Award of Recognition December 2020

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Award of RecognitionAbdullah Habib (Oman), Fingers (A Personal Film), Experimental
Alex Bowling and Stephen Byrum (USA), La Schema, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Ali Ahmed (USA), Identity Theft, Actor: Leading (Student) (Ali Ahmed as Amir)
Ali Eskandarzadeh (USA), AKHTARAKAM (my little Guiding Star), Music Video
Allison Bergman (USA), Gastropod, Script / Writer (Marcelle Sirkus)
Andrea Neal (USA), Reflection, Film Short
Anne Aaronson (USA), Meeting Savage Republic, Documentary Short
Anne-Marie Pietersma (USA), I Got Dressed Today, Music Video (Student)
Asali Echols (USA), Fast & New, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ashley Wren Collins (USA), i only miss you when i’m breathing, Actor: Leading (Phil Vassar as Warren)
Bea W. Bliss (USA), Aborted Traffick, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Bill Hayward (USA), FILMTRIPS, Experimental
Carlo Bruno (Canada), The Beach, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Carlos E. Pacheco (USA), I s o l a t i o n, Documentary Short, Direction
Chaitanya Godsay (USA), Paper Plane, Film Short, Direction
Cheyenne Siearra (USA), Wim’s Day, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Chow Wah Chan (Singapore), The Metta Story, Documentary Short
Craig Calman (USA), Skidoo Ruins, Film Short
Craig DeLuz and David DeLuz (USA), Authentic, African American, Film Short
Daniel Glaser (USA), The Tempter, Christian
Dantly “ProwlaMan” Wyatt (USA), Larry Dickem (episode 2), Webisode

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Dave Reda (USA), Rotting Love, Actress: Leading (Brooke Lewis as Porsche), Film Short
Demitra Papadinis (USA), Home Invasion, Film Short
Dezmyre Volmeus (USA), Lost and Found, Actress: Leading (Dezmyre Volmeus as Janette Wilson)
Dr. Ingo Bruchhold (Germany), Aedipar – The secret of the forbidden valley, Children / Family Programming, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Economic Security Project (USA), A Killer Stereotype, Web Tube Length Video
Eddie Edgel (USA), The Last House on Raven Road, Film Short
Elia Cmiral (Czech Republic), Altered Mind of 20-20, Experimental
Elijah Roberts (USA), Something is in the House, Film Short
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Stuck at the Crossroads, Music Video
Elliot Palatnik (USA), Silent Knight, Film Short (Student)
Emmy Perry (USA), Body and Soul, Actress: Leading (Student) (Emmy Perry as Beth), Experimental (Student), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Fathia Absie (USA), Pursued, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Florida Film Institute (USA), NEXT OF KIN, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Florida Film Institute (USA), SHE’S A RAINBOW, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Frances Sapphire (Italy), YOUR HANDS CALLED MOTHER EARTH, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Hannah Byrd (USA), RISE, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Hudson Hillin (USA), Letting Go, Film Short
Jadi Carboni (Germany), Dancing my Hero, Experimental (Student)
Jadi Carboni (Germany), Gravity Well, Experimental (Student)
Jaeyoung Lee (USA), I’ll Miss You a Lot, Scott, Film Short
Jill Frechie (USA), Life without Parole: The Story of George Martorano, Movie Trailer

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John Fuentes (USA), MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, Christian, Direction
Joseph McGovern (USA), Hush, Editing, Direction, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Josue Vera (Puerto Rico), A Miracle of love, History / Biographical (Student)
Joud AlAmri (United Arab Emirates), Unstoppable, Film Short, Mockumentary
Karl Shefelman (USA), Man on the Tower, Film Short
Kevin Veatch (USA), Coin Conjuring, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Francis Jacobson)
Lacye A. Brown (USA), Dr. Apples® Pilot- The Journey, Television – Pilot Program
Larry Sheffield (USA), Alamogordo, Center of the World, Trinity 1945, Documentary Short
Léa De Carmo (USA), Parado, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Lidia Romanenko (Russia), Animal Instinct, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Lovie Johnson (USA), Your24…, Film Short
Maja Lakomy (USA), Wave, Film Short
Marlene Hochman and Angie Hansen (USA), Queen Marlene’s Toy Museum and Friends: Traffic Safety Toys, Children / Family Programming
Marta Collier-Youngblood (USA), Go Marta, Go! – Backroad Tripping to McGehee, AR, Women Filmmakers
Mary Louise Renegar (USA), Her Lover, Women Filmmakers
Matthew Lee, Punchline Theatre (United Kingdom), Empty Shelf, Film Short
Mira Haley Steuer (USA), Strike, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Miriam Revesz (USA), Voices From the Invisible, Disability Issues (Student)
Nathan Mouret (Israel), The Voice of the Wind, Children / Family Programming (Student), Film Short (Student), Jewish (Student)

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Neta Rhyne (USA), A Horses’ Prayer, Public Service Programming / PSA
Niraj Jadav (United Kingdom), Khushi, Asian, Film Short
Paul Gatto, David Jester and Kathleen Strouse (USA), CHAMP 5, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Paul J. Lane (United Kingdom), Family Matters, Actress: Leading (Angel Eaglestone as Lucy)
Paula Brackston (United Kingdom), The River, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Portia Bocage (USA), Diverse-City, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Rebecca Ruhm (USA), Bathtub Chronicles, Actor: Leading (Robert Sciglimpaglia as Greg), Actor: Supporting (John Paul Jones as Phillip), Actress: Leading (Lia Mariele as Robby), Actress: Supporting (Beth Scherr as Karen)
Richie Valentino (Australia), Mi Amore (my love), Animation, Dramatic Impact
Rodney Roldan (USA), Typography Through Time: Renaissance Era, Documentary Short, Television – Program Series
Sara Barnes (United Kingdom), The Crummock Selkie, Women Filmmakers
Shawn Uebele and Melissa Morris, E&H Productions (USA), Anti-Heroes Official Trailer, Movie Trailer
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), The fight is on – Vaccine against Virus, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), China’s most beautiful poems, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), A solider from the past, Actor: Leading (Vigo Fan)
Shihyun Wang (USA), Marilyn, History / Biographical
Steven J R Lawson (USA), BROKEN BISCUITS, Movie Trailer
Ted Temny/Timur Temnikov (Canada), Boudoir, Actor: Supporting (Steve Kasan as a man), Actress: Leading (Pascale Potvin as a woman), Film Short
Tom Weston (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Trilogy:  Respect, Love, Compassion, On-Camera Talent (Colin Peters as Colin “Minkah” Peters)
Vinz Beschi (Italy), E-stran(e)a mente, Experimental
Wesley Walker (USA), How the Sausage is Made, Animation (Student)
William Samson (United Kingdom), Project EVIE: Initiated, Film Short
William Samson (United Kingdom), The Last Wooden Shop, Film Short

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