Award of Merit November 2014

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The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

Award of Merit Special Mention

Best Shorts past winners film strip2Andrew Koss (USA), Zizi And Honeyboy, Film Short
Bayer AG (Germany),
8 simple steps to cure any disease, Animation, Health/Medicine/Science
Cindy Yantis (USA), On Georgia’s Mind, Women Filmmakers
Damian Overton (Australia), The dead bird, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Alexander Gavioli), Actor: Supporting (Ryan Light)
Dan Berger (Israel),
Sparks, Experimental
David Ondaatje (USA), ICARUS – Casting from the Clouds, Music Video, Documentary Short
Derek Frey (USA),
Motel Providence, Film Short
Emilie Gueret (Belgium), Vertiginous Hole, Music Video
Francois Chaillou (France), GUADALQUIVIR, Short Film
Gary Go (United Kingdom), NOW WAS ONCE THE FUTURE, Music Video
House of Gorey Productions (USA), Boarding House, Film Short
James Westcott (South Africa), Vanity Fare, Film Short
Jessi Gotta (USA), LATE NIGHT LOCAL, Women Filmmakers
Kazim Karaismailoglu (USA),
A Key Is a Key: Stone Man (Made in Heaven), Music Video
Kirill Kripak (United Arab Emirates), RomantiCorp – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Computer, Creativity / Originality, Direction
Kurt Barretto (United Arab Emirates), Ode To Joy, Experimental
Marion Pilowsky, Ana Maria Mendez, Carlos Manrique Clavijo (Australia) and Luis Almau (United Kingdom), TeamCare (George’s Story), Health / Medicine / Science, Animation, Direction, Original Score (George’s Story)
Michael Addison (USA), We’ll Be Coming Home, Music Video
Mike Dieterich (USA), Renew and Sustain Costa Rica, Nature / Environment/Wildlife
Mitra Shahidi (USA), Prelude, Animation
Norman Gregory McGuire (USA), From Eva with Love, Film Short
Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian (France), Buffalo Rising, Film Short
Ryan Gard (USA),
Girl, Film Short
Serge Cote (Canada), re:Discovered, Original Score (ReDiscovered)
Simon Camp (Australia), The Cowboy – The Beginning., Webisode / Internet Programming
Valerie Giuili (USA), Attack of the Killer Trees, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Valerio Esposito (USA), I Love LA, Webisode / Internet Programming
Vikneshwaran Silva Naigam (Singapore), The Blue Puppeteer, Film Short
Yale Yang (USA), The Leap, Film Short
award of merit words
Adiamond Lee (Taiwan),
Reached an oral agreement, Short Film
Alice Driver (USA), My Homeland, Experimental
Allan Weisbecker (USA), Fundy; A Study of Time and Tide, Nature/Environment/Wildlife
Alton Valadares (Belgium), Wallas On Velos, Film Short
Amy Frear (USA), Another Time, Women Filmmakers
Angelo Reyes, Chris Abaya and Pogi Boi Productions  (USA), Heartless, Film Short
Anjum Saad (USA), The Enemy Bond, Short Film
Annabel Teal (USA), One Last Look, Film Short
Annamaria Lorusso (Italy), Ombre nella Memoria, Actor Leading (Roberto D’Antona), Dramatic Impact
Anthony Liechti (USA), Smoke, Filmmaker 17 and Younger
Antoine Blanchet (France), Les Papillons Noirs, Film Short
Archita Mandal (USA), Untread, Film Short
Arefeh Mansouri (USA), DREAM, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
A.R. Kara (USA), NAKED PROBLEMS, Documentary Short
Benjamin Kramer (USA), The Road to Sainte-Mère-Église, Film Short
Brandon Reich-Sweet (USA), The Rabbi’s Toast, Jewish
Brian Anderson (USA), Protagonist vs. Antagonist, Nature/Environment/Wildlife
Bruce Sze Han Chen (Taiwan), Awaken, Film Short
Cady McClain (USA), The World of Albert Fuh, Short Film
Caleb Price (USA), The Gift, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Carlos Carrasco (USA), Let Me Finish, Film Short
Clydesdale Manhattan (USA), Hellth Food, Film Short
Cole Smith (USA), Miami, NM, Short Film
Dan Fowlks (USA), A Tale Told Heart, Short Film
Danielle Schwartz (USA), Mirror Image, Documentary Short
Daphene McFerren (USA), The Civil Rights Movement: A Cultural Revolution, DocumentaryShort
David Abramov (USA), Whisper, Short Film
David Ondaatje (USA), ICARUS – Casting from the Clouds, Children / Family Programming
DeadLizard (USA), Finding The Spark Within – The WAE Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Disability Issues
Deirdre Sinnott (USA), Multiple Injuries: Thalidomide Survivor Mark Gizewski’s Campaign for Freedom, Documentary Short
Denise Carey-Costa (USA), Tony’s Tale, Tragedy in Arizona, Documentary Short
Dennis P. Loewer (USA), In This Last Hour, Film Short
Diana Galimzyanova (Russia), february 28, Women Filmmakers
Dr Loraine J. Bacchus-London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (United Kingdom) and Professor Marianne Kubik-University of Virginia (USA) Opening the Door: An Educational Film for Care Providers about Supporting Families Dealing with Intimate Partner Violence, Women Filmmakers, Special Purpose Films, Health/Medicine/Science, Training/Industrial Productions
Fleur Disney (United Kingdom), St Clements in Paradise, Documentary Short, Liberation/Social Justice/Protest
Florida Film Institute, Inc. (USA), MAD World, Filmmaker 17 and Younger
Franco Esteve (Spain), Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, Short Film
Gene Bernofsky (USA), Coal Cocked, Documentary Short
George Gaffney (USA), the Desk, African American
Gina East (USA), In The Witching House, Women Filmmakers
Gordon Bressack (USA), Keeper, Short Film
Halima Lucas (USA), Micah, Film Short
Hunter Wolk (USA), Girls Are Assholes, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Jack Kohler and Anecita Agustinez (USA), K’ina kil: The Slaver’s Son, Native American/Aboriginal Peoples
Jason Jay Prado (USA), Night Shift, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Jeanne Scott (USA), The LEGend of Peg LEG’s LEG, Film Short
Jeffrey Engelson (USA), Todd and Anne: Water in the Pot, Television – Pilot Program
Ji Im (USA), Brian’s Dots, Documentary Short
Johnny Pik (USA), Diwali Dream Garage, Film Short
Jordan Rosenbloom (USA), Goodnight Willy, Film Short
Joseph Spadaro (Italy), Upstairs, Television – Pilot Program
J R Mathews (USA), Fancy Dancer, Entertainment/Drama/Dance/Variety
Juan Lecanda (Mexico), 8 Arañas, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
Kaleb George (USA), Peace – The Untold History, Documentary Short
Katherine Jacobs (USA), For A Reason, Women Filmmakers
Kazim Karaismailoglu (USA), Seaman, Short Film
Kirill Kripak (United Arab Emirates), RomantiCorp – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Computer, Film Short
Leah Shaheen (USA), Deep Ship, Women Filmmakers
Linda Millar (Australia), Long Shadows, Movie Trailer
Marlon Perrier & Racquel Bailey (USA), Jake & Tanya, African American
Matt Clark (USA), Orange Orchid, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Matt Hausmann (USA),The Bigfoot Hunters, Short Film
Matthew Murphy (USA), Last Seat At The Dome, Documentary Short
Meredythe Dee Winter (USA), She Rocks The Planet! TV #SheilaEICON [WORLD PREMIERE PILOT], Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
Michael Daeley, Eric Martirosian and Mary Krell-Oishi (USA), A Day at the Office, Short Film
Mickaela Grace (USA), Undefended, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Misty Hayes (USA), The Last Door, Short Film
Mohini Narasimhan (USA), The Voices Of Ganga, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Natalia Loskutova (Russia), Immanuel Kant. Philosophical pathway, Documentary Short
Natascha Kuederli (Germany), BERLIN layers of movement, Experimental
Nick Roth (USA), Hanky Panky, Short Film
Nick Sears (USA), Home Grown, Short Film
Nikki S. Colt and Miguel de Oliveira (United Kingdom), Alice In Underland, Short Film
Nuo Shi (USA), Navigators, Short Film
Ola T. Pauli Landsverk (Norway), Dødens egen Vals, Film Short
On the Leesh Productions (USA), What You Can Do Presents Drought, Extreme Weather and Our Marine Animals, Use of Film/Video for Social Change – What You Can Do Presents – What You Need to Know about Mercury, Use of Film/Video for Social Change
Paul Kaitson (USA), Antique Prayers, Christian
Renee Eaves (Australia), Driven By Love, Use of Film/Video for Social Change
Robert Fritz (USA), AKT 2 (ACT 2), Original Score, Dramatic Impact
Roger Stoneburner (USA), Grammar of Movement, Experimental
Ronja Jansz (USA), Annabel Lee, Use of Film/Video for Social Change
Ronnie Cramer (USA), September Sketch Book, Animation
Rosa Nichols (USA), Damage-Joy (sha-den-froi-de), Short Film
Runze Zhou (China), Copyright Warfare, Short Film
Ryan Francis Johnson (USA), Stray Dog Freedom, Film Short
Scott Davis (USA), Like Everybody Else, Documentary Short
Soraya Abbar (United Kingdom), V & Me, Tube Length Videos (5- minutes)
Stelio Savante (USA), Once We Were Slaves, Actor: Leading (Stelio Savante),
Stephanie Dawson, Jessica Vera and Amy Johnson (USA), Scout & Maggie, Webisode / Internet Programming
Sue Terry (Ecuador), The Source, Documentary Short
Takumi Kawagoe (Japan), Life of Sarumomo, Animation
Tim Pierce (New Zealand), Will Jackways Interpretation, Short Film
Tina Pfeiffer (USA), A World of Pleasure, Film Short
Tom Snelgrove (USA), Perpetual Heliolatry, Experimental
Tom Varisco, John Biguenet and Erik Winkowski (USA), Close, Experimental
Tony Mendez (USA), El Mar Y Él, Film Short
Trent Williams (USA), Post, Short Film
Tullio Imperatore (Italy), A RAY OF SUNSHINE, Short Film
Valerie Giuili (USA), Attack of the Killer Trees, Creativity / Originality, Humor / Humorist
Vesna Marich (United Kingdom), Hannah’s Dance, Disability Issues
Wayne Schoenfeld (USA), Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows?, Documentary Short
Wilson Mbiavanga (USA), Enlightenments, Webisode/Internet Programming
Yun Chen (USA), Royal Migration, Animation
Zach Jankovic (USA), The Astronaut’s Secret, Documentary Short
Zein Kurdi (United Kingdom), Leaving Stockholm, Women Filmmakers

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