Award of Recognition September 2018

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Award of RecognitionAG Al Mutawa (USA), FARIS DURO – The Sketch, Film Short (Student)
Ahmed Ferchichi (Tunisia), A Beautiful Dawn, Film Short (Student)
Alex Kim (Korea), A Country that Can’t Fall Asleep, Haiti, Asian (Student)
Amy Starkey (Canada), In Her View, Women Filmmakers (Amy Starkey, Writer / Director), Actress: Leading (Laura Burke as Pam), Actress: Supporting (Lauren Campbell as Grace)
Andreas Berger and Alexander Polic (Austria), Agony, Actor: Leading (Dominik Habe as Geroge Birch), Film Short
Andrew Sage (United Kingdom), Out of Storage, Animation
Anthony Bambocci and Kirk Leidy  (USA), Almost Grownups Episode 2 – The Dysfunctional Pirates, Television – Pilot Program
Antonio Salinas (USA), Chariot, Experimental
Ásdís Þórðardóttir and Logi Sigursveinsson (Iceland), Mother, Film Short (Student)
Ayeshah Rose (Australia), Me Too, Actress: Leading (Ayeshah Rose as artist), Women Filmmakers
Bryan Patterson (USA), The Mortadella King, Television – Pilot Program
Carrie Jones (USA), Say Cheese, Film Short
Cesar Abella (USA), The Price of Getting High, Film Short
Chris Cowden (Canada), Ball Droppers: Commitment, Television – Program / Series
Chris Game (USA), Reap, Actor: Supporting (Dan Coplan as Mr. Reap)
Constance Elies (France), Leela, 12 years old, Film Short (Student)
Dalton Burdette (USA), No More Safe Haven, Actor: Leading (Student) (Dalton Burdette as Randal), Film Short (Student)
Darko Sikman (Canada), No Shame – Jason Q Lawrence, Music Video
Dat Nguyen (USA), Protecting Tony, Actor: Supporting (Eric Seltzer as Jack), Film Short
David M. Raynor, Bad Hat Films (Australia), Are you okay, Actress: Leading (Grace Rosebirch as herself), Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Kala Rosebirch as herself)
David Safin (USA), Memory Card Full, Web / Internet Programming
Deborah Ray-Sims (USA), CHOICES, Women Filmmakers
Deborah A. Thomas and Junior “Gabu” Wedderburn (USA), Four Days in West Kingston, Experimental
Donnell Henry (USA), Vesuvius Trailer, Movie Trailer

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Elina Gress and Lenee Son, Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society (Canada), My Name Was January, LGBT
Elka Gould (USA), The Macaroon King, Documentary Short
Ella May Sahlman (USA), OCCUPIED, LGBT
Frances de Larminat (USA), BEEKEEPING, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Freedom Place Productions (USA), Family Day, Film Short
Friedrich Reimer (USA), Telescape, Animation
Guillermo Pabon (USA), The Lurer, Latin / Hispanic
Harish Chatrathi (USA), So It Goes, Film Short
Ícaro Villanueva (Spain), Only Friends, LGBT
Isaiah Tulanda (USA), Giving, African American (Student)
James Benda (Canada), Tell Me Again, Actor: Leading (Joe Laxton as Billy), Film Short
Jay Shaffer and Aaron Krol (USA), One Too Many – Public Awareness Documentary, Public Service Programming / PSA
Jeffrey Rolfzen (USA), The Old Red Rooster, Music Video
Jenny Ng-Turner (Canada), A Mother’s Love, Film Short
Jimmy Prosser (USA), Noteworthy, Film Short
Joe Batt (USA), The Last Foxhole, Film Short
John Denton, Large Ark Films (USA), Memory Lane, Film Short
John Hopper (Australia), Victorious, Christian
Johnny Rivas (USA), KING THIEF, Film Short
Jon Matthews (USA), The Comic Book Collector: A Journey of Letting Go, Documentary Short
Jonah King (USA), Uncrossed, Music Video
Jonathan Levit (USA), Be What You Are, Music Video

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Justice Parman and Josh George (USA), The Larry D. Show, Television – Pilot Program
Kara Haller, Adam Smestad, Gavin O’Herlihy, Daniel T. Moore, Alea Rodriguez, Matt Stell, Amy Jackson and Shane Dedmond (USA), Chicago HR: Season 2, Web Series
Kyle Anne Grendys (USA), Fraser Syndrome & Me, Documentary Short
Larry Ulrich (USA), Dear God, African American (Student)
Laurie Fagen (USA), Like Breathing, Public Service Programming / PSA and Time’s Up: She Said, He Heard, Film Short
LeAndre Thomas (USA), Mirror, Film Short
Louis Ojeda Jr (USA), She Can Play | Women’s Rise In Football, Documentary Short
Marcela Moran (USA), Border Woman, Women Filmmakers
Maura Freeman (USA), Ashes Two Dust, Women Filmmakers
Morgan Gullett and Nicole Ludowese (USA), Switch, Dramatic Impact (Morgan Gullett (student) and Nicole Ludowese), Casting (Student), Direction
Naida Joanides (USA), Katia, Actress: Supporting (Nicole Esqueda as Marianna)
Nive Das and Ted Hornick, The Institute for Documentary Filmmaking at The George Washington University (USA), Boys in the Boat, Disability Issues
Patrick de Warren (USA), The Movie in my Mind, Movie Trailer
Rebecca Elaine Williams (USA), Veuve Noire, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Rob Feakins and Tom Leydon (USA), The River, Public Service Programming / PSA, LGBT
Robert J. Gilman (USA), #kneeltoheal, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ryan Homchick (USA), The Stop Boys, Television – Pilot Program
Ryan Lewis Merritt (USA), The Engagement Party, Film Short
Sathya Vijayendran (USA), Doggy Style: Welcome To Doggy Style, Webisode
Shawn Young  (USA), Are You Sure, Film Short
Sirena Ross (USA), No Room, Women Filmmakers
Spencer MacKay (Canada), Same Nightmare, Disability Issues
Stefan Janoski, Movie Mountain (USA), God I need a girlfriend, Music Video
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom)
, Westin Hills: Part 1, Film Short
Steven Kowalczyk Santoro (USA), Words In Stone, Film Short
Tyler McElrath and Natalie Jean (USA), The Letting Go – Music Video, Music Video
Vasco Diogo (Portugal), Super Cut Free Way, Experimental
Victoria Nyombe (USA), ASIO, Documentary Short (Student)
Zander Wylie (USA), Unjust Circle, Film Short

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