Award of Merit September 2017

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Award of Merit Special Mention
Alex Cvetkov (USA)
, Don’t Drink and Drive, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Alison Hall (USA), Walk with the Devil, Women Filmmakers
Angie Su (USA), CELLO, Actor: Leading (Lynn Harrell as Ansel Evans)
Arne Venema and Marcus Moonen (Netherlands), CausaliDox – A Life Less Lived, Music Video
Astrid Hofstaetter-Fuerpass (Austria), Summer, Film Short, Women Filmmaker
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld and Lydia Fiore (USA), Swiped Right, Actor: Leading (Anthony Grasso as Angelo Jacobi), Actress: Leading (Lydia Fiore as Ava), Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Supporting (Stephanie Weppler as Joanna)
Fernando de France (Spain), The Immigrant, Film Short
James Diep (USA), It was just a second, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James Mills (USA), Moon Child, Documentary Short
Jay Moon (USA), At Bay, Web Series
Kirill Yusim (USA), What’s out there?, Public Service Programming / PSA
Molade Balogun (USA), Menacing Matrimony, Actress: Leading (Sandi Brinn as Elizabeth), Film Short
Peter Murphey (USA), Seen Again, Animation
Peter Spann (Australia), Undertow, Actor: Leading (Hamish Street as Jonny), Actress: Leading (Jacqui Purvis as Bella), Film Short
Ryan Egypt (USA), Chasing Titles Vol. 1, Film Short
Sean Martinez (USA), A Midwestern Methamphetamine Fairytale, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography, Creativity / Originality, Post-Production Overall, Actor: Leading (Brian McDaniel as Rick)
Stephen Seager MD (USA), ROADMAP: Building a Mental Health System That Works, Documentary Short
Tang Peiyan and Uchiya Emi (China), Mato Twilight, Actress: Leading  (Tang Qun as Ms.Yang), Actress: Supporting (Xu Xiaolu as Chen)(Student)
Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse (USA), Indoor Boys, Web Series
Wolfgang Glattes (USA), FOSSE: RECREATED – A Master Class in Dance, Documentary Short
Zesheng Gao (USA), Periscope, Experimental (Student)

award of merit words
90th Parallel Productions Ltd (Canada)
, Stitchers: Tapestry of Spirit, Jewish
Aegina Brahim (United Kingdom), Laws of the Game, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alexa Tuttle (USA), Intrepid, Film Short
Alexander Craven, Hannoah Entertainment (USA), Ansel’s Elgar by Lynn Harrell, Music Video
Ally Downs (USA), The Caregiver, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Ally Downs as Angela), Actor: Leading (Dan Sutter as Ed), Actress: Supporting (Jazmyn Simon as Lisa), Women Filmmakers
Andrea Bensussen, Bensussen Art Features (USA), Lauren Higbie, Women Filmmakers
Andres Ramirez (Canada), Frame, Film Short, Cinematography, (Ali Zain Salim Mevawala), Direction (Student)
Anna Beckmann (United Kingdom), Mystes, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Anusha Srinivasan Iyer (India), The World In My Dreams, Disability Issues
Beacon Center of Tennessee (USA), Rigged: The Injustice of Corporate Welfare, Documentary Short
Becky Barker (USA), We Are the Dead, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ben Clark (USA), Slip Up, Film Short
Ben Krompak (USA), Runoff, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Web Tube Length Video
Bita Elahian  (USA), Blame, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Bob Vanderbob (Belgium), Mind’s Eye, Experimental
Brandon Chappell (USA), DREW’S DANCING DRUM, Christian
Brent S. Duncan (USA), Lifeline, Film Short
Brian Austin (USA), Nobody’s Son, Film Short
Brit Barkat (Israel), NALA, Film Short (Student)
C.G. Ryche (USA), Becky Jane’s Big Day, Actress: Leading (Ashlie Garrett as Becky Jane), Film Short, Direction
Chai-Lyra (Korea), Sumbi Sori, Women Filmmakers
Chaoqun Wang (China), The Internship, Women Filmmakers
Charles J. Ouda (USA), Waiting Room, Actress: Leading (Ita Korenzecher as Patricia Bower), Actress: Supporting (Ana Ribeiro as Connie), Film Short
Charles Mandracchia (USA), We Are Friends, Animation, Children / Family Programming and You Got A Problem…, Animation
Chen Asherov (Israel), NEXT, Film Short (Student)
Chris Stanford (USA), Dust & Dirt, Documentary Short
Chris Violette (Canada), Butter, Film Short
Christopher Jenkins (USA), Lost Crops, Documentary Short
Darrett Sanders and Amanda Tepe (USA), This is Jack, Actor: Leading (Jackson George as Jack), Film Short
David M. Raynor, Bad Hat Films (Australia), We Need To Talk, Original Song (Hold On composed by Kunal Makhey, sung by Bianca Franco)
David Safin (USA), Commencement, Web Tube Length Video
Duane Sharman (Canada), The End Game, Documentary Short


Elizabeth McLeish (Australia), Kell’s Ride, Documentary Short
Ellie Harvie (Canada), Scattered, Women Filmmakers
Enzo Hui (Hong Kong), Innocence, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Erik  Long (USA), Neverlaid To Rest, LGBT
Fateme Fadaee Darestani (Iran), we, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Fr3deR1cK (USA), Counter Histories: Rock Hill, African American
Gwendelynn Martindale (USA), One Day, Film Short
Hollie Noble (USA), Healing River, Disability Issues, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
James McKenzie (USA), Shadowstar Returns, African American (Student)
Jane Sanger (United Kingdom), Katya, Women Filmmaker
Jantien de Bruin (Netherlands), The sisters Otten – an epilogue, Women Filmmakers
Jason Meath, Meath Television Media (USA), Switchers, Documentary Short
Jay Moon (USA), At Bay, Actress: Leading (Ellen Woods as Felicia Eliot)
Jean Gotay (USA), Parting Ways, Film Short (Student)
Jierel Almario (USA), The Arcade Creek Project: A Mosaic of Sustainability, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jon Mancuso and Michaela Precourt (USA), Down to Earth- Chapter One : Hope, Educational / Instructional / Training, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Josh Kirkland (USA), Fitzgerald, Film Short (Student)
Judith Murray, Cognitive Dynamics Foundation (USA), Do You Know Me Now?, Documentary Short
Karen Shaver (USA), Miracle In Malibu, Documentary Short
Katie Paul (USA), Elijah, Women Filmmakers
Kenny Dieudonne (USA), Tinseltown, Film Short
Kitty McNamee (USA), The Yellow Room, Women Filmmakers
Krishna Ribeiro (USA), Brian For Hire, Television – Pilot Program
Kubri McCoy (USA), TRAVEL LOVE: Amor De Viaje, Music Video
Lana Lekarinou (USA), The Sparkle, Women Filmmakers
Leal Butler (New Zealand), Mickey Three Eyes, Film Short
Leon Pierce Jr. (USA), Fight To Live, Film Short
Manuel Molzer (Austria), the making of SoKo Danub, Documentary Short
Mark Stolzenberg (USA), Talk to Me, Film Short
Mark Wesley Watson (USA), The Waiting Room, Film Short
Martin Gerigk (Germany), Rain, Experimental, Music Video, Original Score (Rain composed by Martin Gerigk)
Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey), High Calorie, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Doga Konakoglu as Meftun)


Morgan Gullett (USA), Don’t Forget Us, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nuno Madeira Rodrigues (Portugal)
, Detour, Film Short
Oona Von Maydell (Germany), LA RUCHE, Film Short (Student)
Osvaldo Ozuna (USA), Muñecas, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Patrick Foust (USA), Life in Strides, Disability Issues (Student)
Paul Lazarus (USA), Graham: A Dog’s Story, Film Short
Remy Cashman (USA), When Wigs Fly, LGBT (Student)
Richard A. Bush (USA), The Least of All, Film Short
Rob Hampton (USA), If One Plays Music, Children / Family Programming
Ryan Altman (USA), Chasing the Dollar, Film Short
Ryan Shuler (USA), Klaudia, Film Short
Sandy Schklair, Lucidity Productions & Entertainment (USA), Scott-Free, Film Short
Sean Cowan (USA), Habana Eighth, Documentary Short
Sean Martinez (USA), A Midwestern Methamphetamine Fairytale, Title / Credit Design
Sian Taylor Gowan (USA), SURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking, Documentary Short
Stephane Ceretti and Nhut Le (USA), Comfort, LGBT
Stephanie Bollag (USA), A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Steven Bachrach (USA), Dogs & Tacos, Latin / Hispanic
Steven M Ray, King of Thunder Films (USA), THE REVEAL, Film Short
Stuart Heinlein (USA), On The Way Up, Film Short (Student)
Sue Sudbury and Xue Han (United Kingdom), Hunger by the Sea, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Tamara Bunker (USA), Sheep, Goats & Cows, Film Short
Tang  Kang Sheng (Singapore), Falling, LGBT
Tang Peiyan and Uchiya Emi (China), Mato Twilight, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Ting-Chun Huang (Taiwan), Sodom’s Cat, LGBT
Troy Elliott (USA), Brothers, Film Short
Troy Price (USA), Lemonade, LGBT
Tsz Pui Lam (Hong Kong), Loser Run, Film Short
Vandana Sengupta (India), 19th April At A Railway Platform, Actor: Leading (Akshay Anand Kohli as Rohan Mehta)
Vidad Narayan and Bryce McCoy (Australia), The Streets Barber Series, Webisode
Vimal Vaz (Hong Kong), Jade Dragon, Asian, Original Score (Jade Dragon Theme composed by Vimal Vaz)
Will Scott (USA), The Situation, Film Short
Wolfgang Glattes (USA), FOSSE : RECREATED -A Master Class in Dance, Children / Family Programming, Cinematography
Xiaoming Ding (China), Warm Snow, Film Short
Yana  Alliata (USA), RUSH, Film Short
Ze-Yu Chen (Taiwan), Return, Film Short (Student)
Zoe Robyn and Benno Rosenwald, Mooki Entertainment (USA), UNDERGRADS, Television – Pilot Program, Comedy Program / Series, Actress: Leading (Stephanie Hsu as Rae), Actress: Supporting (Melissa Lehman as Lilly)
Zoya Baker (USA), Cranberry Lake, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)

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