Award of Recognition March 2017

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Award of RecognitionAdolpho Navarro (USA), Dino Park, Film Short
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), The Boss, Experimental
Alejandra Jimenez (Colombia), Juan’s Claws, Disability Issues
Alena Oleynik (Russia), Here i come, Women Filmmakers
Alexandra Schmelzer (USA), Drowning, LGBT
Ann Huang (USA), Palpitations of Dust, Film Short
Anton Knight (Canada), I Am An Artist, Experimental
Besidone Atsemudiara (USA), TOBI, Film Short
Claire Fleming (United Kingdom), Sprite, Women Filmmakers
Coreetta Buchan (United Kingdom), The Pull, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Curtis McGann as Samuel (Astronaut))
Cris Thorne (USA), The Same Coin, Television – Pilot Program
Derrian Childress and Fran Macleran (USA), Guitar Pickin’ Chicken, Animation
Edgardo Torres (USA), SOLIVAGANT, Film Short (Student)
Edwin DeJesus Jr. (USA), The Great Griffin, Film Short (Student)
Elise Perry (USA), Dog Parks and Coffee Shops: Diversity Seeking in Urban Neighborhoods, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Elza Zagreda and Dhimiter Ismailaj- Valona (USA), Growing up FAT and Albanian, Film Short
Ethan Huggins and Zuriel Cousin, Howard W. Blake High School of the Arts (USA), Don’t Be Stupid, Use a Crosswalk, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eva Ceja, AK Productions (USA), Echoes, Film Short
Francesco Fontana (Italy), Lucia, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Gabrielle Nevins, Nevins Entertainment (USA), BLACKED OUT, Film Short
Gail Maurice (Canada), ASSINI, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Gary Malick and Andy Kumpon, KillerBeam Entertainment and Blue Ribbon Productions (USA), Knit, Actress: Leading (Leila Jean Davis as Katie)
Hakin Vu (USA), RUBY, Film Short (Student)
Harold Bustamante (USA), The Garden, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Irwin Miller (USA), Light at the End of the Tunnel, Animation
Jacob Ulintz and Ethan Huggins, Howard W. Blake High School of the Arts (USA), A Period Piece, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

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Jak Gavriel (USA), Broken and Outcast, Disability Issues
Jeff Hui and Cailleah Scott-Grimes (Canada), Me and My Harmonica, Documentary Short
Jessica Gomula-Kruzic (USA), Quotidian Mandala, Women Filmmakers
Jim Rucquoi (USA), loop the lake, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Joachim Waibel (Canada), Grey Pain, Experimental
Joanne O’Brien (United Kingdom), The Kindness Tree Film, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
John Depew (USA), Sheppard’s Maiden, Actor: Leading (Lenny Clarke as Frank Sheppard), Actress: Leading (Anna Rizzo as Rachael Wolfe), Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Jordan Tofalo as Amanda Sheppard)
John Freeman, Blu Kanari Productions (USA), Mug, Film Short
John Swider (USA), Black and Blue, African American
Jon Artigo (USA), The Adventures of Shelby, Film Short
Jonathan Williams and Paula Aguilera (USA), Into the Light: The journey to solve FSH muscular dystrophy, Documentary Short
Jonathan Winberg, Sunsetsesh Productions (Canada), Dear Brooklynn, Documentary Short
Kelby Thwaits (USA), Jane, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Robert Fewkes as Jack), Actress: Leading (Christa Hamilton as Jane), Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Original Score (Jane’s Theme)
Kellan Watts, CAAM at Millikan Middle School (USA), Never Forgotten, Film Short (Student)
Kendra Fleischman (USA), Walk With Me, Women Filmmakers
Kyle McDonald (Canada), Street Smarts, Film Short
Kyra Gardner (USA), Past Presence, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger and The Man in White, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mackenzie Munro (Canada), Love Coinky Dink, Film Short  (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Mark Keshishian (United Kingdom), FALSE HOPE, Film Short
Martin Lee White (USA), A Right Fool (“ARRIVAL” parody), Film Short
Maziyar Khatam (Canada), The Big Payback, Film Short (Student)
Meg Howald and Michael Tyrell (Canada), Dinner For One, Actor: Leading (Christopher Garry as John)
Michael Boston (USA), Dress Rehearsal, Actor: Leading (Michael Boston as Abner Trust)
Michael Kaplan (USA), forum, Experimental (Student)
Mitch Collier (USA), Best Served Cold, Film Short
Nancy Hamilton Myers (USA), The Great Controversy Ended, Movie Trailer
Nermin Habib (USA), Cairo Soul, Women Filmmakers
Nonie D. Clark (USA), The Pact, Film Short

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Onur ATICI (Turkey), The Two Million, Documentary Short (Student)
Pascal Pernix (Cayman Islands), Unwritten, Film Short
Paul Rothbart (USA), Isn’t It Romantic?, Film Short
Penelope Klein (USA), Cultivating Life Energy, Qigong in cancer care, Women Filmmaker, Editing
Rachel Meguerdijian (USA), Link St., Film Short (Student)
Robert Orri Petursson (Iceland), Upstage, Actress: Leading (Bryndis Haralds as Bryndis), Film Short
Saba (USA), Being, Film Short
Sara Eustáquio (Portugal), Mirror, Actress: Leading (Student) (Jaimie Marchuk as Girl in the Mirror)
Sean Lackey (USA), Gandalf The Whizzer, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Shawn McDaniel (USA), Insubordination, Animation
Sonia Suvagau (Canada), WHY ?, Experimental
Stephen Koepfer and Matthew Kaplowitz (USA), Concrete and Crashpads: Stunts in New York, Documentary Short
Steven Siegel (USA), A Puzzle for Alice, Experimental
Tanya Muir (USA), Crimson Love, Christian
Tayla Schaffner (USA), When it Rains, Actress: Leading (Student) (Tayla Schaffner as Lila Rinaldi)
Tiziana Perinotti (USA), Imagine, Music Video
Tom Varisco (USA), Sestina, Animation
Tom Wilton (USA), Mondays, Direction, Actor: Leading (Josh Kidd as Mickey), Actor: Supporting (Freddie Connor as Jonny)
Tony Dare (USA), Lassie Lou Ahern: A Voice for the Silent Age, Documentary Short (Student)
Vesna Marich (United Kingdom), The Unbearable Whiteness of Being, Disability Issues
Vincent Aliperti (USA), Alex at the end., Experimental (Student)
Vincent McLean (USA), BOUND BY INK, Documentary Short
Vito Angelo (USA), Wastecase, Film Short

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