Award of Merit September 2018

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Award of Merit Special MentionAbhishek Jhaveri (India), Television Rishtey aur Paisa (TRP), Film Short
Andrew Olson (USA), The Cape, Children / Family Programming
Darryl Marshak and Antonia Tong (USA), Accidental Diplomats, Film Short
Gene Gabriel (USA), Sane People, Actor: Leading (Gene Gabriel as Charlie Vasquez), Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
James Rogers III (USA), FELIX, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Jazeel Gayle (USA), Beyond The Rainbow, LGBT
Jose Luis Acosta (USA), Guarra, Film Short
Keiko Umenoki (Japan), Lemon & Letter, Women Filmmakers
Kerstin Ebert (USA), The Last Waltz, Women Filmmakers
Kirk Wallace (USA), Introducing Skully, Animation (Student)
Layne Coleman (Canada), Hooked, Actress: Leading (Nicky Guadagni as Zelda Fitzgerald, Unity Mitford, Dora Carrington, Elizabeth Smart, Myra Hindley, Carson McCullers, and Jane Bowles)
Naida Joanides (USA), Katia, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Makeup
Rebecca Shapiro (USA), I’m Here, Ensemble Cast
Ruth Marantz (USA), Rainbow Ruthie, Television – Pilot Program
Santiago Sanchez (USA), Yours Truly, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Sathwik Rai (Canada), Invictus, Disability Issues
Sergio Barbasso, Tuttipazzi, Inc. (USA), SuperHillCool, Animation
Tahyna MacManus (Australia), The Prelude, Film Short
Thebia Marie-Karine (French Guiana), ALL MY LIGHTS, Film Short
Wen-ru Yen, Yuan-yu Chang, Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, COA (Taiwan), Reclaimed by the Forest: Lanshan Station, Documentary Short

award of merit wordsAlbert Choi (USA), The Idea of North, Asian
Ali Dwas (USA), Dani 101, Documentary Short (Student)
Amanda Sayeg (USA), Blind Dreams, Documentary Short (Student)
Annie Villalobos (USA), Unmute, Disability Issues (Student)
Ariel Tilson (USA), Muslim Sheroes of Minnesota: Valerie Shirley, Documentary Short
C.A. Davis (USA), Roano Moreno’s Colorful Canvases, Film Short
Cameron Barrett, MySafe:LA (USA), Fireworks PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA and RT130: 2018 – Helispot Operations, Educational / Instructional / Training, Editing, Women Filmmakers
Case Jernigan (USA), Bubble, Animation
Chester Howie (USA), Coventry, Television – Program / Series (Student)
Chris Game (USA), Reap, Actor: Leading (Joseph LeCompte as Ben), Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Dana Joiner as Harriet Williams)
Chunyu Bao (China), Fish Out of Water, Asian (Student)
Damon Zhou (USA), The Mask, Film Short
Dat Nguyen (USA), Protecting Tony, Actor: Leading (Jonathan Benefiel as Tony)
Dee Garceau (USA), A Massacre in Memphis, Documentary Short
Derek Frey (USA), PANGEA, Music Video
Donnell Henry (USA), Vesuvius, Film Short
Ethan Hegel (USA), Jeep Commercial Spec, Commercial / Infomercial
Flaminia Graziadei and Taz Ayoub (United Kingdom), InterPlay, Webisode
Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac (USA), God’s River, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife


Garrett Sutton and Fielding Edlow (USA), Thank You, Actress: Leading (Fielding Edlow as Fielding), Film Short, Direction
Gary Paris (USA), Skins And Seeds, Web Series
Gregory Jackson (USA), Paper Lunch, Film Short
Israel Ekanem (Canada), Drown The Lovers, Film Short
Janet Solomon (South Africa), Becoming Visible, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jared Crowelle (USA), Don’t Forget, Film Short
Jeff Stewart and Brian Johnston (United Kingdom), A Date With Shillelagh, Actress: Leading (Eleanor Burke as Jo), Film Short
Jemilah Findlay (United Kingdom), Facebook Me, Women Filmmakers
Jinsuk Kim (USA), JIN (A Korean in America), Christian (Student)
Joe Cromer (USA), Holy Toledo, Documentary Short
John Nathan Leviege (USA), Beneath the Surface, Film Short
Joshua M.G. Thomas (USA), The End of the World, Film Short (Student)
Jungmin Kim (Korea ), A Man with Goggles, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Léa Pascal (Canada), The Fight, LGBT, Women Filmmakers
Lloyd Harvey and Spencer Harvey (Australia), Make No Mistake, Music Video
Martin Lee White (USA), The Travellers, Web Tube Length Video and I’m Afraid It’s Bad News, Web Tube Length Video
Marvin Zana (USA), Five Stars, Film Short
Megan Urchit (Canada), Hue, Film Short
Merv Thomas (Canada), Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples and Promising Practices In Indigenous Communities In Saskatchewan, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples and Promising Practices In Eskasoni First Nation, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples


Michael Pizzano (USA), Say No to Drift Walking, Public Service Programming / PSA
Michael Trainotti (USA), ONE DARK NIGHT, Film Short
Mira Hamour (USA), Syria’s Tent Cities, Documentary Short
Mitch Yapko (USA), Shots Fired, Film Short
Morgan Gullett and Nicole Ludowese (USA), Switch, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger (Morgan Gullett (student))
Naida Joanides (USA), Katia, Actress: Leading (Carolyn Michel as Tanya), Script / Writer
Natalie Medlock (New Zealand), The Pact, Women Filmmakers
Olivia Dalfino (USA), Unmasked, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Omar Camilo Ramos González (Puerto Rico), La Mujer Maravilla Sobre Ruedas, Disability Issues
Qi linlin (China), It’s Winter Now, Film Short
Rafael Fernanz (USA), A voice surrounding the city, Christian
Rob Feakins (USA), The Healing of Hospice, Public Service Programming / PSA
Roman Gerodimos (United Kingdom), Essence, Experimental
Sai Deodhar Anand (India), D.A.T.E, Women Filmmakers
Sander Nap and Nils Vermeire (Netherlands), The Return, Experimental
Sarah E. Southern (USA), Legend’s Ridge, Actress: Leading (Victoria Hester as Emma Winchester), Women Filmmakers, Actor: Supporting (Tristan McAlister as Finley O’Leary), Cinematography
Sathya Vijayendran (USA), Doggy Style: Welcome To Doggy Style, Web / Internet Programming
Stefan Janoski, Movie Mountain (USA), God I need a girlfriend, Animation
Suzanne Andrews Correa (USA)
, Green, Film Short
Teja Arboleda (USA), Christmas Forward, Film Short
The 2018 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking (USA), Bow With Me, Documentary Short (Student)
Thia Martin (USA), Our National Mammal, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Tim Atzinger (USA), I Had A Dream, Documentary Short
Tony Bloodworth (USA), Figure 8, Film Short
Tyler Buckingham (USA), Bro/ken, Film Short
Una Campbell (USA), Anne Wants To Dance, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ying Pan (USA), Rules, Women Filmmakers (Student)

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