Award of Recognition September 2017

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Award of RecognitionAditya Narayanan (USA), NOWHERE TO HIDE, Film Short
Amr M. Moustafa (Canada), When We Listen, Film Short (Student)
Andres Ramirez (Canada), Frame, Actor: Leading (Marcelo Gonzalez as Alex), Actress: Leading (Bailey Olson as Sophia), Script / Writer (Andres Ramirez) (Student)
Andrew Truong (USA), First Generation, Asian
Ben Tull (USA), Agent Young, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chelsea Roach, 5lvin Productions (USA), The Friend Zone, Webisode
Chris Lawing (USA), Greg’s Going to Rehab, Film Short
Costas M. Constantinou (Cyprus), The Blessed Envoy, Educational / Instructional / Training
Daniel Collin (France), Nocturne for a lost traveller, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Wallner and Joshua Wallner (USA), Your Hand, Film Short
David M. Raynor, Bad Hat Films (Australia), We Need To Talk, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Sophie Thurling as Bree Nachor), Actress: Supporting (Mardi Edge as Maddie Nachor), Original Score (The Time Is Now composed by Andrew Freeman)
David Safin (USA), The Vengeance Tapes, Webisode
Delphino S. Huang (United Kingdom), After Meteor’s Trail, Animation (Student)
Derek Spady (USA), Clay’s Tavern – Pilot, Television – Pilot Program
Douglas Phillips (USA), Behind the Woods and Across the Sea, Documentary Short

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Emma Sasson (USA), Wendy and the Lost Boy, Film Short
Evan Davis (USA), I’m A Dancer, Documentary Short
Gnanadas Kasinathar (Sri Lanka),  TRANCE, Film Short
Gwendelynn Martindale (USA), One Day, Christian
Hanif Mike Karim (USA), Two Brothers, Actor: Supporting (Hanif Mike Karim as The Judge)
Harish Shah (India), Why Me?, Documentary Short
Houry Magarian (USA), The Musician, Film Short
Ivan Farkas (Australia), Homo Sapiens, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James “JR” Rhaburn (USA), Willard’s World, Web Series
James Michael Marshall (USA), San Wont ‘Without Shame’, Film Short
Jason Graff (USA), Ramona, Documentary Short (Student)
Jason Zuidema (USA), Coming Out to Grandma, LGBT (Student)
Jeff Hildebrant (USA), Liquid Ambition, Film Short
Joseph Peragine (USA), Patriotic Drawings for Children, Animation
Kalina de Moura (USA), Second Chance “If One Wish Granted”, Women Filmmakers
Lauren Hutchings (USA), Reverie, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mantai Chow (USA), The Forgotten Ones, Documentary Short
Marley Boss, French Woods Camp (USA), Paws, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Marwan Nsouli (USA), His Descent, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Matthew J. Evans (USA), Song of the Earth, Film Short (Student)
Matthew Marshall (Canada), Tuned In, Christian
Maxi Witrak (USA), BED, Experimental

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Michael E. Pitts (USA), Death, Sammie Baker and a Loaded .38, Film Short
Michael Lane (United Kingdom), Hands, Experimental
Mohammad Alkazemi (USA), The Hammer, Film Short (Student)
Nich Frost, Indiana University – Purdue University (USA), Happy Places, Actor: Leading (Mardell Elmer as The Stranger)
Patrick Metcalf (USA), Lesser Cousin, Film Short
Paul Pastore (USA), The Theater, Movie Trailer
Ruifeng Lan (USA), Blood On The Risers, Asian (Student)
Ryan Condercuri (USA), Happy Home, Film Short
Sara Eustaquio (USA), Neverland, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sinjun Balabanoff (USA), Leaving the Mountain, Documentary Short
Sonia Machado Hines (USA), It’s Contagious LA!, Music Video
Spencer Wardwell (USA), I’m So Fucking Sorry, Film Short
Stuart Ruston (USA), The 9th Annual Brooklyn Pickle Bowl, LGBT
Terje Henk (Estonia), Swampfox, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Tommy Ross, Pinnacle Films (USA), The Musician, African American
Trey Hesari (USA), The Benevolent, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Tuo Kan  (USA), Pink Dolphin, LGBT (Student)
Vimal Vaz (Hong Kong), Jade Dragon, Direction, Script / Writer
Wael Alledawi (Jordan), Color Fragrance, Documentary Short
Xavier Velásquez (USA), Room 61, Film Short
Zachary Viola  (Canada), Unlocked, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Zeke Faust and Bryce Parker (USA), Zeitnot, Film Short

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