Award of Merit November 2015

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Alice T. Day and Lincoln H. Day, Film Fest Video Project (USA)
, Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives 4-Shorts Program, Documentary Short
Brian Smith, Josh Eldred and Sandra L. Barnes, Vanderbilt University (USA), Gary, Indiana: A Tale of Two Cities, Documentary Short (Student)
Christopher Stadulis and Tom Wardach (USA), Burning Down, Disability Issues
Gabriel Amaral (Brazil), Sweet Life, Film Short
Hai Afik, The Ma’aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts (Israel), The French Revolution, Film Short (Student)
Jan Hendrik Verstraten (United Kingdom), I AM HENRY, Film Short
Jon Peters (USA), Mermaids on Mars, Children / Family Programming
Luca Elmi (Italy), Roman Citizen, Film Short
Nic Penrake and Shiona Penrake (United Kingdom), THE STRAY, Film Short
Nicolas Legendre (Canada), Dog, Film Short
Patricia Cardoso (USA), La CLAVE, Educational / Instructional / Training
Phillip Walker and Yin Wong (Hong Kong), The Delicious Toad, Film Short
Puppett (USA), Wedlocked, LGBT
Roman Gerodimos (United Kingdom), At the Edge of the Present, Experimental, Public Service / PSA and  A Certain Type of Freedom, Experimental, Public Service / PSA
Tehila Raanan, The Ma’aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts (Israel), Wall, Crevice, Tear., Experimental (Student)
Terence Brown (USA), Before, Documentary Short
Victoria Rose Sampson (USA), Click Three Times, Film Short, Disability Issues with Isabel Sanford (All in the Family, The Jeffersons)
Vincent Sabella (USA), Imagination of Young, Film Short
Wendell Cooke and Jeremy Macey (New Zealand), Gina, Documentary Short

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Alice Bouvrie (USA)
, A Chance To Dress, Documentary Short
Annina Roescheisen (USA), A Love Story, Women Filmmakers
Arthur Cauras (France), Point Zero, Film Short
B Ty Walker (USA), Al Saamidoon, Documentary Short
Beecher Reuning (USA), A Pointless Pencil, Film Short (Student)
Brandon Chappell, Charter Road Productions Inc. special thanks to the Academy of Art University (USA), REPROGRAMMED, Christian (Student)
Charbel Raad (France), GAYROUTH, LGBT, Special Purpose Productions
Chia Lin Tan (Taiwan), Those Invisibles, Actress: Leading (Ning Chien Weng as C), Actress: Supporting (Yin Yao Chiang as Mother)
Christie Viggers and Dale Norton (Australia), #LoveInBrisbane, LGBT
Cleo Tellier (Canada), The Silence, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Dramatic Impact, Sound: Overall Impact
Corey Deshon (USA), To Police, African American
Dave Solomon (USA), photo op, LGBT
David Kamens (USA), Scraps, Documentary Short
Derek Casari (USA), FRC Team 980 Chairman’s Video 2015, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Diana Djurcinovska (Australia), Girl in a towel, Film Short
Dylan Marie Parent (USA), Tikkun Olam: to heal the world, Documentary Short (Student), Women Filmmakers
Edward Andrews (United Kingdom), Red Handed, Film Short
Fiona Cochrane (Australia), All In Her Stride, Women Filmmakers
Gabriel Sonderegger and Jonas Haider (Switzerland), Adam’s Bad Christmas, Animation
Gii Ness-Chang (Australia), Two Lives, Film Short (Student)
Greg Maksudyan (USA), Escape from Area 51, Film Short
Gregg Mitman (USA), In the Shadow of Ebola, Documentary Short


Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen (Denmark), Lucid, Actor: Leading (Kim Sønderholm as The Dreamer)
Hugues Willy Krebs (France), The punishment, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Jahnna Lee Randall, Why Wait Productions (USA), Lost in Time, Women Filmmakers
Janet Stilson and Nicole Gomez Fisher (USA), The Beauty of Disaster, Film Short
Jay Dobyns and Scot Litteer (USA), Big Red Friday, Film Short
Jerome Brua (USA), Slapshock – ‘turn Back Time’ music video (Director’s Cut), Music Video
Jon Ryan Sugimoto (USA), Out of love, Film Short
Jonatas Da Silva (USA), Chocolate Pudding, Film Short (Student)
Joshua Friedman, Playhouse West Studio 4 (USA), Intertwined, Experimental (Student)
Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom), Soul Breaker, Actor: Leading (Judson Vaughan as Freddie Dale and the Cosmos Creature)
Junna Chif (Canada), Ms. Liliane, Women Filmmakers, Film Short (Student)
Lachlan Marks (Australia), A Real Buzz, Film Short
Lee Herbet, CapturingPassion (Australia), Knaffe Noga, Documentary Short
Lexie Schmelzer (USA), OCD, Film Short (Student), Experimental (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Web Tube Length Video (Student), Cinematography (Student), Dramatic Impact
Marcelo Martindale (USA), The Other Place, Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Mary Ann Beyster (USA), The Kitchenistas of National City, Documentary Short
Mary Thoma (USA), Dandelion, Women Filmmakers
Michael Fitzpatrick, Film Fest Video Project (USA), What We Are Leaving Behing in Iraq, Documentary Short
Michael McGovern (USA), A Higher Road, Documentary Short (Student)
Mikhail Uchitelev (Germany), The Way Out, Jewish (Student)
Mitchell Marion (United Kingdom), G O’Clock, LGBT (Student)
MMMYeah Productions (USA), Withdrawal, Television – Pilot Program
Mol Smith (United Kingdom), Dead Positive, Film Short
Nicholas DiMichele (USA), Rust Golem, Experimental
Nikil Nagaraj (USA), Followed, Film Short
Noor Al Yaseen (USA), YUMNA, Women Filmmakers (Student)


Olga Shtol (Russia), VALUES, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Paul Rudelhoff (United Kingdom), Learning Circle, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Paul. A. J. Rudelhoff as Rudey Hoffman)
Paul-Anthony Navarro (USA), Burghatory, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Peter Sawka (Canada), Righteous Sin, Film Short
Richard T. Wilson (USA), THE HALLOWEEN GIRL, Film Short
Richard Turke (USA), Watch This, African American
Richard Williams (USA), Apocrypha, Film Short
Riz Nasim (USA), RED – Delicious But Deadly, Documentary Short
Robert Ian Simpson and Sara Wolkowitz (USA), Lightning Bugs in a Jar, LGBT
Roman Xing  (China), Permission, Actor: Leading (Roman Xing (Xing, Han) as Hua Zhang)
Rufus Chaffee (USA), The Trouble With Uncle Max, Film Short
Russ Emanuel (USA), Occupants, Movie Trailer
Shahnawaz Zali and Syed Owais Ali (USA), Mohammad, Islamic (Student)
Stephanie Ard (USA), That Day, Women Filmmakers
Tal Mor and Dan Mor (Israel), Rendezvous, Film Short
Tim Larson (USA), Age of Kaos, Women Filmmakers
Ty Clancey (USA), Gigi: Almost American – Season Two, Webisode
Tyler Lionel Parr (Canada), IRONIED, Film Short
Tyler Wallach (USA), Frog, Actor: Leading (Liam Foley as Danny)
Vincent Veloso (USA), CHANGELINGS: Cambions:kæmbiens Episode 3: Descension, Webisode
William R. Coughlan (USA), The Greater Evil, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Wilson Louis (India), Holding Back – Based on a true incident of a mother’s ordeal for the sake of her son, Film Short

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