Award of Recognition November 2016

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Award of Recognition

Adam Velez (USA), Cellophane, Film Short
Alev Baymur (USA), The Little Prince Musical, Children / Family Programming
Andres Ramirez (Mexico), Why?, Film Short (Student)
Andrew Greco and James Cates (USA), Lucid, Film Short
Andrew Michalski (USA), Punch Andy – Promo, Film Short
Andrew Williams, Bri Castellini and Michele Austin (USA), Brains season 2, Web Series
Ann Huang (USA), Palpitations of Dust, Experimental
Brett Newton (USA), Dream Girl, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Christine Jace as Kayla)
Brian Barber (USA), Jar – Journey of a Horseman, Commercial / Infomercial
Brittany Severance (USA), Leftovers, Women Filmmakers
C.G Ryche (USA), The Scarlet Thorn, Actress: Leading (Jiaoying Liang as Lin Wu), Direction, Original Song (I Shall Return composed by C.G. Ryche, performed by IronWrath)
Cindy Iodice (USA), Scooter Girl, Film Short
Corinne Jayaweera (USA), Reco’s Magic, Children / Family Programming
Craig Bettendorf (USA), Treading Yesterday, Television – Pilot Program
Dannes Zhang (China), The Addiction, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
David Witham (USA), Welcome to the Jungle: The Forgotten Tale of Long Beach’s Oceanfront Slum, Documentary Short
Didem Avkan Gultekin (Turkey), THE LOSS, Film Short
Doug Roos (USA), We Set Them Free, Film Short
Emma Catalfamo (USA), Hatch, Film Short
Gung-Kai Koo (USA), Equipoise, Animation (Student)

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Ihmic Micah El (USA), Trailhead, Web / Internet Programming
Isabel Cueva and Douglas Tait, Cave Entertainment (USA), THE HAUNT, Television – Pilot Program, Ensemble Cast
Isabelle Ramsden, Daisy Tenycke, Teigen VanDerKoi and Shaelee Sawa (Canada), At What Cost, Film Short  (Student)
Iser Jacob Elgan (Israel), A Cup of Tea, Film Short (Student)
Jack Noble (USA), 101 Uses for Grape Jelly, Film Short
Jack Tracy (USA), Masc Only, LGBT and Letting Go, Actor: Leading (Jack Tracy as Jamie) and History, Web Series
Jane Rosemont (USA), Apotheosis, Creativity / Originality
Kai Armstrong (USA), Within, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kankana Chakraborty (India), Women Prayed and Preyed Upon, Women Filmmakers
Kareem Kamahl Taylor (USA), LET ME HOLLA AT YA, African American
Kate Moran (USA), Are You Afraid of the ’90s?, Women Filmmakers
Kenny Shedd (USA), Karma, Film Short
Kevin Taylor (Bahamas), Carl’s Present, Film Short
Laurel Adler (China), The Harder Way, Educational / Instructional / Training
Leonardo Corbucci (USA), The Art of Fighting, Film Short
Luke Baumkotter and Nicholas Baumkotter (United Kingdom), Beast in a Briefcase, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Luke Matthews (USA), Tricks Can Go Wrong, Webisode
Maja Giannoccaro (Canada), Pray, Love, Eat, Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Marley Boss (USA), Balloons, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Martin Lee White (USA), The Short Short, Film Short

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Matt Chernick (USA), Gambler’s Ruin, Film Short
Md Nadim Iqbal (Canada), MOTHER TONGUE, Documentary Short (Student)
Michael Barba (USA), BONDING, Film Short
Michael Gil (USA), Rear Projection, Film Short (Student)
Michael Lewis Foster (USA), Hush, Film Short
Michele Bizzi (Italy), SELFERS – We are all infected, Web Series
Miguel Gonzalez (USA), WHY ME, Christian
Nate Burke (USA), Potential Collab, Film Short (Student)
Nicholas Baumkotter, Baumkotter Films (United Kingdom), Coin Toss, Film Short
Olan Montgomery (USA), Silence =, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, LGBT
Owen Alabado (USA), Dudes, Web Series
Paola Botero (Canada), Arthur, Film Short
Patrick O’Shea (Ireland), The Penalty, Film Short
Peter Steineck (USA), Up On A Cloud, Animation, Music Video
Phillips Payson (USA), The Bone of a Whale, Film Short
Pratik Rajen Kothari (India), Hell O Hello, Asian
Renisha Ashford, RM Entertainment and The Los Angeles Film School (USA), DANCE IN THE DARK, Experimental
Richard Raubolt  (USA), Stories Beneath the Skin, Web Tube Length Video
Robert Arvin (USA), An Ocean Away, Film Short
Robert Belinoff (USA), Seventy, Film Short
Sarah Kate Maher (USA), The Escape, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sergey Ilyn (USA), Time Fuze, Film Short
Susan Davis (USA), The Highway, Women Filmmakers and Bret Bocook: Tip of the Iceberg, Documentary Short
Timothy Collins (USA), Blackout, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Kristina Emerson as Amanda), Script / Writer (Student)
Yihui “Cece”  Jiao (USA), Blank, the Bird, Animation, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Yuanyuan Chen (USA), Watermark, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Yuhki Goke (Japan), Rec.12, Film Short

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