Award of Recognition November 2017

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Award of RecognitionAaron Blas (USA), Boxes, Actor: Leading (Billy Tindall as Arnold Weatherby)
Alicia Parikh (USA), Fair and Dainty, Asian (Student)
Anthony Stephens (USA), The Well, Film Short
Antonio Jefferson (USA), What If, African American
Aseneth Parker (USA), PSA SARCOIDOSIS AWARENESS, Documentary Short
Bijiao Liu (USA), Gluttonous Snake, Animation (Student)
Brian Petillo (USA), I Remember my First Beer, Man, Film Short, Direction, Cinematography, Creativity / Originality, Script / Writer, Concept, Humor / Humorist
Brian Petillo (USA), Shake It Off, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Joy Regullano as Megan), Script / Writer, Tube Length Video
Christina LaPenna (USA), Angels from the Sky, Jewish
Dean Hamer (USA), Lady Eva, Documentary Short
Deejay Williams (New Zealand), High Tide, Film Short
Deeksha Marla (USA), She Is Somebody, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dustin Clingan (USA), Photographic Memory, Actress: Leading (Dominique Swain as Elisa McAdams), Film Short
Edgardo Marmol (USA), I am Gary, Jewish (Student)
Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland), Studies on the Ecology of Drama, Documentary Short
E-Kan Soong (USA), No Laughing Matter: Tears of a Clown, Film Short
Ella McKeon, Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan (USA), Mime Doesn’t Pay, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emma Catalfamo (United Kingdom), Wash, Film Short (Student)
Ethan Ganouna (USA), Boy, I’m stuffed, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Face’ (USA), Double Negatives, Film Short
Fevered Sleep (United Kingdom), It’s the Skin You’re Living In, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Flo Miles (France), Muscle Memory, Animation (Student)
Greg Zglinski (USA), Laundry Card, Actress: Leading (Josephine Siwko as Jessica), Film Short
Hester Schell (USA), Sandwiched by Hester Schell, Film Short
Hui Huang (USA), Little Deaths, Disability Issues (Student)
Israella Samonte (USA), Same T’ing, Film Short
Jack Tracy (USA), History (Season Two), Web Series
Jamie Lippman (USA), An American Nightmare, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

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Jane Rosemont (USA), Shirts!, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Creativity / Originality, Humor / Humorist
Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Léa, Film Short
Jeanpaulbros (USA), Waltham, Webisode
Jennifer Marie (USA), Please Read., Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Jeremiah Kaynor (USA), Bye, Film Short
Jeremy Mowery (USA), The Last Tamale, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Brandon (USA), The Train Trip, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Channell (USA), Fox and The Rabbit, Film Short
Justin Bromley (Canada), The Mindless Imagination of Thomas Porter, Film Short (Student)
Kimber Sider (Canada), Musical Improvisation at Land’s End, Women Filmmakers
Kirstie Mattheis (USA), Mocha, Animation
Laura Castaneda (USA), Maid in America, Documentary Short
Lina Yuchen Guan Li (USA), Waiting for the Wind, Women Filmmakers
Luca Leoni (Switzerland), OUTSIDE, Disability Issues
Mady Dosso (France), WHAT’S YOUR GRADE ?, Film Short
Marc Allen (USA), Speed Kills, Christian (Student)
Mathieu Rathery (France), The Seventh Hour, Film Short
Matt Ritchey (USA), POKER NIGHT, Film Short
Matthew  Berg (USA), Aqua Rasa, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Matthew McCaulley, Light of Life Films (USA), The Substitute, Christian
Max Internoscia (USA), Put It Down, Public Service Programming / PSA  (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Melissa Dollman (USA), Gone Estray, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Melody Chow (USA), When Skies Are Blue, Documentary Short
Mia Internoscia (USA), More Than a Number, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Michael Castro, Atomic Charles Productions (USA), Postmodern Love, Film Short
Minerva Vier and Debbie Jaffe (USA), DESPERATELY SEEKING BABY (Wingin’ It Web Series Ep5), Webisode
Nich Frost, Indiana University – Purdue University (USA), Happy Places, Film Short

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Nick Moon (USA), Ticking Hearts, Film Short  (Student)
Nina Rausch (USA), Reset, Actress: Leading (Lauren Bray as Amy)
Paul Mendoza (USA), Last to Fall, Film Short
Paul Morrell (USA), Rusty Revolver: Origin, Television – Pilot Program
Philip Saul Galinsky (USA), Pskypeotherapy, Webisode
Philipp Nesterenko (Russian Federation), BICKER, Film Short (Student)
Rhyme Lu (USA), Gold Fortune, Film Short (Student)
Robert LaMantia (USA), Apology, Film Short
Rod Roberts (USA), Written On My Skin, Film Short
Ross Richardson (USA), Locked Outside, Film Short
Russell Green (USA), Believe – An Animated Short, Animation
Ruthless Spectator (USA), Dr. Mantis, Animation
Sally Mitlas (USA), Glass and Liberty, Special Purpose Productions, Women Filmmakers
Sarah Kaufmann (USA), Bi The Way, LGBT
Sophia Stills (USA), Mija, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), a Night for a Kill: easy prey, Animation
Suisei Hoshii and Kiyoshi Yamaguchi (Japan), THE INTELLIGENCE! – The counterattack of robots, Animation
Suz Carr and Delno Ebie (USA), Fracture, Actress: Leading (Kaci Hinds as Harley Bliss), Film Short
Tal Haimovich and Maya Markovich, TMI Productions (Israel), Single in Tel Aviv, Documentary Short
Tejay Bah, Futa Jalon Films (USA), Emotions, African American
Tracy Byrd (USA), The Counter: 1960, Film Short
Wayne Goodrich and Kenny Lykins, GCFilms (USA), Shadows in the Closet, Documentary Short, LGBT
Ye Kuang (USA), Favour, Film Short (Student)
Zachary Viola (Canada), One Second, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Zack Abramowitz (USA), UNCLE OSCAR, Television – Pilot Program

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