Award of Merit November 2016

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Carrie Finklea (USA), A Fish Story, Women Filmmakers, Film Short (Student)
Dale E. Turner (USA), MY NAME IS LAMAR, Film Short
Derrick Borte (USA), Our Nation, Film Short
Dr. Satyajit Bhattacharya (USA), D.R.: Sandy & Sundari: The Man-Eater of Sandy and the Sunderbans’: Sundari’r Baagh, The Man-Eater of, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ellen Burns (USA), Negative Space, Music Video (Student)
Guillaume de Ginestel (France), Bank Robber’s Serenade, Film Short
Jim Whipple (USA), Strayed Outta Compton, Webisode
Kristjan Knigge (Netherlands), Patch, Script / Writer, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Lauren Manes (USA), Divorce Party, Women Filmmakers
Manhea Kim (USA), The Middle, Experimental (Student), Asian (Student)
Manoj Kumar Goswami (India), Anshu- Everest Calling, Documentary Short
Michael Fallavollita (USA), Tale of the Kite, Script / Writer
Pearl Thomas and Nick Clark, CHEER FILMS Productions (USA), Carry On, Film Short
Robert Guthrie (USA), Easy, a 3 minute love story, LGBT
Sisbro Studios & Open Boat Films (USA), My Haggan Dream, Children / Family Programming
Tiffany Phillips and Todd Eric Valcourt (USA), Ethnically Ambiguous, Webisode
Wen-ru Yen and Yuan-yu Chang, Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, COA and Vision way Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Treasure in the Clouds – Remembering Halun, Documentary Short

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Adrian Rodriguez (USA), Princess, Latin / Hispanic
Alejandro Trevino (USA), Delete That Post, Film Short
Alex Kruz and Alex Lora (USA), Parivara, Documentary Short
Anna Haas (USA), Delightful, Music Video
Austin Wright (USA), O.C.S., Film Short
Bernard Kordieh (United Kingdom), Squares, Film Short
Chris Sciacco (USA), In For Business, Actor: Leading (Artie Brennan as Our Man)
Christian Martel (Canada), Welcome Home, Film Short
Colby Chambers (USA), Henry, Film Short
Craig Bettendorf (USA), Treading Yesterday, LGBT
Cyrus Salvia and John Amedro (USA), BLACKBIRD a dream resurrected, Experimental, Film Short
Daniel Gomez (USA), First Night, Film Short
Daniel Hawley (USA), Like A Rolling Stone, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Mills (USA), Breaking Free – A Survivor’s Journey, Documentary Short
David Doobinin (USA), This is Something, Documentary Short
Derrick Yung-Te Wu (Taiwan), The Fa Boat, Documentary Short
Devon de Leña (USA), Battle Grounds: the hard hits of female poppers, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Douglas Alves Ferreira (Brazil), The Scape, Animation
Dr Teresa Mular (USA), Four Journeys, Documentary Short
Edward Chettleburgh (United Kingdom), Promises, Film Short
Elizabeth Bell (USA), Undefeated, Film Short
Erica Jacques (USA), Code Yellow, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Ericka Kreutz (USA), Toddler Trump, Web Tube Length Video
Firdaus Kharas, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada), Zika Prevention #7, Public Service Programming / PSA
Frankie Fairbrass (United Kingdom), Association, Film Short (Student)
Freddy Rodriguez (USA), You’ll Never Know, Music Video


Gudrun Gundelach (Germany), It could be your daughter, Film Short
Han Zhang (USA), Stars, Animation
Harley Chamandy (USA), Mirage, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ian Wood (Germany), Smart, Film Short
Isaac Israel (Spain), Blondie Crash, Film Short
Isis Nemrod (France), Thana Tantra, travel beyond senses, Women Filmmakers
Jack Waddell (Australia), Introspection, Film Short  (Student)
James William Theres (USA), The 30th of May, African American
Jane Rosemont (USA), Apotheosis, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Javier Porragas and Fabio Bottani (Canada), Chains of Men, Film Short (Student)
Jay Palmieri Jr. and Danielle Kronenberg (USA), Taste, LGBT
Jeewon Shin (USA), Fair Trade Meets Peace Coffee, Documentary Short (Student)
Julie Epp (Canada), Contents of the Heart, LGBT
Kyle Carver (USA), Aproximada, Documentary Short
Lance Rizzo (USA), Successful Failures, Television – Pilot Program
Laurel Adler (China), The Harder Way, Documentary Short
Margaret Stapor Costa (USA), My Name is Joan, Women Filmmakers
Marino Colmano (USA), Monroe Speaks!, Documentary Short
Mark Vizcarra (USA), The Flying Greek, Movie Trailer (Student)
Matt Rifley (USA), THE NEW GIRL, Webisode (Student)
Matthew Read (Canada), Voyeur, Film Short  (Student)
Michael Notrica (USA), Creation’s Daughter, Film Short
Michael Trainotti (USA), Beneath the Surface, Film Short
Nick Clark and Pearl Thomas, CHEER FILMS Productions (USA), Carry On, Film Short
Niv Klainer (USA), Don’t Think About It, Film Short


Olan Montgomery (USA), Rush Call Clown, Film Short
Oliver McMillan (United Kingdom), What’s Wearing Mummy?, Film Short, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Parker Queenan (USA), Business as Usual, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Paulina Lagudi (USA), Holly’s Girl, Women Filmmakers
Phillips Payson (USA), Aloha From Lavaland, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ritu Chopra and Lawrence R. Greenberg (USA), Lead My Way: A Global Perspective of Domestic Violence, Documentary Short
Sasha Pezenik (USA), I Am Her, Documentary Short (Student)
Sheila Hart (USA), Lift, Women Filmmakers
Silas Firth (USA), Rubber Ducky, Film Short
Simon Mckeown (United Kingdom), Ghosts, Disability Issues
Sofya Gollan (Australia), Gimpsey, Actress: Leading (Bridie McKim as Gemma)
Stefan Tenev (USA), Wolves suite, Film Short
Suisei Hoshii (Japan), THE POLAR BEAR STORY, Animation
Suzy Markovski (Australia), Deep, Film Short
Ted Beagles (United Kingdom), Return’ by Orfan – Inspired by the sentiments of Charles Bukowski, Music Video
Terry J. Thomas and Alexis Rudd (USA), Spare the Air PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA
Tian Xie (USA), Promise, Film Short, Asian
Timothy Collins (USA), Blackout, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Student)
Todd  Bevan (USA), Unclean, Film Short
Trevor Kyle Hansford (USA), Inventory, Film Short
Vincent De La Torre (USA), Trails of Hope and Terror the Movie, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
William Instone and Matt Rifley (USA), AMONG THE DEAD, Film Short (Student)
Xingjian Tang (USA), Cherish, Film Short (Student)
Ye Kuang (USA), Locked, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Vince Major as Miles), Actress: Leading (Leanne Agmon as Emma), Actor: Supporting (Corey Landis as Chris) (Student)
Yunyi Zeng (USA), Happy Tree, Film Short (Student)

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