Award of Merit September 2015

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Ashley Hudson (USA), Sanctuary, Women Filmmakers, Film Short, Editing, Script / Writer
Brandon Scarry and Lauren Hart (USA), Enchanted Ink, Animation (Student)
Bryan Hiltner (USA), Elena Vance, Film Short
Cynthia Bravo (USA), Guilt, Women Filmmakers
Douglas McGinness (USA), The Epic of Hershey, Actor: Leading (Eric Roberts as Teddy)
Eduardo Cohn (USA), Miracle Polish, Film Short (Student)
Eric Ulbrich, Kylie Eaton and Alison Zatta, King Fish Productions (USA), Amnesia Bachelor, Web Tube Length Video
Gunnar Tørnes (Norway), MONICA, Film Short (Student)
Kaitlin Tinker, Swinburne University (Australia), The Man Who Caught A Mermaid, Film Short (Student)
Karen Ruckman (USA), Lorton | InsideOut, Documentary Short
Lia Chapman (Spain), Broken Angels, Actress: Leading (Lia Chapman as Mariana)
Michael Lubin (USA), Last Light, Film Short
Natalee Rawat (Canada), The Imaginist, Women Filmmakers
Nori Mizukami (USA), 18 SECONDS, Documentary Short
Pedro Labanca (United Kingdom), Pulse of Water, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Scott Storm (USA), The Apple Tree, Animation
Shana Vassilieva (USA), In Continuum, Women Filmmakers
Stefan Hunt (Australia), I LOST MY DREAM, Documentary Short
Steven Ayromlooi (USA), The Sun Devil and the Princess, Film Short
William Silva Reddington (Peru), The Guest, Film Short
Yuval Sussler (USA), Split Frames, Actor: Leading (P.J. Sosko as Yoan), Actress: Leading (Shelly Feldman as Shira Zachs), Film Short

award of merit words

Aaditi Dutt (India), Nepal Heroes, Women Filmmakers
Alanna Smith, Shot in the Dark, Film Short, African American, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alberto Martin-Aragon (Spain), HADES, Experimental
Alex Afshar (Sweden), THE LIVING FOREST, Film Short (Student)
Alex Torres (USA), Darker, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Alexis Cook, Swinburne University (Australia), Honalee, Film Short (Student)
Alicia Arinella (USA), What You Can Do, Web / Internet Programming
Amy Thompson (United Kingdom), The Roaring, Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Anatoliy Kim (USA), GRANDPA ARNOLD, Film Short (Student)
Andrej Iliev (China), Shanghai Story, Film Short
Angel Berry (USA), Clouds Animation, Animation (Student)
Annie Thiele (Australia), Broken, Women Filmmakers
Arnolda Noir (Lithuania), Exchange, Experimental
Ashley Hudson (USA), Sanctuary, , Direction, Original Song (Fragile by Desiree Rowan), Ensemble Cast
Behn Fannin (USA), F’d, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming
Benjamin Marlowe (USA), The Red, Experimental
Billy Silva and Guille Isa (Peru), Home at Dawn, Documentary Short
Bobby Hodgson (United Kingdom), Gemini, Film Short
Brett Bentman (USA), Hot Dog, Animation
Camilla Huey (USA), The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry and Binding, Special Purpose Productions
Camille de Galbert (USA), Simon, Experimental
Carol Zlotowitz (United Kingdom), Terms of Love, Women Filmmakers
Christian Cashmir (USA), The Skyship Chronicles, Webisode
Chuck Griffith (USA), No Woman’s Face Remember, Film Short
Cindy St.Vil, Christ-Centered Entertainment, Inc. (USA), Last Sunday, Film Short
Conrad Faraj (USA), Little Thieves, Actress: Leading (Jinette Faraj as Juliette), Film Short
Cristhian Andrews (USA), One Second Changes Everything, Actress: Leading (Ruya Koman as Audrey)


Cyrille Cornu (France), Baobabs between Land and Sea, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Darlene Sellers (USA), Chop Socky Boom Episode II: Callbacks, , Original Score (Chop Socky Boom by Matt Sayre)
David C Jones (Canada), Same Boat, Film Short
David Simon (USA), Dante and Beatrice: A Family Film, Film Short
Diane Best (USA), Ubehebe, Experimental
Douglas McGinness (USA), The Epic of Hershey, Children / Family Programming, Special Effects: Non-Animation, Film Short
Drew Taylor and Matthew Taylor (Canada), Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball, Documentary Short
Eli Berg (USA), The Hunt, Film Short
Erik Blohm-Gagné (Canada), That One With The Robot, Animation
Esquire Jauchem (USA), BONDAGE, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Paige Davis as Mistress Terri)
Evan Hughes (Australia), Balloon Ride, Animation
Frederick Taylor (USA), Counter Histories: Rock Hill, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, African American
Greg Perkins (USA), Scaredy Bat, Film Short (Student)
Helder Pedro (USA), The Someone, Film Short
Heloise Magny (Canada), Helena’s Dream, Animation
Ibrahim Nada (USA), Chaos, Film Short (Student)
James Lee, Swinburne University (Australia), Tin Man, Film Short (Student)
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), The Treason, Actor: Leading (Jaswant Dev Shrestha as Jorge), Film Short, Script / Writer
Jay R. Weneta (USA), Guest, Film Short (Student)
Jennie Crystle (USA), Game On, Film Short, Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers
Julian Grieco Langlet (France), En Attendant, Humor / Humorist
Karen Gall (Australia), REDEMPTION ‘People Can Change’ , Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Keely Martin (USA), JUNE, Film Short (Student)
Kenneth Sanabria (Costa Rica), Insomnia, Film Short
Kent Igleheart (USA), Unconditional, LGBT
Kristian Hanson (USA), Shadow Theory, Film Short
Lana Young (USA), Old Soul, Movie Trailer
Lauren Adams (USA), Running, Women Filmmakers
Lexi St. John (USA), BOUND, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer, Direction, Cinematography, Actor: Leading (Benjamin Ubinas as Derrick), Actress: Supporting (Katherine Romans as Emily), Original Score (Bound by Lexi St. John) (Student)
Lia Chapman (Spain), Broken Angels, , Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Luca Pizzoleo (USA), Of Unsound Mind, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger


Maggie Burnette Stogner (USA), Roads of Arabia, , Tourism / Travel
Martin Rodahl (USA), Happy Hour, Film Short
Mathew Renoir, Cammy Brickell and Tom Burkhardt(USA), Glad You Got a Cat, Film Short
Matt Mercer (USA), Play Violet for Me, Film Short
Matthew Hanks (USA), Perspective, Documentary Short (Student)
Matthew Schwartz (USA), Straight Outta Gotham, Music Video
Meena Nanji (USA), ASHA, Women Filmmakers
Melissa Bank (USA), Siren, Film Short
Micah Stathis (USA), What’s In A Name?, Film Short
Mischa Auzins (USA), #3C, Film Short (Student)
Muneeb Hassan (USA), We Just Met, Film Short (Student)
Nadia Dean (USA), Cherokee Diplomacy in South Carolina: 1777, Documentary Short
Naser Kazmi, (Canada) A mime to Kill, Web Tube Length Video
Nick Laws (United Kingdom), The Teacher’s Handbook, Film Short
Pablo Giustorobelo (USA), Maria Revealed, Film Short
Patrick Kerby (USA), Max Justice – ISIS, Television – Program / Series, Comedy Program / Series
Peewee Piemonte (USA), Last Writes, Makeup (Julie Socash), Women Filmmakers, Original Song (Meet Again by Kristine W), Cinematography, Direction, Editing
Penelope Hynam (Barbados), Barbados Surfer Girl, Documentary Short, Sports, Fitness / Nutrition, Original Score
Piotr Onopa (Poland), Apotheke – The Bridge Band, LGBT
Rob Lobosco (Australia), FATE – It is what it is!, Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis)
Robert Cantrell, All Fins On Productions (USA), Sharks of War: Truth, Tales, and Terror, Documentary Short
Robert Mai (USA), The Grim Reaper’s Daughter, Film Short (Student)
Romina Schwedler (USA), The Slapper Flapper, Experimental, Film Short, Women Filmmakers and Bad Connections, Commercial / Infomercial, Women Filmmakers
Ruth Baird (USA), Love and Miss Lily, Film Short
Sabrina Doyle and Lisa Cirincione (USA), Porcupine, Women Filmmakers
Salah Abu Oun (United Kingdom), Zeinab, Islamic (Student)
Shaina Pakravan (USA), Roksana, Film Short (Student)
Sheila Berrio (Spain), Something There, Film Short
Stacey Stone (USA), The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Interview / Talk Show
Sun Park (USA), More than Words, Film Short
Timothy Michael Gould (USA), Abbie’s First Egg, Animation
Tom Varisco, Jackson Hill and Erik Winkowski (USA), High Water Mark, Documentary Short
Vicki Topaz (USA), HEAL! Veterans Speak About PTSD, Disability Issues
Wind River Media, Inc. (USA), Steinbeck Country, Documentary Short

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