Award of Merit September 2016

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Aksinya Gog (Russia)
, Football & Angels, Film Short
Carla Sinclair and Colin Burwell (Canada), Much Love, Scott, Documentary Short
Ciani Rey Walker (USA), Silence, Film Short (Student)
David M. Raynor, Bad Hat Films (Australia), So This Is It Then!, Film Short
Dominic Mercurio (USA), We Are Not Ourselves, Music Video
Elizabeth Mitchell (USA), Doucheaholics, Webisode
Fabio Salvati and Armando Basso (Italy), The Great Journey, Film Short
Guo Jun-ming (Taiwan), Under the Persimmon Streetlight, Animation
Han Rui Wang, Academy of Art University (USA), The Lottery, Film Short (Student)
Hung Ju Huang (Taiwan), Fighting Air Pollution, Children / Family Programming
James Stephen (United Kingdom), Polterguys, Web Series
Karolina Mikolajczak (USA), The Stradivari, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Max Bartoli (USA), The Secret of Joy, Film Short
Mel Mack (USA), Touching Mary, Women Filmmakers
Nick Myall (Australia), New & Used, Film Short
Patrick Slattery (Australia), Inertia, Film Short (Student)
Roze (USA), This Moment, Film Short
Tim Li (Taiwan), Hak Idea, Remixes / Mashups
Tristan McIntosh (Canada), Pillow Talk, Film Short
Virgil Widrich (Austria), Vienna table trip, Commercial / Infomercial

award of merit wordsAaron Sauerland (USA), QWERTY, Film Short
Annette Reid (USA), Love, Worth It (Amor, Vale), Latin / Hispanic
Arvind Sivakumaran (India), I’ll Always Have Paris, Film Short
Avi Abrams (USA), The Best Laid Plans, Film Short (Student)
Bo Price (USA), Primitive Technology (2016), Film Short
Brett Staal and Eric Wallace (USA), DragonFly, Film Short
Brian Hugh O’Neill (USA), The Renovation, Film Short
Chamsy Sarkis, Smart News Agency (Syria), Nobel’s Nightmare, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Charlie Binford (USA), Jungle Jim – A Musical Wildlife Adventure, Animation
Collins Abbott White (USA), Dreams, Music Video
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld (USA), DEAD DRUNK, Film Short
Dana Salah (USA), 102 in Dog Years, Film Short
Danielle Wheeler (USA), One for the Road, Actress: Leading (Danielle Wheeler as Ellen), Women Filmmakers
David Khaziri (USA), Locked in Stone, Film Short
David Li (Canada), The Dawning, Film Short
David Pinkston (USA), Nut Cracker, Film Short, Direction
Dimitris Katsimiris (Greece), BIRTHDAY, Disability Issues
Don Sano (USA), The Book of Judith, Film Short
Enrico Farina (Norway), PicniK, Film Short
Eric Hanson (USA), Brady’s Lot, Disability Issues
Farid Kirreh (Palestine) and Kai Staats (USA), I am Palestine, Documentary Short
Flore Joubert (France/Australia), The Servants, Women Filmmakers (Student), Direction (Student)
Gregory Alosio, Alosio Productions (USA), Death and Life, Documentary Short
Hisanori Tsukuda (Japan), Humming, Film Short
James Curry (USA), westbound, Movie Trailer (Student)


James Hu (USA), Dead Unanimity, Actress: Leading (Brigitte Buny as Joni Li / Sandy), Film Short, Asian
Jason Baumgardner, Ten Four Films (USA), Me3, Actress: Leading (Amber Higgins as Megan), Film Short
Jeffrey Blake Palmer (USA), Split Costs, Actress: Leading (Mela Hudson as Emma)
Jesse Petrick (USA), Clean! The Series Proof of Concept, Television – Pilot Program
Jonathan Sapienza (USA), The Scent of Her Soul, Film Short
Jonny Lewis (USA), G.I. Hospital, Animation
Jose Restrepo (USA), Snuggle Buddies, Film Short
Joseph Brandon (USA), Coincidental Romance, Film Short (Student)
Katie Goodman and Soren Kisiel (USA), Abortion Road Trip!, Women Filmmakers
Kurt Kubicek (USA), Skin in the Game, Film Short
Lariza Melo Preciado (Mexico), The Diver, Film Short
Lily Levin and Tristan Bell (United Kingdom), Grampy, Documentary Short
Mario Burbach (Germany), Colony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees, Film Short (Student)
Marsha Balaeva (United Kingdom), Risto’s Riff, Music Video
Mart Raukas (Estonia), PARRHESIA. The Obligation to Speak the truth., Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Matt Twomey (USA), The Duck Diaries: A Cold War Quest for Friendship Across the Americas, Documentary Short
Meghan Hooper (USA), Harmony, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Michael King (USA), Chasing Denzel, Actor: Leading (Sharieff Walters as Mason)
Micki Dickoff (USA), The Gathering, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mihai Son (Canada), Father Forgets, Film Short
Natalie Camou (USA), tereza, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Natalie Lamprecht (Switzerland), To Be Seen, Film Short (Student)
Nicholas Bayfield, University of Brighton in association with Brighton Film School (United Kingdom), Asperger’s Syndrome, Experimental (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Nicholas Massa (USA), Breakdown Confessions, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Nicholas Massa as Ryan), Cinematography
Nicolai Tegeler (Germany), Love, Film Short
Nik Kleverov (USA), Spirited Nature Traces of Light, Documentary Short


Oldrich Antos (Czech Republic), The Traitor, Film Short
Oz Yilmaz (Canada), COLOR OF SOUND, Documentary Short
Paco Arasanz (Spain), Doors, Film Short
Patrick O’Shea (Ireland), SOLID, Film Short and First Kiss, Film Short
Paula Neves (USA), Pumpkin, Women Filmmakers
Peter Dimako (USA), Thanatophobia, Film Short
Qi Deng (USA), Inside Job, Animation (Student)
Quinlynn McCarthy, CSULB (USA), Mama’s Gonna Get You, Music Video
Richard Mack (USA), The Sweetwater Seas in 100 Words, Web Tube Length Videos
Robert Lyons and Kevin Worth (USA), Little Princess Girl, Music Video
Roberto Sanchez (USA), Retribution, Movie Trailer
Robin Goode, Justin Cohen and Tyrone Rubin, Picturescope (South Africa), COMMANDO, Film Short
Sam Sikora (USA), Ram Pride, Documentary Short
Sara Eustáquio (Portugal), Mirror, Film Short
Scott E. Schimmel (USA), Waste Not Want Not, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Seungjae Han (USA), Mobius strip, Film Short (Student)
Shawn-Noel Semana (USA), Got it Maid, Asian (Student)
Sienna Reid (USA), Sticks and Stones Trilogy: The Words Spoken, The Words on the Body, The Marks on the Wall, Experimental
Sophie Lee (Korea), Amity, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Terry Leary, George Lewis (Nicaragua), Sierra Leone From War to Peace, Documentary Short
Tomas Sanchez (USA), The Lost Pueblo, Children / Family Programming, Latin / Hispanic, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Christian
Tommy Garcia (USA), Discretion, LGBT
Tony Wisneske (USA), Citrus Avenue, Animation
Tyler A Horn (USA), Drowning In My Own Discontent, Christian (Student)
Vanessa-Faye Stanley (United Kingdom), The Birds and the Bees, Web Tube Length Video
Yang Shou-yi and Tseng Hsun-yi (Taiwan), Human and Sea, Nature / Environment / Wildlife

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