Hope, Rock, and [R]Evolution, Documentary Short
Dylan D’Haeze (USA), Plastic is Forever, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Elisa-Sofia Fioretti (USA), Consensual, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Elizabeth Licht (USA), Lost and Found, Animation, Educational / Instructional / Training, Women Filmmakers
Eric Raingruber (USA), Catching the L Train, Animation
Fernanda Caride (USA), Notas la diferencia? (Do you Notice the difference?), Film Short, Women Filmmaker
Ferolyn Angell (USA), In the Shadow, Jewish
Gary Malick and Andy Kumpon, KillerBeam Entertainment and Blue Ribbon Productions (USA), KNIT, Film Short
Greg Marshall (Canada), After Mars, Documentary Short


Hollie Olenik (Canada), Ophelia, Film Short (Student)
Huey Rawls and A.L. Smith Creations (USA), Dana’s Story, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Igor Malakhov (Canada), The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf, Documentary Short
Irwin Miller (USA), Light at the End of the Tunnel, Music Video
Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actor: Leading (Leon Winters as Mr. Z), Actor: Supporting (Jeff Rector as Samuel Meyer), Film Short, Television – Pilot Program, Direction (Jacqueline Murphy), Drama Program / Series, Miniseries, Original Score (Music by Ruy Folguera), Original Song (When You’re Admired by Bridget Brady)
James Parris (USA), Erectile Championship, Film Short
Jeffrey Teitler (USA), OFFICER DOWN, Web Tube Length Videos
Jenness Rouse (USA), Becca on Call, Television – Pilot Program, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
Jo Meuris (USA), Marydean Martin Library, Educational / Instructional / Training and Why Use Animation?, Educational / Instructional / Training
Johan Eriksson (Israel), Hoda’s Story, Documentary Short
John Ferry (USA), IN A SMALL TOWN, Documentary Short and TAKING ALCATRAZ, Documentary Short
John McCain (Canada), House Party, Film Short (Student)
John-Clay Burnett (USA), Family Ties, Christian, Film Short
Jonas Banks (USA), Nothing Like the Sun, Film Short (Student)
Jonathan Williams and Paula Aguilera (USA), Into the Light: The journey to solve FSH muscular dystrophy, Disability Issues, Public Service Programming / PSA
Josh Cooper (Canada), Blood Harvest, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Cameron Stretch as Hopkins), Original Score, Actor: Leading (Kevin Bundy as Woods), Direction, Humor / Humorist
Joshua D.W. Smith, Bryce Paul and Scott Rowe (USA), The Hostage, Film Short (Student)
Jun Xia (USA), Consumemate, Actress: Leading (Ariel Zhang as Amalthea and Piner)
Kassia Binkowski and AJ Oscarson, One Thousand Design (USA), Pursuit of Beauty, Film Short
Kendra Fleischman (USA), Wait For Me, Animation
Kristopher King (Canada), The Man on the Stairs, Film Short (Student)
Leandro Corinto (Brazil), Linda, Music Video
Li Zhang (Italy), the script, Asian
Luca Pizzoleo (USA), Sleeping Dogs Never Lie, Film Short (Student)
Marjorie LeWit (USA), STRONGER THAN PRETTY, Film Short
Mark Todd Bruner (USA), Giselle’s Heart, Film Short
Mattheus Carpenter (USA), BeautĂ©, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Matthew Gillespie (Canada), The Making of Recovery, Documentary Short
Matthew Van Loon (USA), The Carrot and Potato Show Web Series, Web Series


Michael Boston (USA), Dress Rehearsal, Film Short
Michael Joseph (USA), No Lions in Paris, Disability Issues
Mike Olbinski (USA), Vorticity, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Miku Otagiri (USA), For The Birds, Documentary Short
Nadyja Von Ebers (USA), Bath Salt, Film Short
Nancy Sawyer Schraeder, Naji Hendrix, and Angeline Armstrong (USA), Portions, Women Filmmakers
Nathan Morse (USA), The Pretender, Film Short
Nico Vescio (USA), OBi, Film Short (Student)
Ozlem Altingoz (USA), daughter of the lake, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmaker (Student), Direction (Student), Special Purpose Productions (Student)
Parvati Santos (USA), THE CANDIDATE, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
PCI Media Impact and ITVS PCI Media Impact and ITVS (USA), Sin Arrugar (Don’t Back Down), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
PCI Media Impact and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), Road to Recovery, Public Service Programming / PSA
Penelope Klein (USA), Cultivating Life Energy, Qigong in cancer care, Health / Medicine / Science
Peter Walton (USA), No Walk in the Park, Film Short (Student)
Priyali Sur (USA), Sahbak, Documentary Short
Quoc Huynh (USA), The Last Hunt, Islamic (Student)
Richa Rudola (USA), Fresh Blood, Film Short
Robert Shannon (United Kingdom), Candy, Film Short
Russell Brown (Australia), Brush With Death, Documentary Short
Saba (USA), SAM the VAMP, Film Short
Sahba Keihani (USA), Station Mythah, Women Filmmakers
Samuel Rich (USA), Lost Kites, Documentary Short
Skyler Barrett (USA), Reckless Juliets, Web Series
Sonia Bajaj (USA), Rose, Women Filmmakers
Sophie-Ann Price and Lainey Dubinsky (USA), Oliver, Women Filmmakers
Stephanie Neroes (USA), Fauk My Life: Pilot, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Taras Demian Groves (United Kingdom), Nowhere, Film Short
Terry Leary, George Lewis (Nicaragua), Journey From War to Peace, Documentary Short
Terry Miller (USA), Deal, Film Short
Toy Lei (USA), How To Get Caught, Actress: Leading (Toy Lei as The Shadow Leader), Film Short
Ubeda Alexandre (France), Skin of the night, Actor: Supporting (Jacopo Menicagli as The Man with No Words)
Wei Hau Tan (Taiwan), Too Late To Love, Film Short
Wendy K Milette and Jeanne Meyers (USA), WOJ!, Women Filmmakers
Whitney Powell and Jordan Ehrlich (USA), 7 Days In November, Women Filmmakers
Xavier Guignard (United Kingdom), Little Thief, Actress: Leading (Anne Ribiere as Emma), Film Short
Yeeshai Gross and Matt Scott (USA), Shattered, Educational / Instructional / Training, Experimental, Public Service Programming / PSA, Jewish

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