Award of Recognition September 2019

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Award of RecognitionAbdulaziz Aldughaither (Saudi Arabia), Rambler, Experimental, Film Short
Aisha Densmore-Bey (USA), ROOM, African American
Alex Perez-Tenessa (USA), Time Won’t Be Enough, Children / Family Programming
Alexandra Dybvig (USA), Meeting Madame Rosalia, Women Filmmakers
Anlan Tao (China), Ten thousand poems, Asian (Student)
Ann Coppel (USA), Tree Climbing, Film Short
Atdhe Trepca (USA), Coming to Terms, Islamic
Bex (USA), Self, Women Filmmakers
Brandt Prescott (USA), Say Hello to the Night, Film Short
Brent Kappel (USA), The Best Pooper Scooper Video Ever Made, Commercial / Infomercial
Chasson Gracie (Canada), The Music Sounds Better with Whom: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience, Documentary Short
Chowdhury Asif Jahangir Arko (Bangladesh), The Dustbin Connection, Film Short
Christopher Martini (USA), Just in Time, Actor: Leading (Jackson George as Justin)
Daniel M. Cashdan III (USA), Closed Loop, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dilip Khatri (USA), Miracle of Life, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training
Douglas Kerner (USA), A Shot in the Dark, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Edward Halstead (USA), 1UP, Film Short (Student)
Eleri Edwards (United Kingdom), The Goat, Animation (Student)
Erin Valentina Mansel (USA), Screaming in Silence, Disability Issues (Student)

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Fella Cederbaum (USA), A Test, Film Short and No Gyroscope, Jewish
Frank “Albert” Vazquez (USA), Love Takes Time, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Kim )
Frank S. Petrilli (USA), Within and Without, Actor: Leading (Robert Sciglimpaglia as John), Actress: Leading (Gigi Cesare as Emily), Actress: Supporting (Clio Contogenis as Amber), Film Short, Script / Writer (Desiree Argentina), Casting (Tamara Daley), Cinematography (Mario Garciduenas), Direction
Frank W. Kelly (Ireland), Little Fairy Tree, Disability Issues
George Dargus (Canada), The After Hours, Animation
Giorgio Molteni (Italy), Martina Can Swim, Film Short
Irish Johnston (USA), Seismic Attraction, Woman Filmmakers
Jato Ehijator and Jenny Ledikwe (Botswana), Zee, Film Short
Jaye Alison Moscariello (USA), From the Ashes, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Jermaine Thomas (USA), Man of 1001 Faces, Documentary Short
Jonathan Reser (USA), Division, Animation
Kathleen Akerley (USA), The Doors of Impression, Experimental
Len Morissette (Canada), LOST, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Lisa Sniderman (USA), Keep Shining Music Video, Disability Issues
Lloyd Darling (Canada), Fête, Film Short
M Carpenter (USA), The Threat of Ozone Depletion PSA / La Amenaza del Agotamiento del Ozono PSA, AND  Antoni Gaudi: In the Concrete Jungle / Antoní Gaudi: En la Jungla de Hormigón, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger,
Markus Otz (Switzerland), The Legend of the White Ibex, Film Short
Michael D. Smith (USA), WOLF-MAN!, Film Short (Student)
Nate Velasco (USA), Tender Foot, Asian (Student)
Perry Schwartz (USA), The Language of Film, Educational / Instructional / Training

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Rachel Sands (USA), Lunch, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rocky Collins, Penelope Lowder and Taylor Hawthorne (USA), 15 Minutes, African American
Sage Love (USA), AYITI: THE AWAKENING, Documentary Short (Student)
Salim Ramirez (Mexico), Sick, Film Short
Sofia Bajwa (USA), Unveiled, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sonjja Baram (USA), Hannah Can You Hear Me?, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), Diseased Freaks, Film Short
The Bens (Matthew Benson + Ben Levin) (USA), Stroke Show, Web Series
The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Art students with singer songwriter Devin Gutierrez (USA), Special Ed, Disability Issues (Student)
Thomas A. Perry (USA), FIFTEEN GOING ON FOREVER, Experimental
Thomas Horan (USA), Intruder, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Vince Deadrick Jr. (USA), Donna On The Go: REALLY!, Disability Issues
Vishruth Cavale (India), The Western Ghats – A Mystical Realm, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Willem Aerts (Netherlands), Looking for Curtis, Documentary Short
Yung-Han (Ariel) Kuo (USA), Pretend, LGBT (Student)
Zack Centrella (USA), In My House, Film Short
Zane Morrow (USA), For Lily, Film Short (Student)

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