Award of Merit – November 2017

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Adam Soch (USA)
, Eva Kolosvary ARTIST at 80, Documentary Short
Cai Hall (USA), The Fourth Day, Women Filmmakers
Chris Stuckmann (USA), Auditorium 6, Actress: Leading (KateLynn E. Newberry as Olivia)
Dennis Ho (USA), Qi, Documentary Short
Firdaus Kharas, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada), I Am Not A Victim, Public Service Programming / PSA
Gino Cafarelli (USA), BRICKLAYER’S POET, Film Short
Gloria Morrison (USA), So This Is Love, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Jody Jaress as Josey), Actor: Leading (Jack Donner as Jack)
Liz Anderson (USA), The Tolls, Film Short
Maren Jensen (USA), Violets, Film Short (Student)
Matt Cline (USA), Blue Eyes, Music Video
Michaël Rué (Switzerland), MA TERRE, Film Short
Mike Coleman (USA), The Only Way, Film Short
Firdaus Kharas, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada), A Plea To My Father, Public Service Programming / PSA
Nathan Block (USA), The Other Side of the Coin, African American, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Nick Jones (USA), Doulo, Film Short
Paul Kelly (USA), Final Polish, Actress: Supporting (Ching Valdes-Aran as Anna), Film Short
Philip L Moore (United Kingdom), Malcolm & The Magpies, Film Short
Robert Fritz (USA), A Visit, Actor: Leading (Stewart McDermet as Father)
Stacey K. Black and Shea E. Butler, Something in the Water Productions, LLC (USA), Trouble Creek, Television – Pilot Program, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer (Stacey K. Black)
Susanne Serres (Canada), ZAYA, Film Short, LGBT
Tom Weston (USA), Kevin The Very Old Rabbit, Animation
William Aylward (USA), The Road, A Driver’s Diary, Film Short
Wilson Huang (Australia), My Darling Alex, Film Short
Yuri Alves (USA), On The Cusp, Documentary Short

award of merit wordsAaron Hosé (Aruba), The Sons of Mapes, Documentary Short
Aaron Straight (USA), PEACE IS AN INSIDE JOB, Documentary Short
Abie Axen (USA), Man With Beard, Film Short
Abraham Roofeh (USA), The Wake, Comedy Film Short
Adrian Pacini (USA), Beyond, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alan  Ritchson (USA), Tree House Time Machine, Film Short
Alec Vrins (France), Hiccup, Film Short
Alexis Rosinsky (USA), faery, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Amber Agha (United Kingdom), Playground, A short Poetic Film, Experimental
Amr Al-Hariri (USA), Silent Love Stories – I, Film Short
Anna Just, Renee Stork, and Samantha Winter (USA), HEARTS THAT CROSS BORDERS, Women Filmmakers
Annette Frahm (USA), Girls and Glaciers, Documentary Short
Arisa Wakami,Bak Ikeda and Hirofumi Ohashi (Japan), Birth-The Dance of Life-, Animation
Audrey Arkins (USA), American Boy, Film Short
Bill Pryor (USA), Sorry, Film Short
Bradley Rappa (USA), Anthropocene, Experimental
Brit Landa (Norway), Fortitude, Special Purpose Productions
Cameron Barrett (USA), Get Low and Go, Educational / Instructional / How-To, Special Effects: Animation and Family Escape Plan, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Caralene Robinson (USA), The Bill – A Short, African American
Cheng-Jie Liu (USA), We are All the Same, Animation
Corey Deshon (USA), Voice, Islamic
Dan Tambling (United Kingdom), Every torture has a silver lining, Webisode
Daniel Young (USA), Art Never Sleeps, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Daniella Marxer (Austria), Mon Amour, Experimental, Film Short
David K. Ginn and Nathaniel Bobowski (USA), Trauma, Film Short
David Kobzantsev and Renee George (USA), NIKE – ‘BE A BALLERina’, Commercial / Infomercial
Deeksha Marla (USA), Not As I Do, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Denver Hollingsworth (USA), Essex, Film Short
Dominique LeClair (USA), Carry on Little Sis, Disability Issues (Student)
Edward Digges (USA), The Cruiser, Film Short
Ellie Gravitte (USA), Her Being Home, LGBT (Student)
Eric Bricker (USA), Calling On Ishmael, Documentary Short
Firdaus Kharas, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada), Asbestos Kills, Public Service Programming / PSA
Gianlorenzo Albertini (USA), The Ribbon on the Kite, Film Short


Giosue Petrone (Italy), Imperdonabile, Documentary Short
Heidi De La Teja (USA), VIVA CUBA, Documentary Short
Hessam Daraei (Iran), Elavators, Islamic (Student)
Hossein Shojaei (USA), Only In Dreams, Film Short
Jake Ajamian (USA), Corazón Cubano (Cuban Heart), Documentary Short
Jakob Kennedy (Australia), Return To Senda, Documentary Short
Jarrod Anderson (USA), Changing Jane, Christian
Jason Rhein (USA), You Can’t Play With Us, Children / Family Programming
Jing Ma (USA), Cure, Women Filmmakers (Student)
John Sweeney and Jennifer Jane (USA), The Joy of Funerals, Film Short
Jola Kudela (United Kingdom), I choose not to, Experimental
Jonathan Lewis (Canada), Buoyancy, Film Short
Joseph Covas (USA), The Struggle is Real, Webisode
Joseph F. Ferro (USA), Pocket, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Direction, Cinematography
Juan Escobedo (USA), Marisol, Film Short
Julia Deak (Hungary), Identification, Film Short
Julian Friedrich (Germany), 01, Animation, Music Video
Lara Mack (Luxembourg), Disoriented, LGBT (Student)
Laurence Powell and Paul OFlynn (United Kingdom), Beyond The Beyonds, Documentary Short
Leah Khambata (USA), A Future To Hold, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Luis Grane (USA), Pachinko, Experimental
Marilyn O’Connor (Ireland), Did You Hear Me Crying, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Marisa Echeverria (USA), Los AnJealous, Web / Internet Programming
Matthew P. Rojas (USA), The Name That Separates, Christian
Max Fisk, Snuggly Dragon Entertainment (USA), The Horse’s Ass, Film Short (Student)
Michael J. Claman (USA), Sunshine, Film Short
Michael Yurinko and Guy Quigley (USA), IMPURATUS, Movie Trailer Scene Teaser
Mike Olbinski (USA), Pursuit, Experimental
Mirella Christou (Canada/USA), Lady Electric, Women Filmmakers
Naman Gupta (USA), LILLY RIGGS, Film Short
Nancy Beverly and Vickie Sampson (USA), Shelby’s Vacation, LGBT
Nasser Samara (USA), THE BRITTANY SHOW, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Brittany Fields), Direction, Editing, Original Score (The Brittany Show composed by Sean Bloom), Original Song (Erase Me written by Sean Bloom and Brittany Fields)


Nathan Block (USA), The Other Side of the Coin, Film Short
Nawal Kaffouf (France), A Crazy Teacher, Actress: Leading (Nawal Kaffouf as Mrs Aziz)
Nicholas Julius (USA), Erin, Owen, and the Loch Ness Monster, Animation
Nina Rausch (USA), Reset, Women Filmmakers (Nina Rausch), Actor: Leading (Todd Hughlett as Matt)
Omid Niaz (Iran), This film is not beautiful, Film Short
Ozan Fikri (Australia), BUMPED UP, Film Short
Patrick Baucelin (Martinique), The secret of the fortresses of the caribbean 2, Documentary Short
Patrick Lee (USA), Mimesis, Experimental
Pawel Son Ngo (Poland), I am Tomek, Disability Issues
Robert Fritz (USA), A Visit, Actress: Leading (Natalie Neilson as Friend), Actress: Leading (Sara Vitale as Daughter)
Robert V. Wolf, Center for Court Innovation (USA), A Day at Puyallup GREAT Camp, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples and What Does Reintegration Mean to You? The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Roderick O’Grady (United Kingdom), The Deer Hunter, Film Short
Roger Aylward (USA), If I Were A Carpenter, Film Short
Ryan C. Johnson (USA), Principles of Curiosity, Public Service Programming / PSA
Sharmila Banerjee (India), RAVE- THE NIGHT, Film Short
Shawn Ashley (USA), Sellout, Women Filmmakers
Skyler Barrett (USA), Reckless Juliets (Episode 7), Webisode
Stacey K. Black and Shea E. Butler, Something in the Water Productions, LLC (USA), Trouble Creek, Original Song (Lies – Trouble Creek composed by Kitch Membery), Ensemble Cast, Direction
Stephen Linstead (United Kingdom), Black Snow, Documentary Short
Sunny Dhillon (United Kingdom), Only God Knows, Film Short
Tom Galt (USA), Finding Genius, Television – Pilot Program
Transect Films (USA), Drain Rangers: Episode 4, Educational / Instructional / Training
Trinity Ross (Australia), Loop, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Unnikrishnan Parameswaran (USA), Don’t Be Afraid, Actress: Leading (Lakshmi Devy as Divya)
Vandana Sengupta (India), 19th April At A Railway Platform, Actress: Supporting (Ridhima Rakesh Bedi as Doctor Sheetal)
XiaoMing Zhang and Jin Li (China), SkyChaos – The Big Shot, Animation
Yaara Sumeruk (USA), AMERICAN DADDY, Film Short
Yiheng Guo (USA), Promised Neverland, Women Filmmakers
Zoe Ioannidis (Canada), Follow Me, Women Filmmakers

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