Award of Recognition June 2015

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Award of RecognitionAlle Hsu (Singapore), The L Market, LGBT (Student), Asian American (Student)
Alyssa Davis and Raquel M. Sangalang, Regent University (USA), The Bradbury Cellmate, Film Short (Student)
Aminder Sandhu, Diablo Valley College  (USA), REFLECTION, Film Short (Student)
Andrew Yi (USA), Eyes of Fate, Film Short (Student)
Ashley P. Jones (USA), Bridges in Beaugarde, Film Short
Austin Estrada (USA), Job Interview 2030, Film Short (Student)
Barath Rajesh (United Arab Emirates), Life the journey, Film Short (Student)
Bertie Plaatsman (New Zealand), Building One, Documentary Short
Bianca Ramirez (USA), Violated, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Birke Duncan (USA), Runaway Imagination, Film Short
Brad Beideman (USA), Doom’s Day, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Brandon Kirby (USA), Fucking Gays, LGBT
Brian Morelan (Canada), Mining Moon, Actress: Leading (Sydney Howlett as Kaia), Actress: Supporting (Samantha Hum as Mipa), Ensemble Cast
Brittany Wait (USA), Without You, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Charlie Tuggle (USA), Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity, College / University / Government , Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Chelsea Motherwell and Vincent Graziano, Regent University (USA), The Dream Machine, Creativity / Originality
Chester Milton (USA), Lucky Numbers, Film Short (Student)
Chris Cush (USA), Connect, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chris Rawls, Ninti Crump, Brittney Seals and Bonnie Taylor (USA), The Delay, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Dan Tonkin (United Kingdom), Survivor, Experimental
Daniel Lopez (Switzerland), Dead, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Thomason and Ollie Brown (United Kingdom), Replenishment, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Dave Brown (USA), happyangrysad, Disability Issues
David Dasilma (USA), If It’s Meant to Be (It’s Up to Me), African American (Student)
David Leidy (USA), Translucid, Experimental
Dayna Li (USA), The Pretty People, Film Short (Student)
Dean Watts (USA), A Short Film About Short Films, Film Short
Donald Watson (USA), Whitey, Actor: Leading (Donald Watson as Whitey)

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Evan Salce (USA), In Your Father’s Shadow, Film Short (Student)
Georden Whitman (USA), Sir Knight of Nothing, Animation (Student)
Hallie Baumann (USA), Sinned, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Hannah Shea (USA), Yet Another Example of The Porousness of Certain Borders, Animation (Student)
Ian Bellinger (United Kingdom), Sarah, Disability Issues (Student)
Janine Turner (USA), ROAD TRIP ACROSS AMERICA, Documentary Short
Jay Nelson (USA), Method, Film Short
John Testa (USA), The Youth, Film Short (Student)
Joseph DiRienzo (USA), Waffles, Actor: Leading (Student) (Walker Clerrmont as Eddie), Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Joshua Caraballo (USA), Being Transgressive, LGBT
Justin Conley (USA), Elevator Music, Disability Issues (Student)
Kevin Kittle (USA), Shuuichi:Son of Vengence, Film Short
Kirt Burdick (USA), El Mano vs. Japanese Zombie, Animation
Lachlan Turczan (USA), Ecliptic, Nature / Environment/Wildlife (Student)
Leo Chiu (Hong Kong), Confessional, Film Short
Leon Lam (USA), Lap Dance of Death, Animation (Student)
Liam McKiernan (USA), Special Delivery, Children / Family Programming
Linda Niksic (Australia), Homeless Joe, Animation
Makenna Cannon (USA), My Only Christmas, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Malcolm Rizzuto (USA), Fat Pants, Animation (Student)
Marcos Kuhne (Spain), Trinidad James- Hipster strip club, Music Video
Marcus Sudac (USA), Real World Experience, Web/Internet Programming (Student)
Mark Roeder (USA), Fire Ripples, Film Short
Melanie Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Sangria Lift, Actor: Leading (David Topp as Michael)
Michael Austin (USA), Allegories in the Garage: Persistence of Memory, Documentary Short
Michael DeLeon, Dana Horta and Lawrence R. Greenberg (USA), Kids Are Dying, Documentary Short
Michael Neel (USA), Chaser, Film Short (Student) and Near Fall, Film Short
Michael Rhodes (USA), Near Fall, Actor: Leading (Chris Parsons as Darren Jacobs)

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Natalie Camou (USA), Her Lips, College / University / Government, Women Filmmakers, Experimental, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Neethu Prasanna (USA), The Intangible, Women Filmmakers
Noviandra Santosa (USA), Tortoise, Film Short
Pamela Mora (USA), The Trophy Case, Television – Pilot Program (Student) and Pamela Mora and Paul Lazo, Emerson College Inside Boxes, Film Short (Student) and  Pamela Mora and Ricky Downes, Emerson College Hydropolis, Animation (Student)
Paul S Berry (USA), Making it with Moraes, Reality Programming, Pilot Program/Series
Peter Tamaribuchi (USA), Faultlines, Film Short (Student)
Riley Wilson (USA), Orange Bright, Film Short
Robin de Zwart (Canada), Circular, Film Short (Student)
Roxi Khan (United Kingdom), Save My Soul, Movie Trailer and Save My Soul, Film Short
Sebastien Cipolla (USA), Things Happen, Actor: Leading (Sebastien Cipolla as Rick)
Sebastien Petretti (United Kingdom), Pink Velvet Valley, Film Short
Stephen Chen (Canada), In Difference, Experimental
Steve Schadeberg (USA), The Moonlight Mist, Film Short (Student)
Travis Vermilye (USA), Addictus, Animation, Experimental, Creativity/Originality
Uttam Mukherjee (Australia), Grand Larceny, Film Short
Yanjun Zhou (USA), Step Out, Documentary Short (Student)
Ye-eun Son (Korea), HI, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Youxin Yang (USA), God Means Loving, Not Killing!, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays

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