Award of Recognition June 2019

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Award of RecognitionAbigail Dell’Orto (USA), Ready, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alex Anderson (USA), The Chains on Edward Bailey, Documentary Short (Student)
Ali Mousawi (Australia), My name is Mohamed and Raghad, We don’t exist here anymore, Disability Issues, Film Short
Allan Kobernick (USA), Strange College – Episode 2, Television – Program Series
Anthony M. Veller (USA), In Limbo, Actress: Leading (Student) (Kinsey Kunkel as Death), Women Filmmakers (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ashlie Edmonds (USA), Ripple, Film Short (Student)
Ava Auffret (USA), The Ring, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Barbara Becker Holstein, Enchanted Self Productions (USA), Conflict and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film, Children / Family Programming
Brad Love (USA), Grandpa’s Big Adventure, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Brenna Spector (USA), Prelude in Blue Minor, Disability Issues (Student)
Brittany Bookbinder (USA), 5 Jars, Women Filmmakers
Chris Gentile (USA), Self Discovery for Social Survival, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Chris Mott (USA), MillyViews, Remixes / Mashups (Student)
Christopher Scissons (Canada), Places of Perception, Documentary Short
Christopher Shields (USA), Debit Wolf, Film Short
Chung An Liu (USA), Transient, Music Video (Student)
Daniel Turbert (USA), Cows Come Home, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Daniel Yocum (USA), After the Abyss, Film Short
David Block (USA), Who Said You Can’t Dance, Disability Issues
David Fernandez (USA), MOVING THROUGH IT,   Engaging dance to confront disaster., Public Service Programming / PSA
David M. Wallace (USA), Fearsome Warrior, Movie Trailer

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Derya ORUÇ (France), The Dark Desire, Women Filmmakers
Donnie Dodge (USA), Chatter Box- Cornhusker Hero, Documentary Short
Drew Smith and August Rice (USA), LEEMO, Film Short (Student)
Dylan Bernard (USA), Among a Noise, Experimental (Student)
Eden Andrews (Australia), Dollhouse, Actress: Leading (Susan Stevenson as Ellen), Film Short
Faranak Moradi (Iran), M LIKE MOBIUS, Film Short (Student)
Fernando Alfonso (USA), Paperboy 2018, Animation
Frank Simasko (USA), Shades of Gray, Film Short
Garry Hicks (USA), THE CURE, Film Short
George Guck (USA), Life, Unpredictable, LGBT
Grace Petro (USA), The Love Slot, Film Short
Hannah Gavagan (USA), Is this Meta?, Women Filmmakers
Hayley Tibbenham (USA), Inhuman, Women Filmmakers
Heather Rickles (USA), Beautiful Rainbow, Disability Issues
Hugo Teugels (Belgium), 2nd Chance, Actress: Leading (Tatiana Bilan as Michaela and Gabriela)
Hyojeong Lee (Korea), Discover Hope in Heemang Narae, Asian (Student)
Igor Runov (USA), Prelude, Experimental
Inpoint Productions, Michail Mavromoustakos  (Greece), AFTER CRIME, Documentary Short
J.V. Aravind (USA), No Time, Son, Film Short
Jad Rouhana (Canada), Spray Avenger, Animation (Student)
James C. Martin (USA), Under the Whale, Experimental
Jamie Zampini (Canada), Edgar, Film Short
Jane Tse (USA), A Story, Women Filmmakers, Direction, Actress: Leading (Shan Y. Chuang as Wen), Script / Writer

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Jeffrey Wallin and Matt Fullmer (USA), APEX: The Appalachian Experience, Documentary Short
Jenna Ruiz (USA), SINGH, Women Filmmakers
Jill Larramore Camacho and Kurt DeVries, A REEL Mark Production (USA), Camp Good Works, Christian
Joe Ives and Craig Jacobrown (USA), Gift of Salmon, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Justin Steele (USA), Station 24, Documentary Short (Student)
Kacy Boccumini (USA), Danger Bill, Web Tube Length Video
Karan Wadhwa (USA), The Duo, Film Short
Kayla Resendes (Canada), A Little Different, Film Short (Student)
Louise Pack (United Kingdom), Breasts Undressed Trailer, Movie Trailer
Lukas Mills (USA), Sleep Tight, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger and Wizard Club, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Lydia Isnanto (USA), This Is Me, Women Filmmakers
Marc Barrett (Australia), Objects in Space, Experimental
Margie Kelk and Lynne Slater (Canada), UnderSee, Experimental
Mark Newton (USA), Too Far Gone, Actor: Leading (Timothy Haug as Will), Film Short
Masato Sean Goda (France), Coda, Film Short (Student)
Michael Gavino (USA), For the Greater Good, Film Short
Michael Pizzano, Zoe Moore and Thomas Moore (USA), Zoe, What’s Going On?, Film Short, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Creativity / Originality, Actress: Leading (Zoe Moore as Zoe), Special Effects: Animation
Miguel Angel Salinas (Mexico), Join the revolution, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mike Igoe (USA), Interviewing: Getting the Facts, the Feelings, and the Focus, Educational / Instructional / Training
Mitch Urban (USA), Agent Kick Ass! Season one, Web Series
Natalia Elizabeth, Lee Milby and Deval Mistry (USA), Cicatrix, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Nikita Szavcsenko (Canada), Possession, Experimental (Student)

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Nina Crane (United Kingdom), The Cockney and the Toff: A Victorian Encounter, Film Short
Nina Crane and Jonathan James (United Kingdom), Mucky Pup, Film Short
Noor Nashashibi (Thailand), Minus SSRIs, Experimental (Student)
Oliver Evangelista (USA), Sliced Cheese, Asian
Olufunmilayo Gittens (USA), Let’s Talk Hair TV Show, Television – Pilot Program
Omar Ghiyati (Morocco), Heavy Wait, Documentary Short (Student)
Paul Brenno (USA), Spectrum Fitness “Martial Arts”, Commercial / Infomercial
Paul S. Lambeth (United Kingdom), Estranged in Black, Film Short
Rodney Bodner, Jezzepee Jones Production (Canada), Methamphetamine, Documentary Short
Romeo Kattookaran (USA), A Wonderful Day, Film Short
Sara Eustáquio (USA), Hazel, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Shino Okada (Japan), Secret Affair, Film Short (Student)
Steffen Hauglum (USA), Refuse, Film Short
Steven Aripez (USA), To You Whom I Love, Film Short
Steven Gorelick (USA), Insane Trade!, Web Tube Length Video
Susan Colleen Snell (USA), Amazing Racers, Documentary Short
Tedd Hazard (USA), Angels & Apes, Animation
Tim Hoare (Canada), Rats, Racoons, and Robins, Film Short
Toni Nagy (USA), Grey Story, Film Short
Tony DeSantis (Canada), BOOMBATS, Web Series
Travis Patten (USA), Emily, LGBT (Student)
Weigang Song (China), Face to Face, Asian
Willard Crew (Kenya), KITAMBO (A LONG TIME AGO), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Yongjun Liu (Max) and Cwing Wang (Canada), A Normal Evening, Asian (Student)
Yuki Kitazumi and Aung Thu Rein  (Myanmar), Mohingar Tapwe!!, Asian
Zachary Jones and Jacob Piller (USA), Ghost Light, Film Short (Student)

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