Award of Recognition November 2015

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Award of RecognitionAidan Otene Dickens (New Zealand), Sophie’s Den, Film Short
Akassia Gonçalves (Brazil), BitterSweet, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Alberto Martín-Aragón and Julia Doménech (USA), Burlesque Particles, Experimental
Alejandro Tello (Canada), Confessions of a Player, Film Short
Alex Leu, Wolf Circle Productions (USA), The Promise, Actor: Leading (Alex Kruz as Adamu)
Alvie Hurt (USA), A Film., Film Short (Student)
Andréanne Drolet, NAD (Canada), Frequences, Experimental (Student)
Andy Willmott (Australia), Paul the Rabbit., Film Short
Angelos Psomopoulos (Greece), Little Island, Documentary Short (Student)
Annie Grosshans (USA), Yes, Yes I Am, Women Filmmakers
Bill Scurry (USA), We Are All Going To Die, Film Short
Brian Smith, Josh Eldred and Sandra L. Barnes, Vanderbilt University (USA), Gary, Indiana: A Tale of Two Cities, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Caleb Phipps (USA), Twice Owned, Children / Family Programming
Carla J Adelmann (USA), JOE still able, Documentary Short
Chia Lin Tan (Taiwan), Those Invisibles, Drama Program / Series, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Direction, Script / Writer
Chris Alfonso (USA), In Plain Sight, Documentary Short (Student)
Chris and Maurice Micallef (Malta), STAR JAWS-THE RESURGENCE OF THE SITH, Animation
Chris Carfizzi and Ken Dashow (USA), White Privilege Frankenstein, Actor: Leading (Parker Madison as Victor Frankenstein), Web Tube Length Video, Actor: Leading (Chris Carfizzi as Constable)
Christine Lazzarini, Gypsy Moth Productions (USA), 52, Women Filmmakers
Cyrus Mahan (Canada), Azar, Documentary Short
Dan Reheuser (USA), Man Servants, Webisode
David Bertran (USA), Synapse, Movie Trailer
David Machado (Canada), Captured, Film Short
David Smith (USA), THE CANADA GOOSE – A humorous homage to the honkers, Children / Family Programming

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Edward Levinson (Japan), Tokyo Story, Experimental
Eli Vazquez (USA), El Capo de Capos, Latin / Hispanic
Elie Azzam (United Arab Emirates), Glitch, Web Tube Length Video
Enrica Brunilde Amici (USA), The Accusation, Women Filmmakers (Student), Direction (Student), Dramatic Impact, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Film Short (Student)
Erykah Del Mundo (Philippines), Barrio Dos: Pintados, Asian American
Ethan Brown (USA), Life Review, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eve Ash, Seven Dimensions (Australia), Boosting Emotional Intelligence, Cutting Edge Communication Series, Educational / Instructional / Training
Geoff Poister (USA), To Russia for Love or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cold War, Documentary Short
Graceann Dorse (USA), The Skull, Film Short
Hassan Salih (Switzerland), AWAT THE KURD WITNESS, Film Short
Hester Wagner (USA), UNO, Disability Issues (Student)
Jason Lee (USA), Dream, Experimental (Student), Web Tube Length Video
Jason Thibodeaux, The Hand (USA), TRIADS, Experimental
Jo Alwood (USA), Dragonflies: Sex and Death on the Fly, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Joao Pedro Oliveira (Brazil), Aphâr, Animation
John Fuentes (USA), Dead Roses, Action / Adventure
Jon Greene, Bruno Freitas, Bruna Bravo, Fernanda Cerri, Academia Internacional de Cinema AIC-São Paulo (Brazil), Casas de Jehad, Documentary Short (Student)
Jon Smith and Lee Byers, Southern Utah University (USA), Back Up the Mountain, Special Purpose Productions
Jonathan Becker (USA), Madzilla, Film Short
Jozef Malocha (Poland), The Way It Should Be, Documentary Short
Justin Mashouf (USA), Sharia Revoiced, Islamic
Katie Hoffman (USA), A Worthy Fight, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Keegan Elliott (Canada), The Contract, Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Kelly Wallace-Barnhill and Lindsey Gentile (USA), TIMBER THE SERIES, based on real Tinder dates, Comedy Program / Series
Leandro Corinto (Brazil), A Visita – The Visit, LGBT
Linda Niksic (Australia), Boris and Igor, Animation
Lindsay Shah and J. Eric Marler (USA), My Sister, the Psychopath, Film Short
Luke Constable (Australia), Letting You In, Music Video

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Marcelo Martindale (USA), Passport to Paris, Web Tube Length Video
Marco Marra (Italy), White Eyes, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Marco Marra as the victim)
Markus Graves (USA), Yin & Yang, Film Short
Matt Gray (USA), A SPECIAL PLACE, Christian
Max Jubilee (Australia), Missy Jubilee. 055. PopPorn, Experimental
Mazal Ben Yishai, The Ma’aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts (Israel), Mazal Means Luck, Disability Issues (Student)
Meng Lu (USA), Transformation, Documentary Short (Student)
Mihai Surdea (Romania), ( ), Film Short
Mithu Mahmood Khalid (Bangladesh), DEAD HANDS RISING, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mohamed Hisham (Egypt), Jareedy, Film Short
Nicholas DiMichele (USA), Rust Golem, Music Video
Nour Al Harmoodi (United Arab Emirates), Three Sets of Eyes, Documentary Short (Student)
Paul Borghese (USA), Twice Upon A Time, Latin / Hispanic
Paul Pastore (USA), Serial School-Trailer, Movie Trailer
Pejman Milani (USA), Odd Ball, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Peter Wilson (Australia), The Dog Walkers of Buenos Aires, Documentary Short
Puthima Wongdeeprasith (USA), The Journey, Animation (Student)
Quincy Perkins (USA), Two Kinds of People, Film Short
Reynaldo A. Garza (USA), Calamity, Film Short
Rich Rotella (USA), Baby Talk, Film Short
Roger Strong (USA), Rendezvous, Film Short
Roman Xing (Xing, Han) (China), Permission, Asian American
Sabrina Martins (Canada), Physiognomy, Experimental
Sander Nap and Nils Vermeire (Netherlands), Running without the ball, Documentary Short
Sara Friedman (USA), Heightened, Women Filmmakers
Sara Silkwood (USA), Dead on Time, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Steffi Koh (Singapore), Call for Justice, Documentary Short (Student)
Steve Bremner (USA), Trailblazers: The Story of Ring the Peak, Documentary Short (Student)
Steven Frohardt (USA), Mercy, Christian
Syed Owais Ali (Qatar), Of The Rulers, Documentary Short (Student)
Tom Lazarus and Robert Austin Rossi (USA), The Bench, Film Short
Urs Baurc (USA), Carmen, Film Short
V Vansay Zanubon, Mark Fukae and Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), The Breakdown on Highway 7, Actor: Leading (Jaswant Dev Shrestha as Dr. Luke Bell), Direction, Cinematography, Film Short
Vincent Romano (USA), A Happy Marriage, Film Short
Wade Balsamo (USA), Paracosm, Film Short
Yurii Ermyakov (Russia), Order 2. Not one step back, Film Short
Zack Baddorf (USA), Day of the Dead, Documentary Short
Zack Van Eyck (USA), Good News Gone Bad, Webisode and Coitus of the Week, Television – Pilot Program

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