Award of Recognition September 2016

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Award of RecognitionAbdul Almutairi (USA/KSA), Daesh Girl, Islamic (Student)
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), PATRICIO, Experimental
Alysha Haran (USA), Not Forever, Film Short
Amanda McKeehan (USA), Autoimmune, Experimental (Student)
Andrew Meserth (USA), Ballad of a CHP Man, Music Video
Andy Galloway (USA), Gonzales: Come and Take It!, Documentary Short
Angel Jackson (USA), Tricia’s Corner, Film Short
Arindam Barooah (India), BODH (UNFOLDING THE SPIRIT OF REVERENCE), Film Short
Berry Minott (USA), Good Girl, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Brandon Karsh (USA), Any Elsewhere, Film Short (Student)
Brooke Jacoby and Ashley Jacoby (USA), He Said What Now?, Women Filmmakers
Charlie Sporns (USA), Dead Bird Don’t Fly, Actress: Leading (Student) (Chen Chen Julian as Mei)
Chris Castiglione (USA), The Shoelace, Film Short
Daniel de la Cruz (USA), The Man in Black, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Dou, TransReal360 (Spain), Anima, Experimental
David Liebel (USA), RockyGrass: Rebuilding Lyons, Documentary Short
Eli Klein (Israel), I Dare You, Film Short
Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell (United Kingdom), Forbidden Truth, Webisode
Eric C. Player (USA), Moment of Anger, Film Short
Eric Hanson (USA), Brady’s Lot, Film Short
Erik Carlson (USA), A Night at the Movies, Film Short (Student)

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Flore Joubert (France/Australia), The Servants, Dramatic Impact (Student)
Hangyu Kim (Korea), To the ends of the earth, Film Short
Ian Neisser (USA), The Offensive, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
J Nycole Ralph (USA), Working Out the Kinks, Webisode, African American, Women Filmmakers
James Curry (USA), westbound, Film Short (Student), African American (Student)
James Prineas (Germany), Kythera mon Amour, Film Short
Jennifer Dean (USA), KURTIS, Film Short
Jermaine Thomas, Benjamin Meade and Lyle Gibson (USA), Black Tie White Tie, African American
Joe DiRienzo (USA), Jake and Kate, Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Justice Parman (USA), Mirror, Film Short (Student)
Kate-Marie Engberg (USA), When a Khmer Man Met a Khmer Woman, Documentary Short
Katherine Chivers (USA), Berning Love, Documentary Short (Student)
Kheyali Das (India), HANDICAPPED SEAT, Disability Issues
Margie Kelk (Canada), Substratae, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Maria Consoli Bartrum (USA), Love, Documentary Short
Mariana Triantos and Antonio Jordán (USA), Muse, Experimental
Maximillian Remmler (USA), Screenbreak, Film Short (Student)
Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey), Twin Stars, LGBT, Film Short
Michael Robert Anderson (USA), The Colors Of Perception, Film Short
Natalie Lauer (USA), Fear Binds, Women Filmmakers
Nathan Block (USA), In the Garden, Disability Issues

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Patrick O’Shea (Ireland), The Brutal Truth, Film Short
Pawel Son Ngo (Poland), Fall of Icarus, Film Short
Rachel Medeiros (USA), The Next Step, Film Short, Disability Issues, Latin / Hispanic  Women Filmmakers (Student)
Rany Naser (Canada), Like a Drug, Film Short
Ron Johnson (USA), Uncle Ken, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Matthew Savas as Mike)
Ryan Kibby (USA), The Lords and Other Creatures, Actor: Leading (Eric Toms as Nate), Actress: Leading (Natalie Lauer as Vera)
Ryan S. Porush (USA), Two Hundred Percent, Documentary Short (Student)
Savio Sequeira (Ireland), THE JOB PARADOX, Film Short
Sophie Lee (Korea), Amity, Documentary Short (Student)
Stephen Pfeil (USA), Amongst Strangers, Film Short, Cinematography, Editing, Concept, Set Design
Synergy FilmWorks (USA), Slaves, Film Short
Ted Sharks (USA), Red Rose Chronicle, Asian (Student)
Ti Bing Yen (Malaysia), Wedding Anniversary, LGBT
Travis Dunn (USA), Puppet Love, Film Short
Tyna Ezenma (USA), Ghostwriter, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Umair Malik (Canada), RedBorn – Trailer, Movie Trailer (Student)
Vida Lercari (USA), The Streets that Speak, Documentary Short (Student)
William R. Coughlan (USA), Tex: Wisdom of the Old West, Film Short
Yoni Azulay (USA), Again., Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Zach Zachariadis (USA), Dream Job, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming
Zack Abramowitz (USA), Star Wars: Behind the Saber, Film Short
Zharko Ivanov (Macedonia), Round Trip: Mary, Animation

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